the vintage series

while i love shopping at local boutiques and department stores, 
i find a greater thrill in shopping consignment.
vintage and thrift shops have a great deal to offer.
with (generally) affordable prices, 
the variety and uniqueness of clothing and accessories
rivals that of other contemporary stores. 
the quality, craftsmanship, and detail of the clothing also differs.
now, don’t get me wrong, i love a new pair of jeans.
or shoes. or a gorgeous handbag.
but there is something about finding a dress
or cardigan with a history.
i have acquired several vintage pieces over the years 
that i often reserve for this little blog.
i thought it would be fun to share them in this ‘vintage series.’
so for the next week, i will post 
some of my vintage and thrifted favorites.
i will show you how i mix these previously loved pieces
with other contemporary items in my closet. 
a few tips i found in regards to caring for vintage pieces?
dry hand-wash-only items in a salad spinner.
spray tights with hairspray to prevent runs.
remove sweat stains with lemon juice.
remove deodorant stains by rubbing with denim.
remove scratches on leather with a small amount of moisturizer.
de-fuzz your sweater with a pumice stone.
remove odors from clothes by spritzing a vodka + water mixture.

cannot wait to get this series started;
be sure to check back soon!

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