“let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be”

sir paul mccartney (from the beatles), of course! 
^^^ safeco field welcomed paul mccartney as the first performer ^^^
to say he was amazing is an understatement.
performing 38 songs, mccartney never took a break!
he sang, shouted and danced, played guitar, 
and seamlessly switched to the piano throughout the night. 
^^^ the stadium was packed! ^^^
^^^ we’re ready! ^^^
^^^ a gorgeous sunset before the concert began ^^^
i have to say, i would be thrilled to see him perform again! 
he sounded incredible
and i wanted to dance and sing and applaud to any and every song.
apparently my dad is an avid mccartney concert attendee –
this was his fifth time seeing paul mccartney perform live.
what an honor?! 
thank you mom and dad for letting me tag along! 
this concert was truly amazing.

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