it may not be the most flattering

…but it certainly is comfortable! 

tee: volcom, skirt: borrowed from a,
sandals: dsw, bracelet: f21
can i tell you how much i love this skirt? 
the cut is perfect (with a built in black slip underneath)
and perfectly flattering.
my roommate, a, recently purchased it,
and i simply knew i needed to borrow it.
i think i may have ruined the skirt, however,
with my baggy volcom t-shirt.
perhaps if i had tucked it in?
or worn something simple, seemingly more basic?
i fear i blew it.
however, after having slept for a meager five hours, 
and waking up to my wretched alarm go at 5:30 AM, 
this baggy t-shirt needed to suffice. 
next time, megan, i recommend double checking your full-length mirror
before racing out the door.
better luck next time.
p.s. do you ever make this mistake?
race out the door and realize later that your outfit 
lacks a belt, or requires a different shoe or jacket?
i do, i do, i do! 

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  1. Yay- love this skirt! And I don't think the shirt looks as bad as you think, Meg!

    And to answer your p.s. yes- all the time. Or leave wearing something uncomfortable which results in me shedding the belt, bra, shoes, etc. that I'm wearing halfway through the day…

    • i agree – most of the time, comfort trumps fashion! especially during the work week. and let's be honest, i have the mentality all the time. thank goodness for this cozy skirt. thank you again for letting me borrow it 🙂

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