change is welcome here

^^^ new hair! ^^^
on friday, after what felt like a never-ending week,
i took an impromptu trip to gene juarez.
this in and of itself was a change for me as i typically get my hair trimmed at supercuts 
(for twelve dollars).
but i wanted something fancy to try to cheer myself up.
gene juarez did the trick!
i received new layers and removed my nasty dead ends (as seen in photo number one).
i also wanted to try some trendy side bangs.
i thought i loved them!
on day number one of styling the side bangs myself,
i knew they had to go…
grease-ridden, hanging in my eyes, too short to be pinned to the side – 
no, thank you.
thus i went back to gene juarez for a complimentary bang trim.
i walked out with a new and shorter fringe (as seen in the second photo)!
a big and welcome change around here.
what do you think?
hope you had a lovely weekend.

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