saving money while adding new styles to your closet

gwynnie bee, diary of this girl megan

as an aspiring fashion blogger, having new outfits (and subsequently, new content) can be costly. i simply can’t afford to purchase a new #ootd to share on my blog and social media. re-wearing outfits, however, isn’t fun either—you can only wear that floral midi dress so many times before you’re deemed a “repeat offender.”

while i enjoy shopping (zara, nordstrom, and urban outfitters are a few of my favorite retailers), thrift and consignment shopping has allowed me to expand my wardrobe without depleting my bank account. a large portion of my closet was purchased secondhand, and i love the thrill-of-the-thrift! (speaking of thrifting, today is national thrift shop day.) thrifting requires patience and time, so when you have a last-minute event or are seemingly desperate for something to wear to the office, thrift shopping may not be the answer.

a few weeks ago, my dear friend and fellow blogger, jenn from hello rigby told me a secret: her dress was rented. (insert: jaw-dropping expression.) jenn recently began utilizing gwynnie bee’s rental subscription box service!


seattle fashion blogger, gwynnie bee, diary of this girldiary of this girl, fashion blogger, seattle fashion

services start at $49 per month, but if you’d like to “try it before you buy it,” you are invited to sign up for gwynnie bee’s 30-day free trial. i am at the tail end of my trial and plan to sign up come september. with my current membership, i receive two items per shipment and find i can open, wear, and return items within one week.

new and noteworthy about this subscription rental service:

items are sent via usps®, and each package includes a free return label. if you wear and “return notify” via the gwynnie bee app, your next package will be sent within three–four business days. talk about cost savings!

i am notorious for purchasing an entirely new outfit to wear to parties, events, etc. despite the monthly fee, the subscription cost is far less than a new weekly outfit. gwynnie bee offers several membership packages at varying prices. (if you’d prefer to rent three, four, or five items, you can!) they carry seasonally relevant (and darling) fashions in sizes 0–32, and their mission is “to create an exciting new service that helps women discover, experience, and enjoy great clothing without limitations.”–source 

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger^^^ quick makeup refresh ^^^

fall in love with a rental item? no problem! you can purchase the top, dress, or pants at a discounted rate. your first purchase includes a $20-off coupon, too! alternatively, if you dislike an item, you can return (via your prepaid envelope) to gwynnie bee, and a new item will be shipped.

another great feature? no need to dry clean or wash items prior to returning. gwynnie bee takes care of laundering for you! #aintgottimeforthat

when creating your profile, gwynnie bee will save your size information (from different brands, as sizing may vary) and style preferences. for example, do you strongly dislike animal print? or do you prefer tops or pants to fit a particular way? your shipment will take these preferences into account. additionally, you can “closet” items you love! the closet options are seemingly endless, and you are encouraged to save 10+ items in your virtual closet. this ensures you will receive items you genuinely like.

now, you can also prioritize items in your closet. you are guaranteed to receive one priority item per shipment. if you have an event on your calendar and find that perfect little black dress (lbd), prioritize the dress—this membership is ideal for wedding season!

photos by jenn from hello rigby

dress: tolani (via gwynnie bee), purse: thrifted (via seattle goodwill), heels: c/o justfab

in my first gwynnie bee box, i received this darling tolani off-the-shoulder dress. it fit well and was perfect for summertime fun at the local carnival. since beginning my free 30-day trial, i have also received a striped lucky brand blouse, navy floral dress, and red midi dress. i was able to wear these “new” items to work and various events, without depleting my shopping budget!

are you familiar with gwynnie bee? if you’d like to try this subscription rental service, take the style quiz here!



how to get out of a style rut

unless there’s something new hanging in your closet, how do you get excited about getting dressed? have you ever experienced a style rut? have you opened your closet and thought, ‘i have nothing to wear,’ or seemingly wanted to toss out everything? this girl can relate.

seattle fashion blogger

symptoms of a style rut: standing in front of your closet for more than 15 minute without finding something to wear; trying on five+ outfits, only to toss all five on the floor; and/or feeling underwhelmed upon getting dressed.

a style rut is a struggle (okay, #firstworldproblems), but when i feel stylish, i find it can greatly improve my attitude. there’s something to be said about looking and feeling put together! purchasing a new wardrobe weekly (or seasonally) isn’t realistic. instead, it’s all about re-purposing items already in your closet.

