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aloha and happy tuesday, everyone! 
i’m on vacation with my family this week, so one of my
dear friends, and favorite bloggers, asa, from lace & pearls,
graciously agreed to guest post on diary of this girl.
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i am excited to guest post today on diary of this girl. a big thank you to megan for the invite and allowing me to share some fashion tips. she is a good friend of mine and i am happy to have connected with her through our blogs. 
this summer, i picked up this awesome pair of distressed denim. i tend to go through my jeans quickly, so i thought it was time to research how to prolong the lifespan of my jeans.
i hate when i wash my favorite pair of jeans and the color fades. to avoid fading, fill your sink or tub with cold water and turn the denim inside out. add a half of a teaspoon of mild detergent and let them soak for an hour. rinse in cold water. if you must use a washing machine, wash denim on the hand wash / delicate setting, keeping them inside out. both techniques will preserve the dye of the denim. for a new pair of jeans, add two teaspoons of salt and a cup of white vinegar to set the dye on the first wash. continue this routine every time you wash your denim to maintain the color. don’t worry about your jeans smelling like vinegar, the smell will dissipate after drying. 
hang your denim to dry or lay them flat. if you are drying them outside, avoid direct sunlight (you don’t want them to fade). when you air dry your jeans, the fabric will become stiff, but they will break in after a few hours of wear. if you want to soften your jeans, throw them in the dryer for a few minutes (air dry only), but otherwise avoid the dryer. heat will shrink your denim and the unnecessary tumbling will cause wear and tear. 
the awesome thing about denim is you can go a long time between washes. the longer you wait the better. less washing = less wear and tear on your jeans. if you want to freshen them up in-between washes, hang them in the bathroom and let them get a good steam when you take a shower. 
what lengths are you willing to go through to keep your denim going? any other tips? 
for more fashion, beauty, and blogging inspiration, head over to lace & pearls.
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