happy halloween, gosh!

‘it’s pretty much my favorite animal. it’s like a lion and tiger mixed.. 
bred for its skills in magic.’
‘nunchuck skills.. bowhunting skills.. computer hacking skills..
girls only want boyfriends who have great skills!’
can you guess which movie our halloween costumes are from this year?!
‘really? it took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip. 
it’s probably the best drawing i’ve ever done.’
–napoleon dynamite 
napoleon: t-shirt, jeans, wig, and glasses: thrifted (c/o value village),
boots: ugg 
deb: dress, sandals, bracelets and earrings: thrifted (c/o value village)
lipstick: nyx matte lipstick in sweet pink
i cannot tell you how long will and i spent brainstorming 
a couples costume for this year! 
we wanted our costumes to be fun and creative,
as halloween is one of our favorite holidays.
we made a few trips to our local value village to find inspiration
and scoured pinterest for additional ideas. 
on our third (or possibly fourth?!) thrifting adventure,
i found the above pink dress; the sleeves
and shape of the dress reminded me of the dress deb wears
to the formal dance in the movie, ‘napoleon dynamite.’
after that, our looks quickly came together!
value village is the perfect place for vintage t-shirts – 
we loved the tie dye, eagle shirt will is wearing!
after adding the oversized, washed-out looking denim, 
blonde wig, and prescription glasses to our cart, 
napoleon’s outfit was complete! 
for deb’s ensemble, i needed the dress and a few
80s inspired accessories (those sandals!!), bright lips,
and a side pony-tail. 
these looks were so much fun to put together! 
i am still laughing over the pictures of will 
(i could barely hold the camera still)
and, of course, we wanted to include some of our favorite
quotes from the movie:
‘tina, you fat lard. come get your DINNER! tina, eat. food! 
eat the food!’
‘knock it off, napoleon! just make yourself a dang quesa-dillah!’
‘napoleon, give me some of your tots!’
okay, okay, movie reminiscing complete.
i hope you have a happy and safe halloween, everyone!
if you need any last minute costume ideas or
accessories, be sure to check out your local value village.
**value village was kind enough to provide us with a 
gift certificate to purchase our costumes. i had a wonderful time
creating these looks and am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate
with them.

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