can’t. catch. my. breath.

tee, sunnies & skirt: nordstrom, fringe booties: minnetonka, bracelet: ?
can’t. breathe.
i feel like i am drowning right now.
i am overwhelmed with work: laundry, constant babysitting, financial woes,
work stress, more and more bills, and just a general uneasiness with where 
i am in my life right now.
i feel as though i work constantly, but have nothing to show for it.
sometimes, i just want a day (or maybe a few days?) to myself.
no responsibility, no commitments, no plans at all. 
i suppose a girl can dream, right?
i know i should strive to be more positive, 
but today, i simply don’t have the energy.
i tried a long chat with mom, scrubbing my room, 
and even a short jog in the hopes of cheering myself up.
nothing has worked thus far, 
but i promise to keep you posted. 
p.s. i also tried an evening trip to boutique target. 
it helped. a little. 
thank you, target.

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  1. I'm glad you are willing to spill your emotions out into your blog. Sometimes life is a huge frustration and the blog is the best place to spill it all out instead of looking like your life is always perfect rainbows and butterflies. I hope you are feeling more positive today, you are beautiful!

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