seattle fashion blogger, seattle fashion, members only

seattle fashion blogger, fashion blogger, seattle blogger

seattle fashion blogger, fashion blogger, seattle blogger

pair items you wouldn’t typically wear together. sneakers with a dress? denim on denim? big + small prints? try different combinations. mixing items you haven’t previously worn together can give new life to your outfit.

dress it up. if your outfit feels ‘blah,’ try dressing up your favorite skirt, dress, or accessory. tulle, metallic, and sequins are just a few of my favorites. i love adding a sequin jacket over a little black dress (lbd) or jeans and casual t-shirt. wearing a ‘wow’ item makes you stand out.

swap closets. this may or may not work, depending on your comfort level and overall accessibility, but i enjoy swapping items with girlfriends. of course, there are times i have regretted doing this, but in general, i enjoy sharing. trade jackets, jewelry, and denim—swapping clothes with friends is a great way to extend the life of your wardrobe (and make you feel as though you have more to work with in your closet).

seattle fashion blogger, fashion blogger, seattle fashion, members only

accessorize. nothing can reinvent an old outfit like adding a statement necklace! not a necklace person? incorporate a hat or scarf. don’t be afraid to include one of these fun accessories into your outfit.

find inspiration. browse instagram and pinterest. what are other people wearing? is there a different way to style your cropped denim or blouse? i find it helpful to see what and how other people are wearing spring (or seasonally relevant) items to gain inspiration.

shop second hand. if you decide you need to shop, try finding second-hand pieces. look online for a nearby thrift or consignment shop. this can be a great way to add a few pieces to your wardrobe without depleting your budget. i recently purchased a khaki jacket and yellow wedges at my local goodwill (for less than $20 total). thrift shopping is my favorite!

members only jacket, members only, seattle fashion bloggermembers only, seattle blogger, seattle fashion blogger

photos by karya schanilec photography

jeans and t-shirt: brandy melville (via pacsun), jacket: c/o members only (exact here), rings: free people, shoes: converse, purse: thrifted (via goodwill)

change up your hair and/or makeup. try curling or straightening your hair (different from your typical hairstyle). if you usually wear your hair down, pinterest has helpful braid or half-up hair tutorials. a bold lip always helps make my look feel polished. try a new color to change things up!

how do you get out of a style rut? let me know in the comments, as i fear i am experiencing a major style rut. (why do i always want something new?)




planning a trip to the tulip festival

the skagit valley tulip festival is an iconic, annual springtime event. it runs throughout the month of april, and if you are active on social media, you will know “tulip season” has arrived; tulip-field photos are prevalent! for non-locals, skagit valley is located approximately two hours north of downtown seattle, near mount vernon, washington. there are several tulip farms, and the most well-known is roozengaarde.

i grew up visiting the tulip festival, but until last year, it had been several years since my last visit. last april, three friends (fellow bloggers) and i packed our bags for a day trip to skagit valley and the surrounding area. we were fortunate to visit on a cloudy day, so crowds were less of an issue. after taking photos at roozengaarde, we visited la connor for lunch and in true blogger fashion, more photos!

disclosure: a special thank you to boho chic boutique for providing me the t-shirt and jeans worn in this post! as per usual, all opinions are my own.

this year, we packed slightly less and were able to enjoy another full-day trip. instead of standing in line at roozengaarde, however, we opted to visit a much smaller (but equally beautiful) farm, tulip town.

when preparing for our trip, we had a few ideas in mind—things learned from the prior year’s outing.

transportation: who is driving? how large is the vehicle? is the gas tank full? last year, the four of us packed ourselves (and our numerous bags) into a prius. we were fairly comfortable, but changing from outfit to outfit was tricky in the somewhat confined space. this year, my mom graciously lent us her suv (with tinted windows), and driving, changing, and storing bags was a breeze!

meal planning: bring water, coffee, and snacks. this may be unique to me, but after driving for over an hour, taking photos, and standing in line to get into the field, i was hungry and thirsty. upon finishing our photos, we had to drive to our next destination before eating. (we also experienced a lengthy wait time at our restaurant of choice.) this year, however, we packed water bottles, fruit, and granola bars to snack on in between destinations. this helped greatly!

outfit planning: this may or may not be applicable to you—if you’re shooting family photos (with more than one outfit) or senior/graduation pictures, then you know, outfit prep is critical. plan outfit changes as a whole. did you remember a top and bottom, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories? thinking of the outfit from top to bottom has saved me on more than one occasion from forgetting important items!

your shoe choice is also something to consider. the fields can be incredibly muddy. rain boots are a great and seemingly practical option! last year, i somewhat naively wore wedges—whoops.

