…in hindsight

^^^ in hindsight, this wasn’t the best outfit decision. lose the scarf? ^^^
denim jacket: nordstrom, flats: thrifted, leggings: f21, dress: uo, 
scarf: borrowed from my friend, m
today was not a good day.
not a good day at all.
however, in hindsight, it was not the worst day.
it could have been worse, and the end wasn’t all that bad.
(that sounds like a riddle. that, too, was unintentional.)
the bad day started when i woke up too late,
wore this ridiculous outfit, 
accidentally stood next to the above car for my picture, 
and had wet-dog hair. not the best combination.
then my phone broke (fortunately it was only frozen) 
on my way to work.
upon arriving at preschool, 
one of the babies barfed all over my black leggings.
i accidentally drank way too much coffee,
couldn’t find anyone to watch the babies so i could use the restroom,
and promptly snuck into the toddler bathroom.
(i should mention that it is in plain view of anyone who walks
into the toddler or infant room)
and, as there is no door, 
i prayed my little heart out (while using the toilet)
that no one walked by.
you can bet i washed my hands and raced out of that
tiny toddler-sized bathroom as quickly as possible.
the afternoon also passed by slower than usual.
it seemed all eight babies cried for the final four hours of my shift.
in fact, i think i still hear the crying in my ears
(despite sending them home hours ago).
it was one of those days for them.
i also thoroughly enjoyed driving for an hour to get from work to volunteering.
that’s my favorite. 
upon arriving at home, alas,
all i could think about was enjoying a double stuffed oreo
(or two, or maybe even three).
where were the oreos? gone, gone, gone.
with the remnants of the packaging in our recycling bin.
the evening began to look up, however,
when i purchased two new packages of oreos,
and the little girl i volunteer with told me “i really like you.”
sometimes that’s all you need to turn a bad day around.
chocolate + a compliment made for a happier girl.
i think an early bedtime is in order for me.
i promise not to be this grumpy tomorrow.
…until then,
p.s. i might need to take a vacation from 
the oreos as the new lendperk dress i just rented
would not zip. not even close. 
then again, i think i will just order another size.

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