liebster award

thank you, amy, from work play for nominating this little blog for the liebster award.
this award is passed from blogger to blogger;
each recipient poses a list of questions about how and why we began writing, 
our interests, bloggers we admire, etc. 
while nominating new bloggers. 
the liebster award is a great means for discovering new blogs,
or learning more about your favorite writers. 
below are the answers to the questions amy posed for me.
thank you again, amy!
1. how did you come up with your blog name?
my writing is a sort of ‘what first comes to mind’ / stream of consciousness / diary. i think the title, ‘diary of this girl’  represents that.
2. what is something most people don’t know about you?
i make giant messes; we are talking epically big messes. from my skin and face products in the bathroom, to my shoes, clothes, and important papers. then i will go on a cleaning rampage, toss everything out, and organize it all. the next day, it will be again be a disaster. 
3. if you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?
4. favorite food? 
frozen peas and ice cream (not together, of course). 
5. biggest fear?
birds, they terrify me.
6. if you could pick, what decade would you have grown up in?
the 70s. i want to be a hippie! 
7. your favorite possession?
nothing sentimental comes to mind, so perhaps my vintage cowboy boots (is that ridiculous?). i purchased them at crossroads trading company for $18 and wear them constantly! 
8. spring, summer, fall or winter?
9. favorite life moment?
graduating from college. the graduation ceremony was mediocre, but i remember celebrating at dinner with my parents and extended family the night prior. i could tell how proud my mom and dad were (i can still picture their faces!). my dad especially – it gives me goosebumps! 
10. books you want to read in 2015?
‘we were liars’ by e. lockhart
‘the girl on the train’ by paula hawkins
‘wild’ by cheryl strayed 
‘orphan train’ by christina baker kline
11. favorite store?
i cannot think of just one – maybe urban outfitters, crossroads trading company and nordstrom. 
my nominations are and questions for them are…
kaitlyn & lisa from ‘sisters marie’
alyson from ‘crushing on clothes’
maggie from ‘bone & arrow’
katie from ‘for lauren & lauren’
rebecca from ‘eastside fashion’

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