musical bedrooms

next week, our little house is playing musical bedrooms.
we are having two new girls move in,
and shifting spaces.
i will be moving upstairs, 
and look forward to completely reorganizing
and redesigning my bedroom.
my dream bedroom?
combining my closet and bedroom into one open space.
here are a few ideas and bits of inspiration i have found:
alas, a girl can dream.
realistically, however, i need to complete this project
in a timely manner, while adhering to a stringent budget.
is it possible? i think so.
also on my bedroom to do list: ordering new bedding!
time to get to work.

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  1. Great inspirations, Megan! Which one did you choose? My bet goes on the second one: closet drawers are a must. I love the idea of combining closet and bedroom into one as that would be practical, but I kind of don’t like to have my clothes, shoes and stuff to be displayed out and open.

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