bird talk

^^^ left: how i want to feel
right: how i feel today ^^^
my day today was comparable to getting pooped on.
by a bird. or by copious birds i suppose.
and you know, i fear birds more than anything 
(in part because i fear they will poop on me),
but for other reasons, too.
today felt like i was pooped on again and again and again.
it started when i slept through my alarm, 
subsequently was late to work,
ripped my pants,
stained my face with pen,
touched toddler poo,
and then walked out to my car
only to realize i had a flat tire.
cue aaa who arrived at my (abandoned) car as i 
decided to use the bathroom and get a snack in a nearby bakery.
ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.
seriously, car?
i can deal with oversleeping and ripped pants, 
and wash my face and finger.
but the car? i am going to need a new tire.
but alas, i am striving to be a more positive individual
and not read too much into particular situations.
although today was not ideal,
tomorrow will surely be better.
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