“please and thank you”

for the past week, i have had the following
preschool song stuck in my head:
“please and thank you,
please and thank you.
that’s what we say.
that’s what we say.
using our manners,
using our manners,
everyday, everyday.”
it certainly isn’t the worst song to have stuck in your head.
in fact, it reminds me to both use my manners,
and to be thankful for the amazing friends and family in my life,
the opportunity to go to school,
and for an exciting (though sometimes tiring) new job.
i often find myself complaining about the most frivolous 
(and utterly ridiculous) things –
being tired,
disliking my instant coffee when i’d rather have starbucks,
spilling on my new shirt,
etc. etc.
hopefully this little song will remind me to think differently. 
today, for example, i am especially thankful it is friday.
have a great weekend,
and i will be back soon with some new outfits! 

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