logistics: traffic to and from skagit valley can prove difficult. google maps or other traffic and navigation apps, such as waze, can be a helpful way to save time. unfortunately, roads leading to the tulip farms are limited, and when the farms get crowded, you’re stuck.

after the fields: turn your tulip trip into a day or overnight adventure! there is plenty to do when you’re north of seattle. mount vernon, home to roozengaarde and tulip town, offers a variety of activities. enjoy a scenic hike at little mountain park, or pop by valley shine distillery for cocktails, biscuits, poached eggs, and more! alternatively, la conner is a short drive from the fields—visit the iconic rainbow bridge, local boutiques, museums, and antique stores. there are several coffee and ice cream shops, and of course, a large number of delicious restaurants. the girls and i stopped for brunch (and pastries) at calico cupboard on both trips. fortunately, there are locations in both mount vernon and la conner, and i highly recommend ordering the cinnamon roll. you won’t regret it!

if you’re in the mood for a shopping adventure, the seattle premium outlets is the perfect mid-way stop on your drive home. (my ‘le weekend’ t-shirt and jeans are from boho chic boutqiue, located at the outlet mall.) refuel with an iced tea, followed by shopping.

photos by jenn from hello rigby

t-shirt and jeans: c/o boho chic boutique, jacket: hunter for target collection, rain boots: hunter (borrowed from northwest blonde), heart-shaped sunglasses: american eagle (old), purse: thrifted via seattle goodwill

we had a wonderful time visiting tulip town in april, and i have another spring outfit to share from our trip! have you visited the skagit valley tulip festival? if so, how did you plan your time, and where did you visit?





my top five spring activities in seattle

happy friday, everyone!
if you haven’t noticed, i am a bit
behind over here. work + school + babysitting +
blogging + aspiring to have a social life is
kicking my butt. sadly, blogging has
taken a backseat, but don’t worry, this little
blog isn’t going anywhere.
disclosure: a special thank you to justfab for providing me the
adorable bomber jacket featured in today’s post. as per usual, all
opinions are my own. thank you again, justfab!
spring has finally (somewhat) arrived in seattle,
and i am determined to put away all my
cold-weather garb. give me all the floral prints
and open-toed shoes, please!
with the arrival of spring comes a bustling
calendar, but i thought it would be fun to share my
five favorite things to do during spring in the greater
seattle area. for those of you not from seattle,
my apologies (and do you have any similar activities
or destinations near you?).
1. visit the cherry blossoms in the
quad at the university of washington. 
(you can follow ‘bloom updates’ here.)
the cherry blossoms were a gift from japan in
the 1930s and moved from the japanese garden
in the arboretum to uw’s campus in the 60s.
they are a trademark on campus and worth
braving (crazy) campus parking and crowds to see
in person. my friends and i had a
wonderful time wandering through campus
to take these photos!
2. speaking of flowers, it is time for the annual
the girls and i visited last year (it was my
first visit in ages), and the colorful
tulips were stunning! we made sure to arrive
early and lucked out, as the day was chilly
and grey. despite our seemingly ever-present
rain, fellow seattleites weren’t too keen on trekking
through muddy tulip fields during a spring rainstorm.
this allowed us to capture some fun
(and very pretty) photos, with few tourists
in the background.
^^^ a quick lipstick refresh ^^^
3. take a stroll through pike place market.
bring your reusable shopping bag,
as you’re sure to come home with fresh
flowers, delicious coffee grounds, pastries
galore, and other handmade/handcrafted goodies!
i recommend swinging by
ghost alley espresso for an iced americano.
it is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.
4. attend a food festival (seattle hosts numerous
food-related festivals each spring).
at the top of my list this year is the
‘meat and cheese festival’ at mccaw hall.
tickets and additional information can be found
here. food trucks, bacon and beer, tacos, and
numerous other tasty festivals
are making their rounds this spring, too.
5. keep active by taking a walk on the
elliott bay trail. something about the warm
weather makes me want to get outside! i greatly
enjoy going on walks (neighborhood walks
are great, too), but scenic, waterfront
walks are my favorite. the elliott bay trail
is 10 miles roundtrip, flat, and takes you
through sculpture park. it is gorgeous!
photos by jenn from hello rigby
jacket: c/o justfab, blouse: lush clothing,
jeans: nordstrom, sneakers: style & co (via macy’s),
purse: thrifted (via seattle goodwill),
rings: assorted (forever 21 and target)
what are some of your favorite spring
activities? my wish list of places i hope to
go this season is ever-growing, and i cannot
wait to enjoy the sunshine!


