blue jeans, blue shirt // guest post

^^^ i’m not sad, i’m just trying to camouflage myself with this blue on blue combo.
it’s hard to tell in this photo but the shirt has a ‘near-denim’ look,
so i almost felt like i was wearing denim on denim. ^^^ 
^^^ i like to call these my ‘corn on the cob earrings,’ but in all seriousness j.crew 
has some amazing pave pieces that are perfect for daytime wear, 
including the bracelet i’m wearing with neon accents. ^^^
hi guys, it’s julia from style and cheek, filling in with an outfit for megan
while she’s on vacation. so hello and nice to meet you!
who’s ready for some blues?
it’s spring in seattle! but what does that mean exactly? 
cherry blossoms are blooming, the sun is possibly shining, 
 but it’s still cool enough that you need a sweater. 
we’re also in one of those holiday-free periods of the year
where you can do whatever you want with your style, 
and for me, that means comfort. 
this is when the jeans and moccasins come out. 
but comfortable doesn’t have to mean boring, 
you can still elevate your style with a nice sweater and choice accessories. 
say you’re going out to eat with friends, somewhere casual, 
and wanna look good but not too overdone, this is what i would go for:
a navy blue sweater (this one is a little cropped which i love),
a couple pieces of gold jewelry, and jeans in a lighter rinse. 
you won’t look like you just rolled out of bed
but you’ll be comfortable and put together. 
it’s simple but flattering, and that’s why it works. 
happy spring!

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