get fit like fido

i was recently contacted to share a bit about my fitness routine! 
health and wellness are of great importance to me;
i strive to eat healthy (with some exceptions), but workout
fix to six times each week. 
whether casually walking, jogging, or doing some form of 
cardio at the gym, i like to keep active! 
i particularly enjoy jogging outside in the summer, 
while doing weights, biking, and ab workouts during the colder months.
as a preschool teacher, 
it is essential i have the energy to chase after busy toddlers each day. 
drinking plenty of water, eating healthy meals and snacks,
and making time for my fitness routine 
make going to work each day much easier! 
my current favorite workout?
jumping rope! 
i don’t think i had used a jump rope since elementary school, 
but my gym recently added a few to the weight room.
upon starting, i could not stop laughing.
i cannot tell you how many times i tripped over that rope.
it was a fun (but tough) way to burn calories –
especially when i first started. 
when at the gym, i typically start with weights (just light weights for me),
followed by cardio.
after finishing my cardio, i will sometimes
incorporate sit-ups, planks, or other ab workouts. 
lastly, i will cool down by stretching, walking at a slow pace, 
and of course, drinking water! 
what is your fitness routine?
thank you again, dog vacay for contacting me! 

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