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happy new year, everyone! 
this past week has been a blur: 
home from vacation, back to school, a new work schedule, 
re-acclimating to the chilly seattle rain, plus a few unforeseen events
(like losing both my license and debit card in the same week?!).
alas, the weekend is here so i can finally catch up on a few things.
over the holiday break, my family and i visited hawaii. 
we stayed in kona, and the relaxing vacation was just what i needed 
to recharge after christmas in preparation for 2016. 
however, my skin has been struggling due to the increased sun exposure, 
warm temperatures, and subsequent dry and cold upon coming home.
hello, breakouts, flaky skin, and a dull complexion (!!!). 
we all want beautiful, radiant and healthy skin, so i thought i would 
share a few of my current favorites. these products
have been of great help over the past week as my skin 
scolds me for everything i’ve put it through as of late. 
i picked this up the week before we left at my local sephora and apply both morning and night. i have combination skin (dry, oily and breakout-prone), and this moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated, smooth, and less oily than many other products i have tried. 
these wipes were my saving grace while on vacation! i carried them in my beach bag and could easily wash my face before applying sunscreen. i also use them to remove makeup and clean my skin before washing my face at night. they’re gentle, yet effective! 
lush fresh face masks are some of my favorites! i usually keep two (or sometimes three) in my refrigerator. the oatifix mask contains banana, fine oats, and ground almonds. it is immensely hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft and healthy.
face sunscreen is typically problematic for me. i have struggled to find a product that doesn’t burn or cause breakouts upon applying; i want to protect my skin from sun exposure, but not irritate it. i’ve tried countless sunscreens (to no avail). this josie maran sunboost was perfect while in hawaii. it did the trick and contains SPF 47! 
have you ever gotten a sunburn on your lips? it leaves them puffy, chapped, and can be incredibly painful. just as i want to protect my skin from the sun, i also wanted to find a lip balm that contains SPF. this sun bum balm (in coconut) was perfect for long days at the beach! 
i first received this origins eye cream when trading in my beauty points at sephora. i quickly fell in love and recently purchased the full-size eye cream. it instantly reduces my dark circles (which are prominent these days!) and puffiness. my eyes look and feel refreshed from the coffee bean, ginseng, and magnolia extract that make up this cream. 
what are some of your current skincare favorites?
i am always looking for new products to try! 

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