the french quarter, new orleans

a local cafe & coffee shop // bikes everywhere // the street car on canal street
an outdoor market (you could find any and everything!) // my mint green beach cruiser // 
c on her bike (taking a break from the heat)
lafitte’s blacksmith shop (now a bar) is the oldest in the country,
built between 1772-1773
traditional french quarter architecture // local street performers (they are everywhere and 
all incredibly talented) // cafe beignet where you can enjoy delicious fried donuts
an adorable hotel near our apartment // walking through the local park
art is sold both in shops or galleries and on the street // GU graduates //
your average sized beverage on bourbon street // my first po’ boy sandwich (with a side
of sweet potato fries, of course)
the mississippi river // infamous bourbon street // bicyclists are everywhere in the quarter
while visiting new orleans, c and i stayed in the french quarter.
our apartment was in the heart of the quarter and 
within walking distance of numerous bars, coffee shops, restaurants, 
and boutiques! 
we had a blast either walking or biking around the area.
while visiting, we made sure to try the beignets (powdered sugar covered, deep fried donuts), po’ boys (giant sandwiches on a baguette) and plenty of spicy gumbo! 
the local cuisine is incredible! 
although we stayed in the quarter for four days, 
i would definitely go back. 
there are so many different streets and shops to discover, 
and food i still must try.
more photos from my trip to come,

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  1. I love NOLA. I stayed there for a few days last August. The best thing I did was take a walking tour. The history is so amazing. I now take a walking tour in practically every city I go to. I just did one in Boston. So fun. It looks like you had a great time.
    Thanks for sharing.

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