moving away from microbeads

microbeads are tiny plastic-like particles found in many facial scrubs 
and exfoliating face washes;
microbeads are an excellent way to clean the skin, 
remove dead skin cells, and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 
although microbeads are superior to rough pumice, 
research has shown that microbeads, too, 
can be harsh on the skin.
in addition, when washing off the scrub or wash containing 
microbeads, the plastics they are made of
increase environmental pollutants. 
this article discusses home remedies and alternatives
to potentially harsh microbeads.
ground coffee, baking soda, and brown sugar
are environmentally safe substitutes to microbeads.
thank you for sharing this article with me, kendra!
as a skin care fiend, i cannot wait to test out
the above brown sugar scrub.
something that is good for my skin, smells delicious,
and safe for the environment? yes, please.

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