oh, hello there–it’s me, bailey

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“everyone thinks they have the best dog. and none of them are wrong.”–w.r. purche

dachshund, a dog's diary, diary of this girl


hello there~ it’s me, bailey. (also called “bean,” “pooch,” “poochie,” and “sweetheart”—these are terms of endearment, you know.) what can i say, my family loves me!

i grew up north of seattle amid a family of four. i am their first—and therefore favorite—dog. and while they may not admit this, i am essentially the star of the show. i mean, if you walk into our house, you won’t believe all the dachshund paraphernalia! from pillows and blankets, to plates and statues, we have it all. i like it that way, too.

dachshund, a dog's diary, diary of this girl

i may be old(er), with white hair to prove it—i turned 16 in august—but i am spry and young at heart. i still enjoy treats, cuddles, and the occasional ear scratch. i also love to sleep. onlookers may consider me “spoiled.” i have an epic dog bed; it’s a really nice bed. it’s plush, warm, and covered in dachshund-printed blankets. my bed is conveniently located in our kitchen. that way, even if i’m resting, i know when my family is cooking or eating. (i like to stay near the food.)

i spend a good chunk of my time resting. after all, my 16 years of life have kept me busy! believe it or not, these short dog legs have traveled—i’ve visited canada, idaho, oregon, and various parts of washington.

diary of this girl, dachshund, dog diary

dachshund, dog diary, diary of this girl megan

and what is up with this weather? i swear, just yesterday my mom and sister (megan) were letting me out on the patio to enjoy naps in the sun.

also, have you seen my stroller? if you ask me, it’s a bit silly, but it allows me to accompany mom and megan on their ridiculous walks. i say “ridiculous” because we live at the bottom of a large hill, and there is absolutely no way you will ever see me walking up that hill.

alas, the cold weather in the pacific northwest has returned. cooler temperatures mean one thing—my family will inevitably dress me up. i have a handful of these fleece sweaters. they’re absurd, i know. how many sweaters does one dog need? while i don’t love wearing them, they keep me warm, especially during my leisurely afternoon naps.

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger

shoe shot, diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger

i can’t tell you how much i love my family, but don’t tell them—i don’t want it to go to their heads. however, if there’s anything you should tell them, it’s to give me an extra helping of food and/or treats. bacon is my favorite snack. if not bacon, my peanut butter treats will suffice. my sister calls them “hip medicine,” but i have no idea what she’s talking about.

as a 16-year-old girl, i realize i’m not getting any younger. my back left leg and hips are giving me trouble. i also struggle to see and sometimes have accidents in the house. i know this drives mom and dad crazy (and megan, too), but i promise it’s not on purpose.

photos by jenn from hello rigby

sadly, dogs can’t live forever. when my time comes, i hope my family finds peace in knowing they gave me a truly wonderful life. and in the meantime, i’ll be here resting nicely in my bed and sneaking as many treats as i can (while wearing a chic dog sweater, of course).

p.s. megan wanted to include her outfit details, though we both know my sweater is better. =)

on megan—sweater and dress: zara, purse: thrifted, heels: marc fisher, headband: nordstrom rack

xoxo, bailey.



dachshund clothing and accessories roundup

**inspired by this post

for my fellow dachshund owners, an excerpt from a poem:

“there’s no other dog like a dachshund, walking so close to the ground. they’re stubborn and sly as a fox, and the happiest pet to be found.”–anonymous

seattle fashion blogger, dachshund sweater

disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. if you choose to shop items shared in this post, i may earn a small commission. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

it’s no secret that bailey, my family’s 16-year-old miniature dachshund, is at the center of our world. we brought bailey home when i was a sophomore in high school—and so began our dachshund obsession. (“obsession” may be putting it lightly.) as she’s aged, our love for her—and all things dachshund—has also grown.

i own several dachshund clothing items, and we have a “bailey-themed” bathroom (with photos of her and other dachshund replicas) in our home. what can i say? in our family, when you love your dog, you really love your dog.

diary of this girl, dachshund sweater, seattle blogger

dachshund sweater, seattle blogger, diary of this girl megan

diary of this girl megan, dachshund sweater

^^ i picked up this sweater at loft earlier this month—it’s available in store and online! ^^

family and friends have taken notice of our liking, and they, too recommend dachshund clothing, accessories, and home decor. i thought it would be fun to roundup a few of my favorite dachshund items. (if there are any you know of, please send them my way. after all, you can never own too many dachshund goodies.)

