eyelash extensions 101

the truth about eyelash extensions:
are they worth it?
i have a slight eyelash obsession.
for years, i have worn false lashes.
after wearing them for so long, i have a hard time not wearing them –
my eyes look and feel naked!
the strips are affordable and easy to apply,
all you need is the proper adhesive (i use this eyelash glue).
however, i wanted to try eyelash extensions! 
after much research online, and talking with several local
salons and estheticians, i decided to go for it.
i had my lashes applied last weekend at oui salon and spa,
located in belltown.
i opted for the ‘long lashes’ since i am used to wearing eyelash strips.
i walked out of the salon feeling thrilled!
my makeup routine has been cut down immensely in the morning, too.
i no longer apply eyeliner or mascara
because i feel the lashes are statement enough.
have you tried eyelash extensions?
if you have any tips or tricks, please let me know! 
a few tips when caring for your eyelashes
things to avoid during the first 24-48 hours:
  • water in or around your eyes (showers, swimming, saunas, etc.)
  • eye makeup, especially mascara as it will break down the glue
  • sleeping on your face (this is particularly hard for me!)
  • rubbing your eyes
  • cotton balls or cotton rounds (the fibers may get stuck in your eyelashes)
things to avoid after 48 hours:
  • repeated swimming or use of a sauna, steam room, etc.
  • mascara
  • eyelash curlers
  • cotton balls or cotton rounds
i am eager to share photos of my lashes soon!
we are up at the cabin swimming, relaxing
and celebrating my mom’s birthday this weekend.
have a wonderful day, everyone!

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