at home with ‘diary of this girl’

^^^ no, that’s not wine (unfortunately) but my favorite summer beverage – 
grapefruit s.pellegrino sparkling water ^^^

weekend, where did you go? you were far too short and not nearly restful enough.
life (and work and babysitting and a persistent stomach ache) has taken over these past 
several days, so i took an unintentional hiatus from blogging. alas, i am back 
with something new for you today!
i realize this is somewhat different from my usual fashion or lifestyle post –
sometimes you simply cannot take outfit photos outdoors, so you improvise;
hence the kitchen and bathroom pictures!
i thought it would be fun, however, to give you a glimpse inside my life at home
(the girl behind the blog!). and if you’re new to ‘diary of this girl,’
i have a few fun facts about myself to share with you.
where do you live?
i live north of downtown seattle with three (very kind, fun and adorable!) roommates.
what is your zodiac sign?
what is your middle name?
do you have any bad habits?
i am a chronic nail biter. it’s terrible. i have zero self control when it comes
to picking at or biting my nails. i am also addicted to manicures, 
so if i keep polish on my fingers, i’m less likely to bite them.
what’s the last book you read?
‘the silent sister’ by diane chamberlain.
if you like mystery or crime novels, and anything suspenseful, 
this book is perfect for you! it’s a page turner.
do you have any siblings?
i have a younger brother. he is 22 and just moved home from college in the south!
while he may have mixed feelings on this, i am thrilled to have
him back in washington and look forward to hanging out with him this summer.
do you have a guilty pleasure?
dark chocolate (i always have some in the house). cookie dough. frozen yogurt. 
my sweet tooth has been slightly out of control as of late!
what’s your go-to coffee order?
16 ounce americano with cream. i visit the same coffee
stand, located down the street from my house, each morning. 
the girls know my name and order now (is that a good or bad thing?).
how would you define your personal style?
my style is seemingly eclectic. i like bohemian clothing. hippie chic. 
menswear. i also love vintage styles, the current grunge trend, and 
elegant/classic pieces. at home, you’ll typically find me in nike shorts or capris and an 
oversized sweatshirt. for the purpose of these photos, i chose loose curls and a 
printed skirt (i don’t normally look like this when lounging at home, i promise!). 
where is the last place you traveled to?
i recently went to las vegas for a wedding! it was my first time, 
and i was in awe the entire time. ‘is this place real?!’ despite the 110 degree
temperatures, i cannot wait to go back!
do you have any tattoos?
yes, four (which my parents are not thrilled about). i have a feather, an arrow, 
a dandelion, and a semi colon. according to my brother, 
they are the most ridiculous and cliche tattoos you can get, but
they are important and significant to me!
what are some of your favorite blogs to read?
i love creating content for ‘diary of this girl,’ but also
greatly enjoy reading other fashion and lifestyle blogs. a few of my 
favorites include: 
jenn from hello rigby
asa from lace & pearls
julia from style and cheek
katrina from the demure muse
lisa from story of my dress
ana luiza from northwest blonde
alix of alix rose
portia from obsessed by portia
bailey from hot dress hot mess
sydney from sydney loves fashion
lisa & kaitlyn from sisters marie
…this list is by no means comprehensive.
i am always looking for new blogs to read and follow!
photos and makeup by elizabeth kathryn photography
where do you like to shop?
most of you know i’m an avid thrift shopper! 
i love goodwill, value village, crossroads trading company, and 
buffalo exchange. i strive to find the best sales and deals, 
but also enjoy shopping at nordstrom (and nordstrom rack),
zara, asos, target, and urban outfitters.
what blog post(s) are you most proud of?
i have a few favorites! this post, a recap of the westfield 
southcenter #styleboss event, is one i enjoyed writing.
i also love this seattle grunge/streetstyle outfit post.
lastly, this valentine’s post, and collaboration with asa of lace & pearls
was so much fun to create!
what are your top three passions?
1. writing. and subsequently, blogging.
2. fashion. i love putting together outfits, creating
content for my blog, and dreaming about all the items
i wish were currently in my closet. 
3. spending time with my family and friends.
sometimes a seemingly failed photo shoot (seattle rain, you love to make
 things difficult) leads to something creative. and better –
a different kind of blog post and the opportunity to share a bit more about myself. 
if there are any questions i didn’t answer, let me know!

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