the oral-b wow experiment

i have a confession…
i have a slight obsession with brushing, flossing, 
and whitening my teeth.
i’m not sure where this obsession came from…
perhaps years of sub-par dental hygiene?
my dentist telling me i was at risk for developing gum disease?
or my mom saying all of my teeth were going to fall out?
i’d say all of the above.
oral-b recently contacted me asking if i would like to participate in their
wow experiment, promoting the deep sweep electric toothbrush.
my answer, yes, please!
toothbrushes, particularly quality toothbrushes, are expensive.
while i have an electric toothbrush,
i somehow lost the charger between moves,
and cannot afford expensive new brush heads.
thus, i currently use a crummy, manual brush i picked up at target.
upon first using the oral-b deep sweep electric toothbrush,
my teeth immediately felt cleaner – 
comparable to a recent visit to the dentist.
i look forward to continuing to use my new toothbrush 
and promise to update you on the results.
i am optimistic and hoping for gorgeous, white teeth in the near future.
for more information about the wow challenge, 
or where to purchase the oral-b toothbrush, 
feel free to email me or visit the website here.
*image found on google
**this is a collaborative post with oral-b.
however, all opinions are my own
and i am posting about this product because i genuinely like it! 

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