life lately

…according to my iphone
painting a card for our friend // pretty flowers from patrick 🙂 // hanging with my favorite
source // mariners game with l and b // “i need another one, thanks”
before i spilled bleach all over this shirt // washing hands together 🙂 // lusting after!
this week, this week.
…i don’t know what to say.
on the one hand, it has gone by incredibly quickly;
on the other, it has dragged on at a ridiculously slow pace.
every day i have woken up and had to think,
“what day is it?”
without having been able to enjoy last weekend,
i simply can’t wrap my head around the days of the week.
it’s a struggle, let me tell you.
as you can see, however, my life has been consumed by toddlers.
i have worked in the toddler classroom for exactly one week,
and have loved every moment of it.
i am 100% exhausted, 
and 100% ready for the weekend,
but absolutely in love with those kids.
i cannot wait to see what the upcoming weeks offer.
however, as i write this,
i know 100% that i should be working on my 29183082 papers 
and various assignments for school.
clearly, organization and time management
are not going well for me right now. 
i should probably get back to work.
happy almost friday! 

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