with beauty comes pain

with beauty comes pain (sometimes) and literally.
yesterday i decided to get my eyebrows threaded. 
i have had it done numerous times, 
and it is always uncomfortable, but never miserable.
however, yesterday was utter misery.
for some reason, the esthetician was struggling – immensely! 
she had me hold my skin tightly so she could thread the under part of my eyebrow.
it is typically awkward and slightly uncomfortable,
but i was legitimately crying.
she then handed me a mirror to emphasize that she was NOT done
because my eyebrows still looked like crap.
i said “okay, okay let’s keep going.”
she foraged on.
the next thing i know, she is handing me the mirror again
because i was bleeding.
what the heck, lady?! seriously! 
it was a horribly painful experience. worse than waxing.
when the horror finally came to an end,
i half cried/half struggled to my car holding a tissue to my bleeding eyelid.
lady, i absolutely will not be coming back to you. 
p.s. i should probably mention that threading is not normally like this.
it is much better for the skin than waxing,
and does not cause much discomfort.
the results seemingly last longer than waxing, too. 
for more information or to find a salon that offers threading,
please see here.

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