cozy layers

happy monday, everyone!
how was your weekend?
if you follow along on instagram, you
may have seen that i was finally (finally!) able
to move into my new home. i began the
unpacking process, and i have to admit,
i have way too much crap stuff. i could
have sworn i got rid of a ton prior to moving
out, but it seems my purging efforts were
seemingly futile. i foresee a few trips
to goodwill in my future.
in addition to unpacking, i caught up
on homework, watched a few too many
episodes of law & order (have you seen the
new series?), and babysat one of my favorite
little guys. i also shot new content for
my blog and social media; please stay tuned!
disclosure: jeulia jewelry graciously provided me with the bracelet
i am wearing with today’s outfit. as per usual, all opinions are my own!
i have been living out of boxes and bags
for the past two months; although the time
went relatively quickly, i feel relieved to be
in my own space (with access to my clothes).
a girl needs her clothes and shoes, right?!
i shared a poll on my instagram story
this weekend, but thought i would pose the question
here as well. are you interested in learning more about
my unpacking and home decor processes?
would you like to see photos of the final look?
as a fashion and lifestyle blogger,
clothes, shoes, and accessories comprise
the majority of my possessions 😉
surely this is no surprise!
sweater and skirt: zara (from the little girls’ section!),
clutch: target (similar here), rings: forever 21,
bracelet: c/o jeulia jewelry (exact here),
boots: asos (thrifted via seattle goodwill)
i picked up this skirt and sweater at zara a
few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to style them!
a metallic clutch and black ankle boots
offset the flirty (and feminine) skirt. i love mixing trends and
styles, such as this: ‘chic meets edgy.’
to complete my outfit, i chose go-to gold
rings and a bracelet i was gifted by jeulia jewelry.
i was immediately smitten by the clover
(a favorite symbol) and the steel and
leather combination. i am thoroughly impressed
by the quality of this bracelet and appreciate
how easy it is to get on and off my wrist.
you will likely see it again, soon!
it is time to stop procrastinating on homework,
but i will be back later this week with another
outfit. stay warm out there!

boho chic

happy tuesday, everyone!
i feel a bit like a nomad as of late –
i was supposed to move this past weekend, but alas,
our new house is not ready. thus, moving
has been postponed, and i am living out of a suitcase
(or two) and several garbage bags while floating
from one couch to the next. getting dressed in the
morning is a struggle; i feel like i am losing
my mind with all the clothes, household items, 
shoes, and general crap all over my room
and living space. i am eager to get everything
organized and settled in my new space!
unfortunately, i do not think that will happen
for a few more weeks.
please keep your fingers crossed for me!
disclosure: today i am partnering with endless knot, a local seattle
boutique. they graciously lent me the dress and necklace i am wearing today!
despite packing and moving, i do not want
to completely sacrifice my personal style (and i am
hopeful i do not get too behind with my blog), but you know,
life happens! when scrambling to find an outfit, 
i am grateful for simple, but chic outfits like the boho-inspired
dress i am wearing today. dress + vest + mules, and
you are ready to go!
the sleeves, midi length, and cut-out
on the neckline make this dress much different
from anything else in my closet. it was a 
challenge (a fun challenge!) to style. 
i decided to go the casual route by adding my
distressed denim vest and nude mules;
ballet flats or sneakers would be a fun alternative! 
 dress: c/o endless knot, vest: levi’s (thrifted),
mules: dolce vita for target (exact here), necklace c/o endless knot,
purse: dooney & bourke
this week, i am guest posting on the endless knot blog
and discussing a prominent trend for fall 2017: 
boho influences and the american pioneer aesthetic. 
this floral midi dress (borrowed from endless knot)
is an example of this trend and how easy it is to wear!
i often worry that high fashion and runway looks
are impossible to wear IRL (in real life), but it does not
have to be that way! bohemian, feminine, all things
embroidered – endless knot has it all.
what trends are you looking forward to this year?
is it just me, or can we ask summer to stick around
a little bit longer?!

