holiday hair with SEVEN the salon & a giveaway!

^^^ i asked kat to fix this prior to attending a blog 
event this past november! ^^^
when it comes to styling my hair, 
i am as lazy as they come.
it is a rare feat for me to completely blow-dry my hair.
rather, i let it air-dry on my walk to work, 
praying the seattle wind and rain magically add volume and
shine, while providing me with the “oh i look like i just came
from the beach, right?” look.
however, when i visited kat at SEVEN the salon 
earlier this winter, 
she promised me that haircare, and subsequently 
styling my hair, could be quick and easy!
with a few new SEVEN products, tips, and a bit of 
encouragement, my hair routine has improved. immensely.
unfortunately, the texture of my hair requires me to wash it daily. 
it begins to feel and look greasy as the day progresses.
while washing hair daily is not ideal, 
it is something i have adjusted to; 
thus, when i visited kat, my hair was not fully dry.
she did a quick dry and then added an abundance of products to my hair.
i was nervous that products + more products would 
leave my hair feeling greasier than normal.
however, that was not the case!
kat used diamond shine serum, boost for volume, and 
strong hold hairspray to complete the look above. 
she also used a 1.5 inch barrel curling iron.
upon releasing the curled hair from the iron, 
kat rolled the curl and pinned it to my scalp 
to increase the volume of my curls.
i then sat with my head full of curls and pins and spray
for several minutes to let the curls cool and set.
once the pins were removed, some fluffing was completed,
and a final coat of hairspray applied – kat had turned my
‘blah-half-dried-beach-hair’ into something new.
she made me feel incredibly glamorous!
^^^ the gorgeous stylist herself, kat! ^^^
while i may never fully recreate the gorgeous style kat provided,
i feel her recommendations (and accompanying confidence in my abilities)
have helped improve my hair styling techniques. 
i no longer fear mixing styling products. 
in addition, i know that holding the curling iron at different angles 
(such as a 90 versus a 45 degree angle)
can change the shape and volume of the curl.
i do not think i have ever seen such volume or shine in my hair – 
kat and SEVEN salon, i have you to thank for that.
and now, for my readers, i have a very special giveaway for you!
good luck, everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**giveaway, valued at approximately $100,is valid for US residents only. 
the haircut by kat can only be awarded to individuals 
who are first time guests at SEVEN the salon.

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