what’s in my cosmetic bag

what comes with harsh winter weather? inevitable beauty 
challenges! there’s nothing worse than trying to apply
your foundation (after layers of moisturizer) only to have your skin
peel and flake off. or maybe that’s just me…?
dry skin, chapped lips, and static-prone hair are a
few beauty dilemmas i’ve encountered as of late. i thought it would 
be helpful to share the products i’m currently using to tackle
these seasonal beauty challenges. 
for soft, clean skin before bedtime
while i enjoy a good, gritty-feeling face scrub, they sometimes
leave my skin feeling stripped of all natural oils and moisture
(which leads to dry patches and flakes).
this cream-mousse cleanser by lancome is rich and nourishing.
it has rosehip oil, and while gentle, it is powerful enough to remove
the dirt and makeup from my skin at the end of the day.
for a smooth skin on your arms and legs
this body scrub, available at your local sephora, is a sugar-based scrub.
not only will it remove any dry patches and flakiness, but 
the virgin coconut oil and rose hydrate the skin. i love using this in 
the bath or shower – it smells delicious and leaves my skin feeling
incredibly smooth!
for dry to combination skin – the perfect tinted moisturizer
i’ve worn bare escentuals for years! with combination skin 
(that is both sensitive and prone to breakouts) i am weary 
of trying new products on my skin. however, i have never had 
any issues with bare escentuals.  in the winter, i love wearing the
complexion rescue gel cream underneath my makeup.
it’s lightly tinted, goes on easily, and provides just the right amount of
coverage. i apply mine with a fluffy brush, but you can also use
a makeup sponge or your hands.
for chapped lips
this chapstick smells delicious (i love the smell of peaches!) –
it goes on smoothly, and i make sure to keep one in my purse
and another in my desk drawer at work for easy application.
for dry skin
the sacred truth fresh face mask from lush is the perfect
pre-bedtime routine! i love sitting and reading in bed with a mask
after a long day. the sacred truth mask, with honey, papaya, coconut
oil, and fresh wheatgrass, helps my skin feel hydrated and look more plump
and vibrant.
for dry, color-treated hair
moroccanoil treatment is perfect for color-treated hair, but 
also beneficial to brittle, damaged hair from heat styling tools.
i apply my moroccanoil after towel-drying my hair. 
it smells incredible and leaves my hair smooth throughout the day.
i also use a small amount when curling my hair (after brushing
out the curls spraying with hairspray) to separate the curls, 
making them look more natural and ‘beach-like.’

what are some of your favorite products right now?
i am always looking for new things to try – especially beauty tricks!

photo by elizabeth kathryn photography

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