seattle street food festival

^^^ wish this little sausage dog photo had come home with us! ^^^
^^^ the numerous jewelry booths in the craft portion of the festival were
incredible – i wanted so many things! ^^^
and now for the food! 
^^^ chicken pad thai for our first course ^^^
^^^ i’m a sucker for thai iced tea and coffee! ^^^
^^^ course number two: ezell’s chicken, fries & butter rolls;
the line here was huge! we must have waited at least
20 minutes to order, but it was completely worth it! ^^^
^^^ he doesn’t love the lines ^^^
^^^ and last, but not least, ben & jerry’s for dessert! ^^^
the seattle street food festival took place in our neighborhood 
this weekend. the festival supports over 500 local micro and small 
business and mobile business platforms!
it provides an opportunity for these businesses to come together
in our community and ‘inspire, celebrate and serve as 
a launching pad for the emerging culinary talents of the northwest.’
(ryan reiter, artistic director) 
we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the various booths
and sampling a variety of different foods.
i wish i could have sampled more, but i think my stomach is 
at capacity (although i am currently regretting not stopping
at one of the several donut booths. a midnight treat, right?).
the street food festival continues tomorrow from noon to 11pm –
you can still attend 🙂
some of the vendors include: 
people of the chubbs
ben & jerry’s
chick’n fix
wood shop bbq
hot revolution donuts
hungry me
ezell’s express
plus so many more!
we may go back for dinner tomorrow, see you there!?
to learn more about the seattle street food festival, 
you can visit their website here.

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