shop clothing:


shop shoes and accessories:


diary of this girl, dachshund sweater

diary of this girl megan, dachshund sweater

photos by jenn from hello rigby

sweater: loft, jeans: american eagle, shoes: vince (thrifted via serendipity consignment), hat: brixton (borrowed from jenn), bag: topshop

happy shopping, everyone!

p.s. if you’d like to see additional photos of our pup, i previously shared this post on caring for a senior dog and this post featuring one of my favorite dachshund blouses.

caring for a senior dog :: my top five tips

“blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.”–sydney jeanne seward

owning and caring for a senior pet is far different from the early years! this stage of life requires health-conscious food and pet supplies, as well as a great deal of love, patience, and dedicated care.

dachshund, senior dog, diary of this girl megan

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, dachshund

my family’s miniature dachshund, bailey, turns 16 in august. we brought her home when i was in high school, and she has been the star of the show since her arrival. =) to say she is spoiled is a vast understatement. she’s the cutest pup around (in our opinion), and we simply can’t help but dote on her.

bailey has ample toys, sweaters, and blankets. however, she most enjoys naps in the sun and car rides—while she will tolerate the occasional fair-weather stroller ride, she knows this ultimately means: a bathroom break and short walk home (sans stroller). if you force her to walk too far, she will stop, sit, and look up at you until you carry her the remainder of the walk. #spoileddog

diary of this girl megan, senior dog, dachshund

senior dog, caring for a senior dog, diary of this girl megan

senior dog tips, dachshund, diary of this girl megan

below are the top five lessons we have learned when it comes to caring for a senior dog:

one: food and treats. while we always had good intentions in terms of the food and treat brands we purchase for bailey, when she turned ten, we made a conscious effort to feed her better. what does “better” mean? she eats a natural, grain-free diet that promotes digestive health. in the morning, bailey enjoys wet food, purchased at our local veterinary clinic. in the evening (or afternoon and evening—again, she’s spoiled), we feed her wellness complete health small breed kibble. this particular recipe is geared towards senior dogs. while she would much prefer to eat cheese and bacon all day, we strive to limit people food. her treats typically include joint rescue (meat-free) and the occasional container of unsweetened applesauce.

two: exercise. bailey is notoriously stubborn. she has never been a fan of walking—though in her younger years, she participated in and ran several 5k’s. as she’s aged, she has become even less interested in walks and trips outside. we take her outside every two–three hours for a bathroom break, and if it isn’t too wet or cold, we go for a “stroll” around the block. she hates this but will partake if you promise extra treats upon your return home.

last summer, i convinced my mom to purchase a dog stroller. we bought this one, and it’s great for neighborhood walks! while it took some getting used to, i think bailey genuinely enjoys riding along—a cool breeze flapping her ears back and forth.

dachshund, diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger

three: regular checkups. we proactively take our girl to the veterinarian each year, and i cannot emphasize how important this is. our vet has helped us through a few health scares, and we are grateful for her knowledge and support.

four: ask for help. it isn’t fair to leave animals alone for extended periods of time. my parents and i are busy, so a few years ago, we did our research and hired a dog walker. she visits bailey twice daily during the workweek. (she is available for extra help if needed, too.) when friends and family aren’t available to pop in and let bailey out, our dog walker is happy to assist! we found her via word-of-mouth, but i encourage you to chat with neighbors, visit your neighborhood facebook page, or check out rover.

five: care for their teeth. regular dental care is important throughout your pet’s life, but particularly during their senior years. if their teeth are neglected, it can lead to serious health problems. our girl had fifteen teeth pulled last summer (despite brushing them somewhat frequently). tartar buildup can cause gingivitis, allowing bacteria to get into your pet’s bloodstream. this can potentially damage their organs. brush your pet’s teeth regularly and have them checked and cleaned by your veterinarian!

dachshund, summer fashion, diary of this girl

dachshund, diary of this girl megan

photos by sarah wolfe photography

blouse: loft, jeans: american eagle, sandals: roxy, purse: irene’s story

we feel incredibly blessed to have bailey in our family. despite her 16 years, she is in good health! i cannot imagine life without her, and i am grateful my dear friend, and talented photographer, sarah, was willing and able to capture these beautiful photos. i may or may not have printed several of them to frame. as i said, #spoileddog.

