blogger problems

when reading one of my favorite blogs,
whispering sweet nothings, by my adorable blogger friend, s,
i was inspired by (or cracking up about) one of her posts.
this girl is seriously creative.
and seriously hysterical. 
and honestly one of the most genuine writers i know.
but this post in particular made me laugh.
^^^ ridiculous, right? ^^^
a few additional first world problems of mine, 
specifically, blogger problems:
  • i don’t have enough followers 
  • i think i wore that shirt last week (with a photo as proof)
  • crap, who will take my outfit picture?
  • where is my computer charger? i haven’t finished that post
  • blogger or wordpress (uh, i don’t know?)
  • how does she afford all that? sincerely, jealous
  • what to post about. what to post about
  • whoops, i forgot to blog today
  • i think i will redesign my blog. oh wait, i know nothing about coding
  • do you think she reads my blog?
  • i have an essay (or two) to write for class, but i need to catch up on my blog stalking
  • she has a blog and a you-tube channel? jealous
  • i wore such a cute outfit today and forgot to take a picture. ugh
  • i lost a follower. hate when that happens
  • do people actually read what i write?
  • no one commented on my post. but i thought it was clever
  • how can i make my photos look as good as they do on instagram?
  • i need more memory on my mac. i have too many photos.
  • i can’t craft. nor do i have a husband or baby. i have no life
…just a few of the ridiculous thoughts that may (or may not)
run through my head when blogging.

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