my newest addition

^^^ a little dandelion on my foot! ^^^
i have to say – 
i am a wimp.
when it comes to pain or needles or anything blood-related,
i faint.
or require immense support.
or beg my mom to come with me.
getting a tattoo is something i have considered since college.
instead, i choose various body piercings, 
but my body rejects them (which is not fun and leads to gross scars).
i always knew if i were to get a tattoo, however,
it would be on my foot;
easy to hide or show (whichever was necessary). 
in addition, i love dandelions. 
not the obnoxious weeds that flourish in my front yard,
but the imagery associated with the dandelion:
hope, second chances, positivity, growth, etc. etc.
this meaning seemingly fits in perfectly with my life right now.
and my life in general.
so last weekend, i took the plunge.
i begged my favorite girlfriends to join me in this experience,
and cried, and screamed, and sweated, and swore, 
and shouted, and yelled at my tattoo artist for 
the entire fifteen minutes (which felt comparable to three hours),
while i got this little tattoo. 
in fact, i was so overwhelmed while getting it done,
that i refused to look at the end result. 
i told him i couldn’t see any blood (although the girls promised it was not bleeding),
and wanted to get out of that place as quickly as possible.
thus, i did not actually see the little dandelion 
until the following morning when i removed the bandage. 
i have to say, i love it.
which is good as it is now permanent. 
if you are wondering, i got my tattoo done here,
and would recommend them to friends in the seattle area.
here are a few bits of inspiration 
and examples of other dandelions i love:
*all images found on google

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  1. Love it! I hate needles so I had a plan of varying piercings leading up to a tattoo…cartilage, navel, tongue, tattoo. I got the first three piercings within a year of being 18. The tattoo took me 10 yrs! lol. I only have one, but am itching for another one. I'm pretty sure I want "Je T'aime" (I love you in French) on my wrist, but I can't commit to it yet.

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