chef by request meal delivery service

one of my goals for 2016 is to live a more active and health conscious

lifestyle (i previously shared a few additional health and fitness related goals here).
meal prep and cooking is not my strong suit! in fact, i’m absolutely terrible
at grocery shopping and planning meals in advance. my typical routine? grab 
a few healthy snacks to eat during the day and stop by a local coffee or sandwich
shop to supplement whatever is missing. the end result? spending a fortune, over eating, 
and finishing most meals with a cookie (or two). 
new year, new routine! when tara, from chef by request, asked if i would be interested
in sampling the meal delivery service, i immediately said, ‘yes, sign me up!’


i must admit, i am not a foodie // food critic (unless you define ‘foodie’ as one who
enjoys sampling a variety of foods, particularly cookies, ice cream and the occasional salad).
however, after enjoying two days worth of fully prepared meals, delivered to my
doorstep, i might just consider becoming a food critic and lifetime subscriber to meal
delivery services!

i opted to sample the paleo menu, but chef by request also provides
family meal plans, gluten free and vegetarian options.
my meals included –
day one:
mushroom scrambled eggs and fresh fruit
albacore tuna and vegetable salad
balsamic tomato roasted chicken and broccoli
almond butter dip and fresh fruit
turkey and pear salad

day two:
hard boiled egg, turkey sausage and fresh fruit
mediterranean shrimp salad
caramelized onion roasted beef
chicken and green bean caesar salad
egg salad with fresh fruit

as you can see, the menu is diverse and would seemingly appeal
to a variety of individuals, especially those aspiring to be health conscious, such as myself.
my favorite items were the balsamic tomato roasted chicken,
almond butter dip with fresh fruit, and chicken and green bean caesar salad!
overall, i was very impressed with the menu, delivery convenience, and
taste of my sample items. the convenience factor alone makes
this delivery service very appealing, especially for someone who struggles
in the kitchen (and with meal prep and planning in general).

unfortunately, two of the packaged containers i received (the albacore tuna
and vegetable salad and the egg salad with fresh fruit) were damaged upon delivery.
while i likely could have eaten them, i am a bit picky with food storage
and freshness and decided to skip these items – which was a bummer as i love tuna.

despite this, however, i would absolutely try the chef by request meal delivery
service again! the menu is expansive and the 40/30/30 meal composition
(40% carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables; 30% lean proteins; 30% favorable fats)
makes eating healthy simple and delicious. when finishing the items i received,
my hunger was satisfied and i felt good about the types of food i was eating.

additionally, chef by request strives to serve locally sourced foods in an effort
to support local farms and businesses.
 they guarantee your meals will be delivered to your
home or office by 6:00am. simply grab your lunch cooler and you’re out the door
with no need to fixate on the dreaded question, ‘what am i going to eat today?’
to learn more about chef by request, or to see if their delivery service is available near you,
visit their website here.

a special thank you to tara from the seattle chef by request for
providing me with the opportunity to sample two days worth of paleo food items!

**this is a sponsored post. i was provided with two days worth of items
from chef by request, but as always, all opinions are my own! 

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