future beauty: 30 years of japanese fashion

a few weeks ago,
i was generously invited to the SAM future beauty exhibit:
30 years of japanese fashion.
i have to tell you,
i had no idea what to expect, 
but was utterly amazed by the colors, textures, unique styles,
and incredible variety!
i wish i had taken better notes
on the designers and the history behind the styles.
(i will know this for next time.)
i would love to share some of my favorite styles with you, however.
^^^ there was a stark emphasis on black and white ^^^
^^^ textiles were hugely important, 
as was how we move in our clothes ^^^
^^^ black was considered an intellectual color.
varying shades of black were quite common! ^^^
^^^ there was an interplay between cloth and body;
the women of this time were incredibly skinny,
so they would drown in the fabric (this was the style, however) ^^^
^^^ flatness was fundamental during the 1980s.
the garments were designed flat, and then flowed when on the body ^^^
^^^ unique shapes and colors were soon added ^^^
^^^ a traditional rain jacket.
the emphasis was on the clothing;
makeup was minimal and muted with no bright colors ^^^
^^^ the beginning of the hello-kitty inspired clothing ^^^
^^^ flatness again ^^^

^^^ such a unique look! ^^^

^^^ advertisements and magazines throughout the 30 years of fashion ^^^
^^^ there were many garments like these – 
voluminous in form ^^^
^^^ an interplay between the fabric and body ^^^
i had such an amazing time visiting the SAM!
thank you again for reaching out to me and this little blog;
i would love to go to another exhibit soon,
and if only a few of the accessories and dresses could be mine to try!?
if you are interested in seeing this exhibit,
tickets are available here (and at the museum) through september 8th.
i highly recommend stopping by! 

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