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basic invite, greeting cards

disclosure: thank you, basic invite for sponsoring this blog post and providing shop credit in my account. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

“if you don’t say ‘thank you,’ the gifts and kind gestures will no longer be shared.” i can almost hear my mom’s voice as i type this—from a young age, she taught my brother and me the importance of gratitude. following birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, we promptly mailed thank you cards to friends and family who provided us gifts or joined in our celebration. it wasn’t an optional practice and quickly became habitual.

as an adult, i’ve come to realize this lesson was not widespread among my peers. it’s disheartening to give a gift and never be thanked. this simple—and relatively quick—gesture is meaningful for both parties. i am grateful my mom taught this to me at a young age!

basic invite, greeting cards

in a predominantly digital age, the likelihood of receiving greeting and thank you cards—or other forms of snail mail—is almost nonexistent. it’s far easier to message friends on social media or send lackadaisical texts and emails than to mail a personalized note. in fact, in the past ten years, the number of first-class mail items sent by the u.s. postal service has decreased by 50% (source). (holiday cards are one of the few types of snail mail that continue to be sent.)

while most forms of communication take place online, writing a card—whether a birthday, anniversary, or thank you note—is a welcome respite from typing. it enhances our language and creativity and is sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient. let’s make a pact: this year, we will send more snail mail. =)

basic invite, stationery

looking to update your stationery collection? basic invite has something for every occasion! whether you’re hosting a party, newly married (hello, copious thank you notes), or simply want to say “hello” to a faraway friend, basic invite offers adorable, customized cards.

diary of this girl, basic invite

diary of this girl, basic invite

^^ walking to the post office to drop cards in the mail ^^

new and noteworthy with basic invite:

basic invite allows you to order samples of cards for a small cost, prior to placing your full order. if you’d like to match colors, or wish to see how a font looks when printed, you can choose to first  purchase a sample!

you may order cards in almost any color, with an instant preview online. your card is sure to be unique with the wide variety of color and text options at your fingertips! envelopes are also available in more than 40 colors.

speaking of customization, foil cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold. foil can be raised or flat on any of basic invite’s foil designs.

not sure of grandma’s address? basic invite offers a discrete address-capturing service that allows customers to send a private link on social media in which grandma may confirm her address. the address information can be stored in basic invite’s database for future use.

unlike many other personalized stationery sets, basic invite is affordable. designs are versatile, vibrant, and printed on high-quality card stock!

need help placing your order? basic invite offers a live chat feature with knowledgeable staff.

basic invite, affordable stationery

photos by karya schanilec photography

when writing this post, i ordered five sample cards via basic invite. (my order included two personalized thank you cards, a brunch invitation, a birthday party invitation, and holiday card.) the samples arrived quickly, and i am thrilled with how the designs turned out! the colors and fonts are fun, yet easy to read, and the cards felt like something i would purchase in-store.

have you ordered cards from basic invite? they are graciously offering diary of this girl’s readers 15% off your order with code “15FF51” at checkout! you can also find basic invite on facebook, instagram, and pinterest!

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