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hello, and welcome to my new website, diary of this girl (!!!). if you follow me on social media, or subscribe to my blog, you know diary of this girl isn’t new—i began blogging in 2011, and my previous website was hosted on blogspot. last year, i hoped to move everything to my own domain and began brainstorming how i’d like my new website to look.

and almost a year later, it’s here! (better late than never, right?)

^^^ any excuse for a pink donut, right? ^^^

i should also tell you, website design is not a skill i possess. in fact, i cannot tell you how much time i spent cursing my computer, texting fellow bloggers for support, and pouring over information on google—everything from “how to change your font” to “how to import a shop widget.” it turned into a lengthy process, but alas, i am ready to share the finished product with you!

my previous posts and photos (including early blog posts) have been imported. i have several new pages, including an about page (learn about the girl behind the blog), frequently asked questions, a contact page, shop page (my current favorites—under $100), and my disclosure. additionally, as a certified editor, i included information about copyediting (what is it?) and services i provide fellow writers and publishers.

as per my previous website, i will continue publishing new blog posts weekly while cross-sharing on my social media platforms. (you can conveniently find links to each of these platforms on my blog page, under my profile picture.) thank you for following!

photos by karya schanilec photography

thank you again for following me here! i am ready to create new content and currently have a few draft posts in the works. can i also tell you how ready i am for all things summer? summer fashion is my favorite!


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    • Thank you, Melissa! I really appreciate your feedback and support. Can’t wait to connect next time you’re in town!

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