dearest landlord,

dress: borrowed from my roommate, a, cardigan: target,
shoes: thrifted, bracelets: aldo
welcome to my yard.
it’s a lovely little yard, let me tell you;
of medium size, quite hilly, and coated in gorgeous dandelions.
but you know, we girls (who live in the aforementioned house)
don’t seem to mind.
you see we all work and/or attend school,
and sometimes work more than one job.
we also rent our home, so owning a lawnmower is not of the utmost priority.
thus, we mow when we can, we weed when we desire,
and we water… never?
that’s left to seattle’s unpredictable weather patterns.
our landlord, however, is not a fan of our yard
or maintenance plan (or lack thereof?).
he seemingly drives by our house and sends us nasty
little notes, reminding us to mow, weed, and water.
sir, perhaps if you provided us with a mower, we would do so more often.
or if we didn’t all work 60+ hours a week.
or you could be like the vast majority of other local landlord’s and mow for us.
alas, you are not. 
and i do not feel too guilty addressing this note to you,
as i have lived on your property for six months,
and you still do not seem to remember i live there
(by including me in the notes, nasty emails, etc. etc.).
we are having a bbq at our house this weekend,
so i suppose we shall pick things up before then.
in the future though, you could be a bit more kind.
or just leave us alone.
we like our house and yard just the way it is.
your loving tenant, megan

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