’empowering women: empowering humanity’

^^^ the slogan for international women’s day 2015 ^^^
an empowered woman is one who is lives 
in a world free from violence and discrimination.
an empowered woman has the right (and accessibility) to education. 
an empowered woman can exercise free choice.
i know i am a day late with this post, 
as international women’s day 2015 was formally march 8th;
however, it is never too late to recognize the plight of women,
to acknowledge the inequality that still exists in our world, 
and to commend my female counterparts.
‘international women’s day is a time to reflect on progress made,
to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage 
and determination by ordinary women who have played an 
extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.’
to all the women in my life (my mom, aunts, cousins, 
girlfriends, coworkers, and everyone else!),
thank you for your support, guidance,
and most of all, for the love you have given me. 

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