friday not-so-fancy

sweater: alternative apparel, jeans: nordstrom,
bag: gift, moccasins: minnetonka
friday at preschool = all about comfort.
wearing skirts and dresses all the time is seemingly wonderful.
however, changing toddlers diapers,
the art of potty-training,
helping them learn to eat and drink on their own,
and cleaning up after them for eight hours each day
(while exhausting), can be messy!
i often come home with milk stains,
boogers, and occasionally other messes, too.
thus, wearing jeans and other casual attire just makes more sense.
unfortunately, at preschool, we can only wear jeans on friday.
i take full advantage and love to pair
my denim with casual tops, flowy blouses,
or a favorite tee. 
what about you?
do you dress up during the week,
and live for casual friday, too?
hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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  1. So working at Elliott Bay, our only real dress code rule is that some sort of pant/skirt is required… no for reals. So that means I get to wear jeans almost everyday if I want. It has the weird side effect though of making jeans feel more restricting and fancy and so on the weekends I lose all fashion sense and live in sweats and yoga pants.

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