let’s talk lipstick

a few years back,
 i would have been terrified at the thought of wearing lipstick – 
especially a bright color (red? no way!).
however, now, i often think of lipstick as a beauty staple;
i seemingly feel naked without it. 
there are so very many brands, shades, types of lipstick (matte, sheen, gloss?).
how do you choose?
while i am no expert, and there are many (far better)
beauty bloggers out there, i thought i would share a few of my favorites
with you on this little blog. 
^^^ a few lipsticks i dug out of my purse;
remind me that i never need to buy more ^^^

currently in my bag:
revlon colorburst
090 true red
this is my go-to red lipstick as of late. it is a darker red, yet remains bright on the lips. i find it stays on for several hours, despite eating and drinking. i often reapply during my lunch break, and the color will remain throughout the afternoon.
sephora ‘bite’ lip duo
palomino and violet
two lipsticks in one? i couldn’t resist buying this. palomino is a vibrant pink, and the violet is a lovely purple that i will share below.
rimmel london SHOW OFF lip velvet
405 orangeology
i purchased this gloss earlier this week. while i am normally not a fan of lip gloss, this particular gloss dries matte. the color is vibrant, true to the name (orange!), and stays on the lips for a long period of time. i cannot wait to share in photos.
covergirl (???)
405 fairytale
unfortunately much of the text has worn off this lipstick as it is one of my favorites. i find that this lipstick truly outlasts any of my others. apply once, and the color stays all day. this bright pink is perfect for many skin tones, too!
revlon super lustrous 
828 carnival spirit
in the container, this lipstick is a gorgeous orange-red. however, unfortunately, it is much too light for my lips; the color does not show up.
revlon colorburst lip butter
035 candy apple
this lip color goes on like a chap-stick, but is quite pigmented. i often apply the aforementioned revlon colorburst (090 true red), and reapply this lip butter throughout the day, especially if my lips need moisture. 
covergirl nature luxe gloss balm
225 anemone
similar to the above lip butter, this covergirl balm is soft, smooth, and provides moisture to the lips. it is also pigmented enough to wear alone or combine with another lipstick.
burt’s bees lip color
wild cherry
this purple color lip moisturizer is great for everyday wear!
marvelous MOXIE ‘game changer’
i actually received this gloss as a free gift. although i am not a big fan of lip gloss, the color is absolutely gorgeous. it is dark enough to be considered a ‘true’ red lipstick. it leaves the lips incredibly shiny.
and now, a demo of my favorites:
(left to right)
^^^ revlon carnival spirit, covergirl fairy tale, revlon true red and sephora lip duo in violet ^^^
each of the lipsticks and glosses i shared are incredibly affordable. 
while i do (embarrassingly) have a few more expensive lipsticks, 
you do not need to pay a lot.
revlon and covergirl are perhaps my two favorite brands, 
both available at your local drugstore. 
are you a fan of lipstick?
do you wear it daily, or save it for special occasions?
let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hi Megan,
    I am on the same page with you when it comes to lipstick obsession. I have far too much but I just couldn't resist buying them especially when they are on offer! You are absolutely right though, they are a beauty staple.

    Jo of saycheesycake.blogspot.com
    Drop by anytime 🙂

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