a glimpse into my day job

blogger by night (and weekends, and, well all the time),
but toddler montessori teacher by day!
welcome to my toddler classroom! 
the students in my class are 15 months to two-and-a-half.
we are a montessori preschool – we follow the philosophy
and teaching approach of dr. maria montessori.
this approach promotes independence, self-help and self-care skills,
and self-directed learning. the toys, or ‘work,’ on the shelves is strategically
chosen for the children; it is designed to enhance gross and fine motor skills
and provide lessons in math, language development, art, and 
other practical life related skills. 
everything in the classroom is toddler-size! 
the above work teaches the toddlers how to open and close
different items – i often find blocks, animals, and puzzle pieces
inside the containers 🙂
the toddlers love climbing on and crawling through the foam
blocks. they’re great for promoting gross motor skills.
i hope to someday have a true wood climber, typical in montessori classrooms!
^^^ my coworker, sara, painted the ducks! ^^^
i spend a good portion of my day here, in our child-size bathroom.
toilet learning (or potty training as it is often called) is an important
part of my toddler curriculum. each of the students are encouraged 
to try sitting on the toilet after receiving a diaper change. when the child shows 
signs of readiness, we will transition them to wearing underwear 
and try the toilet many (many, many!) times throughout the day.
i started working at my new school this past august. 
i may be biased, but i think my classroom is pretty adorable –
though i must admit, it almost never looks like the photos above
when the children are present, as they are busy little people! 
if you have any questions about the montessori method, 
or want to learn more about the philosophy, let me know in the comments below.
when i’m not blogging, i am teaching, reading about child
development, and striving to be the best role model for the toddlers that i can be.
i feel very blessed to be a part of their lives!

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