what to pack for a blogger photo shoot

infamous meme:
[normal life] ‘i’ve worn the same shirt
every day this week.’
[packing for vacation] ‘i’ll probably change
a few times each day; that’s 32 shirts.’

i am notorious for over-packing!
whether preparing for the workday, or packing for
an overnight or week-long vacation, i like to have
options (vast understatement!). clothing, shoes, accessories,
cosmetics, etc. etc. packing light has never
been my strong suit. my parents continuously scold
me when we travel, and i have been known to
‘hide’ miscellaneous items in fellow family members’
luggage. you never know if/when you might need that extra
sweatshirt or book or pair of sneakers, right?

packing for a photo shoot is no different;
the more options, the better (in my opinion!).

what to pack for a blogger photo shoot:
when preparing for a photo shoot, i typically
pack two or three outfits to shoot. if i try to shoot more, 
i often find that i look tired (and less happy)
in the photographs. believe it or not, photo shoots are 
incredibly exhausting! the constant walking, posing, smiling, 
and frequent adjusting of clothing and accessories
is tiring. shooting two or three outfits on a given day,
however, tends to work well for me and
my blogging schedule; the key is in the planning!
before arriving at the shoot location, i 
try everything on together. this may sound silly, but if i don’t
 try on and walk around in the outfit, i usually regret it 
(i.e. the styling may look better in my head than
in real life, or the items may fit or pair differently than i 
imagined). repeat: try everything on together!

i usually build my outfits by selecting a specific
piece (or pieces) i want to style. for example, i may
have a top or dress in mind, and i build the rest
of my outfit around that particular piece. 
 making a list or taking notes on my phone helps
me stay organized. i am less likely to forget jewelry
or other accessories if i write down what 
i need to bring. forgetting a handbag
or other item on the day of a shoot is unfortunate, 
but has been known to happen a time or two!
it can be helpful to pack your full outfit, from
head to toe, in one bag (such as a reusable tote). 
pack separate looks in separate bags — this can help
to get you thinking of your outfit as a whole —
did you remember shoes? jewelry? other accessories?
a slip? and any other relevant pieces?
if you have the time, bring options!
have you ever planned to wear something, 
arrived at the destination and thought, ‘no,
i don’t want to wear this,’ or ‘i wish i had worn something 
different.’ perhaps the weather 
changed, or maybe you don’t feel as comfortable in that 
particular item. if you have an extra outfit with you, 
you have more flexibility! i don’t often have time 
to plan a completely different look, but i usually bring
a variety of jewelry, an extra handbag (or two), 
and layering pieces in case it gets chilly.
dress: zara, flats: steve madden,
bomber jacket: who what wear (via target; similar here), 
purse: urban outfitters
comfortable shoes are essential.
you do a great deal of walking when taking photos —
between scouting locations, finding that 
seemingly perfect backdrop, and striving to obtain 
natural, ‘street style’ photos, your feet get a workout.
i recently wore new wedges when taking photos,
and boy did i regret it. by the time we finished,
i had serious blisters on my toes and heels.
looking chic, yet feeling comfortable is a balancing 
act; don’t underestimate the importance of a
comfortable pair of shoes! 
a few other photo shoot essentials?
a brush and hairspray to tame unruly hair
(particularly if you are taking photos in rain or wind);
lipstick; oil absorbing sheets (i prefer to have
my skin look smooth and matte!); depending on 
the location and length of your shoot, having water
and a snack on hand can be helpful — as i mentioned
above, posing and taking photos for an extended
length of time can be tiring!
what are some of your photo shoot essentials?
i am always looking for additional tips 
to have shoots run smoothly!

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