little letters :: ready for spring edition

** inspired by this blog post **
dear spring, please bring the sun (and warmer
temperatures) around soon.
dear white boots, while somewhat impractical, i can’t
help but love you. you’ll be on major repeat this spring.
dear midi dresses, i can’t stop buying you. you’re
perfect for work, brunch, a night out, and seemingly
any (and every) other event i can imagine.
^^^ aforementioned white boots–see what i mean?! ^^^
dear clear umbrella, how did i survive
six years of blogging (and subsequent rainy day
outfit photos) without you?
dear iced coffee, it’s been a while! welcome
back, and please be ready to be consumed (by me)
on the regular.
dear easter weekend, i can almost taste
the brunch, copious amounts of chocolate,
and homemade chicken dinner that will be consumed
in the presence of family. i can’t wait!
dear zara, when is your next end-of-season
sale? i’m in desperate need of shoes. and jeans.
and perhaps a few new dresses.
dear gym membership, oh how i’ve neglected you.
and what great timing with spring in full swing
(minus the sunshine) and a beach vacation right around
the corner. let’s get reacquainted!
dear eyelash extensions, how i love you!
and the amount of time you save me each morning.
but you’ve depleted my bank account.
dress: zara, faux fur: forever 21,
boots: franco sarto (similar here), ring: charming charlie,
clear umbrella: target (exact here)
you can read my last ‘little letters’ post
(fall edition) here.
happy wednesday, everyone!


valentine’s day shopping at pacific place

valentine’s day is tomorrow!

if you’re anything like me, you may
(or may not) have left your valentine’s
day shopping to the last minute.

if you’re from the seattle area, you

can pick up something fun and festive
for everyone on your shopping list at
pacific place. (stores include, but are not
limited to: ann taylor, francesca’s,
papyrus, something silver, the art of shaving,
the handmade showroom,
tiffany & co., trophy cupcakes, and more!)
if you aren’t from seattle, fortunately,
many of these items, or similar items, can
be found online.
i have a handful of people
on my shopping list this year–my parents,
younger brother, boyfriend, a coworker, and
several girlfriends. prior to my shopping
trip, i wasn’t certain about what i wanted to buy. i
knew cards and cupcakes were essential, but
otherwise, i hoped a bit of window shopping
would provide inspiration. i should have
known better 🙂

disclosure: i recently collaborated (in a sponsored capacity) with pacific place on
instagram. this post is not sponsored–i simply wanted to share these beautiful photos and
many of the goodies i picked up on my valentine’s day shopping trip.

i first visited papyrus for cards,

gift bags, and any other “essential” goodies that
caught my eye. many of you already know this, but
we have an elderly dachshund in our family.
anything and everything dachshund is seemingly
essential, so when i saw the above dachshund jewelry
tray, i knew it was coming home with me!
i also picked up adorable (and high quality) cards
for everyone on my list.

^^^ i brought home the crescent moon necklace,
shown above, for myself–valentine’s day, treat yo’ self? ^^^

next, i stopped into something silver.

i love the look of delicately-layered necklaces,
and was hoping to add one (or two) to my
collection. my mom also enjoys wearing dainty, yet
classic jewelry items. the variety of sterling
silver pieces at something silver kept my hands
and eyes busy–i had to try on everything!next on my agenda was visiting
the handmade showroom. there were beautiful
art pieces, home decor, jewelry, cold-weather
accessories, and more. i wanted to buy it all,
and i appreciate any opportunity to
support local, independent artists and small business
owners. if you’re local to or visiting seattle, you
must stop by the handmade showroom.
they have gifts for everyone (pets included).
^^^ i loved this beautifully painted washington
state mug! ^^^
^^^ unfortunately, i wasn’t able to bring any of
these ‘silver + salt’ hermiker rings home with me, but i
am determined to go back–or if anyone wants to buy
a valentine’s treat for me, i won’t oblige 😉 ^^^

moms, aunts, sisters, girlfriends, female
coworkers–they’re easy to shop for! give us all the
jewelry, chocolate, and pink goodies, please. men are
somewhat more difficult. fortunately, i was able
to pop into j.crew for festive socks and the art of shaving
for hair and skincare products. i realize men
aren’t nearly as excited about skincare as their female
counterpart, but the delicious-smelling products
at the art of shaving sold me!

