shop local: moorea seal

^^^ sunglasses galore! ^^^
^^^ new to moorea seal, skin care and bath products, as well as natural oils! ^^^
^^^ finally brought home one of the above hats this past weekend.
i can’t wait to share it with you! ^^^
^^^ i’ll take one of each from this table, moorea seal. thank you! ^^^
^^^ i love how each piece is carefully displayed – 
each table is different, showcasing a variety of items.
there is so much to look at! ^^^
the moorea seal store, located in belltown, 
is the home to stunning accessories, jewelry, cards and gift wrap, 
home decor and more!
items in the store are predominantly handmade in the united states, 
with a few carefully selected pieces from across the globe.
the theme? chic, modern, and rustic tied into one beautiful, cohesive store.
an important component of the moorea seal store’s mission is to ‘do good, do great.’
thus, 7% of your purchase total will be donated to various non-profits;
moorea seal is not only committed to helping our local community, 
but society as a whole. 
what more could you want? buy gorgeous hat + help someone in need – 
moorea seal, i will definitely be back for more! 
to learn more about the moorea seal store, 
or to shop online, visit their website here.

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