thriftaholic: tips & tricks for your next thrifting adventure

if you’ve been a reader of diary of this girl for some time, 
then you know i am a thriftaholic! many of my clothes, shoes and handbags
 were purchased second-hand (including these flats, this sweater and 
this dress). thrift and consignment shopping is a 
passion of mine – i love the thrill of thrift shopping; you just never know 
what you’ll find! 
putting together outfits to share on my blog is a wonderful hobby,
but keeping up with current trends, while also providing new
content (and thus, new outfits!), is expensive. i can’t always
justify purchasing those new ankle boots or that faux fur vest.
however, when purchasing items second-hand, and at a
much lower price point, i feel like i’m being kinder to my wallet.
while i typically find fun pieces when thrifting, there are days 
i come home empty-handed. unfortunately, it all depends on what’s 
available at your local thrift or consignment shop. some days are better
than others, and it’s important to go back (again and again!).
a few areas of the thrift store i always make sure to check?
shoes, handbags, sweaters, skirts and dresses! 
if i have extra time, i also look through the shirts
and blouses, and i sometimes browse the men’s section
(some of my favorite flannels were purchased in the men’s department).
when thrifting, allow yourself plenty of time!
thrift and consignment shopping requires patience. you often
have to dig (and dig!) through the racks and of course, try on any 
items that end up in your cart. check for major holes and/or snags. 
minor adjustments, such as hemming skirts
or pants, can be made. i’ve also bought tops that were 
missing a button because this is a quick and easy fix.
additionally, don’t be afraid to look at items outside of your usual
size range. for example, i like to browse sizes small through large,
as vintage pieces are generally sized larger (and fit smaller)
 and clothing may or may not be mixed up.
and now, for a few of my favorite thrifting destinations!
for years, i have been an avid supporter of goodwill. while i 
have found great designer items at a variety of goodwill locations, 
the redmond store (located here), the ballard store (located here)
and the capitol hill store (located here) are where i typically
have the best luck!
located in the university district, buffalo exchange
is where i often sell gently-used items from my closet. while i’m
waiting for the staff to look through my clothing, i subsequently browse 
(and often purchase!) from here as well. 
when visiting my parents on weekends, i make sure to 
stop by gigi’s closet, located in mukilteo. it’s a small, locally owned
consignment shop for women. their merchandise varies, 
but i’ve found several pairs of shoes and jackets for work.

crossroads trading:
crossroads trading, located on capitol hill (not
far from urban outfitters!) is full of vintage, gently-used
and new clothing, shoes and accessories. i can spend forever
looking through everything, and my favorite pair of distressed
madewell jeans were purchased at crossroads!

my love for thrifting began in college. we would
visit the local value village for vintage sweatshirts and
halloween costumes each year. i soon realized everything else value 
village had to offer, and my loyalty has continued!
i prefer the lake city, lynnwood and redmond locations.
where are some of your favorite places to thrift
or consignment shop? i’m always looking for new places to visit!

p.s. the jumpsuit i’m wearing in the photos above is a thrifted find 
at goodwill by my photographer, elizabeth!

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