last, but not least: chocolate.
or more accurately, chocolate cupcakes!
valentine’s day isn’t complete without a few tasty
treats, and trophy cupcakes are fresh and
delicious. i brought home a box of four
to share with my family, and we devoured them.
a special thank you to pacific place for
meeting all of my shopping needs this year, despite
 my utter procrastination. need to
pick up any last minute goodies?
be sure to stop be!

fall staple: the denim skirt

what item can i seemingly not live without
this fall? the denim skirt!
whether light or dark wash, blue or black
denim, embroidered, distressed, and everything
in between, the denim skirt is a fall wardrobe
staple. when brainstorming for this post,
i realized i may or may not have 5+ denim skirts
currently hanging in my closet. however,
they differ in style, color, and price point.
the skirt i am wearing today is by far my favorite!
i picked up this particular denim skirt
when visiting pullman, washington a few
weekends ago. while the boys golfed, and
the rest of our friend group went out for
brunch (my body still won’t allow me to eat dairy or
eggs, so no brunch for this girl), i shopped.
surely you aren’t surprised, right?
flirt boutique, located in downtown pullman,
kept me more than entertained, though my wallet
may say otherwise. this adorable, distressed skirt
was one of my purchases!
^^^ i cannot get over how soft this sweater is;
a little secret? i purchased it in the little girls’ section
of zara! ^^^
grab your leather jacket, an oversized sweater,
or floral blouse to pair with this 70s-inspired trend.
while this particular skirt may not be workweek appropriate,
 depending on your work environment and the specifics
of the accompanying dress code, it can transition
from day to night. add tights or swap out over-the-knee
or chic velvet booties. the variety of ways
in which this skirt can be styled are endless!
sweater: zara, skirt: blanknyc via flirt boutique (exact here),
purse & boots: thrifted via seattle goodwill,
ring: forever 21
have you purchased a denim skirt
yet this year? what is your favorite style?
i am eager to get my hands on a distressed,
black denim option to pair with black tights
and leopard boots!

protesting cold weather attire

^^^ ‘protesting’ may be a bit harsh,
but as stated in this post, i am not ready to
box up my summer attire! ^^^
is anyone else wishing for another day (or week)
of summer-like weather?
disclosure: asa of lace and pearls jewelry graciously gifted me the
necklace i am wearing in today’s photos. i am thrilled to support my talented friend
and business owner! as per usual, all opinions are my own.
this summer, i fully embraced all things ruffled, as
well as the prominent one-shoulder trend.
both are fun, flirty, and incredibly easy to wear!
i picked up this ruffled, one-shoulder dress
towards the end of summer at the boutique evereve and
was fortunate to be able to wear it a few times.
despite cooler temperatures, i plan
to style this dress with my denim jacket and
tan mules or brown ankle booties.
how do you typically style and transition your summer
favorites (after summer, of course)?
a one-shoulder dress requires chic accessories!
my white fringe bag, delicate rings, and a gold,
necklace complete this look. the necklace i am wearing
is designed and handmade by one of my dear
 friends and fellow blogger asa of lace and pearls.
asa dreamed of designing jewelry for the past several years and
is getting ready to launch her collection (including
necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and later, rings).
 you can follow along and
see other gorgeous handmade pieces here!
it is no secret that i am a sunshin lovin’
girl at heart. however, in preparation for fall,
i decided to say goodbye to my color-treated (and very dry)
blonde hair! this weekend, i had my stylist,
sharell katelynn tone and trim my hair. we previously
toned it at the end of august (a light brown)
and added warmer, darker tones this time. i could
not be happier with the results!
and now, i fear it is time to dig out my rain
boots, cozy sweaters, and other fall attire. the weather
has officially taken a turn in seattle. while
i hope to continue styling some of my favorite summer
pieces, my flannel and oversized sweaters are
calling out to me!
dress: evereve, purse: tj maxx, flats: nine west,
necklace: c/o lace and pearly jewelry, rings: forever 21
i hope you have a wonderful week.
please keep your fingers crossed for warm(er)
and dry weather!


white after labor day :: fashion faux pas?

