where oh where…

…is my brain these days?
^^^ hello bailey! ^^^
sweater: f21, scarf: nordstrom, skirt: borrowed from my roommate, a, tights: target,
boots: urban outfitters
(above photo was taken by mom – from the car. she is totally getting the hang 
of taking my photo for blogging purposes. full outfit captured; just ignore the open car door.
it was early, and we were in a hurry.)
where has my brain been these past few days?
perhaps its’ absence is in part due to my food coma yesterday.
i stupidly left my purse at my parent’s house after spending the day with them.
the night before, i left my wallet in my roommates car.
thus, i have been hanging out and driving around sans debit card and license. 
way to go, megan.
i realized i left my purse up in mukilteo last night.
i promptly called mom, 
and she kindly meet me for coffee//a hug from bailey//to hand it over this morning. 
and then what did i do?
i left it in my car. all day.
so i spent the day without any identification or money.
it worked out okay because i spent all day inside preschool 
and conveniently took a nap during my lunch break.
it was just one of those days, you know?
i hope my brain resumes functioning sometime in the near future.
until then, this girl will have to deal with being ridiculously scatterbrained. 

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