just a girl and her dog

if you know my family and me personally, then you know we 
absolutely adore our miniature dachshund, bailey! bailey turned 
fourteen last year! while her eyesight and hearing have 
become less reliable (though this could be blamed on ‘selective
hearing’), she enjoys trips in the car, frequent treats and 
will tolerate the occasional photo shoot. 
we brought bailey home when i was in high school.
i recall my dad telling my younger brother and i that we were
going to visit my grandma. instead, we picked up a tiny
red dog — she could fit in the palm of your hand! bailey stole our
hearts immediately, and to be honest, i can’t remember
life without her.
our love for bailey may or may not border on an obsession;
my parents have a bathroom that is ‘dachshund themed.’
there are (professional) photos of bailey, alongside other dachshund 
decor; what can i say?! in our family, when you love your dog, you 
really love your dog! she’s a spoiled girl, but we would not
have it any other way.
^^^ say the word ‘treat,’ and she will love you forever! ^^^
in the fourteen+ years we have had bailey, i have picked up just 
a few wiener dog-related items for myself. i received an adorable
 pair of dachshund leggings and dachshund water bottle 
from my coworkers on my birthday this year! and when i saw 
this blouse, i knew it had to come home with me; what better way 
to style it than alongside my favorite pup?!
blouse: zara (exact here; similar here), skirt: nordstrom rack,
flats: target, purse: endless knot, ring: lucky brand
 **fellow small dog owners, bailey is wearing this sweater — she has 
several colors and prints, and we love how well they fit her
(they’re machine washable, too!)
bailey last made an appearance on my blog here!
are you a dog owner? if so, you can likely relate to 
the immense love my family and i have for our pup. we treat
her like a member of our family. despite her old age, she 
continues to enjoy being carted around with us and the occasional
walk (particularly if she knows treats will be
provided after). 

twins in purple

^^^ just one picture, little dog! ^^^
dress: jcpenney (borrowed from mom), flannel: eddie bauer (borrowed from brother), 
necklace: francesca’s, flats: dolce vita (borrowed from mom)
hello weekend – 
i am so happy you are here.
i had a little sleepover at my parent’s house this weekend
to celebrate my dad’s birthday.
and then i thought, well i should probably play dress-up while here.
i found some true gems in my mom’s closet.
unfortunately, she was unwilling to let me ‘borrow’ them, 
other than for photo purposes;
but mom, i will be back! 
the celebration was complete with some snuggles from this dog.
i had to capture our matching purple, too!

sweaters, a pup, & a giveaway just for you

sweater: forever 21, skirt and flats: nordstrom rack, purse: tj maxx
trying to coax the littlest dog to be in my pictures;
clearly my attempts were unsuccessful.
for the past several days, 
i have been able to wear dresses without tights, due to
the warmer than normal weather. 
the cold has returned in full force, however! 
i quickly raced inside to change (unfortunately) after these pictures were taken.
in other news, i have a wonderful giveaway for you, 
hosted by urban tribus.
urban tribus is offering a $25 gift card to a special 
reader of diary of this girl – that winner could be you.
^^^ a few of my current favorites online at urban tribus ^^^
ellen tracy zipper jacket / michael kors shala ballet flat / kate spade wallet
see a previous post of mine detailing the products of urban tribus here.
you can enter the giveaway below, and good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ode to the bangs

^^^ trying to coax her to be in my picture (unsuccessfully) ^^^
^^^ christmas selfie with my favorite boys ^^^
dress: nordstrom rack, necklace: old navy, 
bag and sweater: urban outfitters, flats: thrifted
and now, my ode to the bangs:
bangs, i love you. most of the time anyways.
but sometimes a slight gust of wind will move you
in a way that looks simply awful –
pictured above. 
or maybe i am too critical? 
i had willie take 23847872971 photos,
and the bangs looked horrid in every one!
perhaps i am in need of some styling tips?
or i simply must adjust to their flawed appearance at times.
any feedback is appreciated.

merry christmas!

flannel: old navy, skirt: lucy and lyla, necklace: nordstrom,
tights and wedges: borrowed from mom
merry christmas, everyone!
i hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with 
family and friends.
we are off to my aunt’s house for christmas dinner,
but i plan to spend as long as possible this morning
lounging in pajamas, drinking coffee, and 
watching copious christmas movies.
i wore this little skirt and flannel to christmas eve 
dinner at my grandmother’s house. 
we ate delicious lasagna, salad, and i lost
count of the number of cookies and chocolates i ate.
i suppose that means the evening was a success. 

good morning, sunshine

^^^ i am busy resting here, thank you. ^^^
my name is bailey, and i am an 11 year old dachshund.
i am a pretty spoiled little girl,
or so my family tells people – 
i would argue that i am simply cute, kind, and worthy of being
treated well. 
above is where i spend the majority of my time.
i nap, relax, lounge, and sleep in that cozy bed.
a dog bed? not for this dachshund.
when i am not in bed, you will find me curled up in front of the fireplace. 
it is the perfect place for me around the holidays. 

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