wearing white after labor day; a fashion faux pas?
i know, i know, people often say wearing
white after labor day breaks one of the
cardinal rules of fashion. the same could be said for
pairing navy and black or black and brown. however, i think 
these colors compliment one another. similarly, i 
refuse to put away all my whites come september! 
while this particular white floral dress is
truly indicative of ‘summer fashion,’ i have white pants, 
a white sleeveless top, and other white/light
clothing pieces that i am not ready
to part with. wearing white after labor day
is more than okay, and incorporating white with
darker colors can be a great way to transition your
wardrobe from summer to fall. 
do you typically wear white after labor
day? if so, how do you style your favorite 
white pieces? 
i do have a small confession…
part of the reason this post has such a prominent
summer theme is because these photos
were taken almost a month ago.
sometimes life happens and your schedule
prevents you from posting as often as you’d like.
however, i couldn’t not share these photos,
as i love this dress and am eager to wear
it again next spring and summer!
photos by jenn from hello rigby
dress: billabong (similar here; exact print, romper style here),
sandals: kohl’s, purse: forever 21, bracelets: alex & ani
these photos were taken shortly after 
changing my hair color! this is very close
to my natural color (with some highlights). i have
had blonde balayage for two years and
was looking for a change. with fall fast approaching,
i thought a warmer color (with less maintenance) 
would be fun! my very dry, brittle
ends appreciate the lack of bleach, too!
^^^ loving the brown! ^^^
i rounded up a few white clothing pieces and
accessories that can easily transition from 
season to season (all are under $100, too!):
jeans / clutch / blouse 
happy fall, everyone!

five tips to help you unwind

over the years, i have realized i
have a
difficult time prioritizing
self-care. sure, i enjoy
painting my nails (and getting
frequent manicures!),
and i find writing therapeutic. i am
also a skincare junkie,
so i often apply a face mask before
bed. these activities,
in addition to keeping active by
going for walks or
visiting the gym, help minimize stress.
however, simply relaxing at home is

 not something i often do.
between working,
babysitting, striving to keep active,
and of course,
juggling a blog, i rarely have ‘down
there’s always a family trying to squeeze in
a date night or a photo i simply must post to social media.
 i like to stay busy, but
recently, i have made a goal for myself
to occasionally say ‘no’ to social
engagements and 
work-related functions, and instead
take that time for
myself; it hasn’t been easy! 
i recently had the opportunity to attend a
glamorous, yet relaxing ‘blogger pajama party,’
hosted by mattress firm and revolution pr.
i must admit, it was far more relaxing than the
slumber parties i recall from my middle school days —
pizza and french fries, nail painting and staying
up far too late watching the olsen twins —
those were the days.

this pajama party included complimentary facials
and/or hand massages by the estheticians at skoah,
braids galore by the talented stylists at gary manuel,
organic miniature donuts from mighty-o and a
presentation by a local dream interpreter. when preparing
to leave, i felt utterly relaxed and pampered! 

upon arriving, we were given cozy pajamas
to change into. i have a special place in my heart for
fuzzy and/or fleece pajama bottoms (particularly
pajamas with dachshunds). this sweatshirt, courtesy of
big feet pajama co, has quickly become a favorite!
much to our delight, our slumber party adventure was 
complete with tasty treats. we enjoyed miniature donuts and cupcakes 
(provided by trophy cupcakes). my sweet tooth was thrilled!
^^^ getting pampered spoiled ^^^
five tips to help you unwind:
1. before bed, pamper yourself
this is open to interpretation — i enjoy washing my 
face with warm water, applying a face mask (if i start
the night-routine early enough!), and then applying a serum
and lotion to my face, and often, moroccan oil to my hair.
find a ritual or regimen that works best for you!
2. light a candle and/or drink a cup of tea
as you’re winding down
i love valuspa candles, and my favorite 
tea as of late is celestial seasonings’ ‘sleepy time’ herbal
tea. i drink a cup before brushing my teeth and
crawl into bed feeling warm and relaxed.
3. write down your thoughts in a journal
i know i am biased, as i find writing to be 
incredibly therapeutic. i often blog before bed 
(gotta finish that new content sometime, right?!). however,
writing down reflections or thoughts on your day
can be equally beneficial. not
a writer? i sometimes find it helpful to simply
(mentally) look back on my day.
4. stretch!
this may sound silly, but stretching your neck,
shoulders, arms and back can do wonders
for your body. taking a deep breath in, and then
exhaling deeply, can relieve stress that manifests
itself mentally and physically.
5. avoid screen time 30 minutes before bed
i am terrible at this! i constantly scroll through
blogs (and then instagram, pinterest, twitter 
and facebook) before finally saying, ‘what am
i still doing awake?!’ i am working to be better at putting
my phone away before crawling into bed and 
instead taking those last few minutes before sleep to
read and calm my mind (i set this goal a week ago,
so i will let you know how it goes!).
do you have any helpful relaxation tips?
i appreciate any advice! a very special thank you to 
revolution pr for inviting me to this unique and 
incredibly relaxing event!

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