catching the light

one (**slight) challenge that accompanies being a fashion blogger
during the fall and winter months is how unpredictable the weather can be.
i prefer taking photos outdoors, as i find the natural light, city backdrop, 
and variety of locations available enhance the photos a great deal –
however, there are days when it’s simply too cold or raining too hard,
and now, it’s dark before the work day ends. oh, the disappointment! 
however, on this particular afternoon,
elizabeth kathryn caught the light just perfectly (and thankfully, 
it wasn’t too chilly for me, either)!
the holiday season is in full swing, and i can’t get enough
of the decorations, christmas lights hung everywhere in the city,
and of course, the delicious treats and drinks (the chestnut praline 
latte at starbucks is one of my current guilty pleasures). 
i decorated my coworker and mine’s office at work with 
ornaments, a red and green pom-pom banner, and a few others items
borrowed from my mom’s christmas collection. we have also
been listening to michael buble’s christmas album on repeat!
photos and makeup by elizabeth kathryn photography
sweater: zara (similar here). jeans: asos. oxford flats and bracelets: forever 21, 
clutch: tj maxx (similar here), earrings: nordstrom (exact here)
despite my eagerness for the upcoming holidays, i have yet
to begin any holiday shopping (!!!). what do you think – will 
i be able finish in time?! leaving things to the last minute has become somewhat 
of a trend for me in recent years, so i have a feeling i will be utilizing my 
lunch breaks to complete my shopping list. wish me luck!

hello december!

where has the time gone?!
somehow it is already december. christmas decorations
and festivities are in full force (though i have yet to begin my holiday 
shopping), and time continues to move more and more quickly – 
without reprieve!
i am cheating slightly on the blog, as i took these pictures 
a few weeks ago; my fellow seattle friends could tell you it’s now far too chilly 
to wear a light jacket and dress, sans tights.
but better late than never, am i right?
i’ve been adjusting to my new job (which i suppose is not so new anymore) –
i have been there just over two months. when i am not at work,
i am supposed to be studying for an exam my employer requires me to take.
however, it is a struggle, especially after a long day in the office!
with the holidays right around the corner, shopping, crafting christmas gifts
and decorations, baking cookies, and of course, spending time with family and friends 
sounds far more enticing than memorizing the different types of stock
and how // when trades are settled (which is still an enigma to me!). 
please keep your fingers crossed that i pass the first time
and can burn all 129,922,871 flashcards i currently have – and sadly,
that may or may not be an exaggeration. 
dress & faux leather jacket: nordstrom, choker: urban outfitters (similar here),
flats: aldo, ring: forever 21, purse: nordstrom rack
happy december, everyone! 
i suppose i missed out on a thanksgiving-related post, 
so we can jump right into christmas; i promise i’ll be back with another outfit, a festive
gift guide, and of course, an ugly sweater look that is perfect
for any holiday party! 

stylish fall jackets with boohoo

fall is in full swing in seattle – the leaves have changed colors and begun to fall,
pumpkin spice lattes are prominent in my 
favorite local coffee shops, 
and dressing in layers is key; it is relatively warm and sunny 
one day, with rain and cooler temperatures the next. 
i try to keep a rain jacket in my car and an extra sweater in my desk at work.
that way, i’m always prepared!
while practical (i wear my black rain coat more often than i’d like to admit),
rain jackets aren’t always the most stylish.
this year, i wanted to find a khaki or army green bomber-style jacket.
i found this cute and very affordable bomber jacket on boohoo.com –
the hood is a great addition, as you never know when you’ll need it.
with the changing of seasons, i always like to clean out and
organize my closet. it makes putting together outfits and 
getting dressed before work each morning (especially at 5:00AM) 
an easier task. getting rid of and donating items i no longer wear
always makes me feel productive. i like knowing that someone else can 
enjoy pieces i’m not wearing! i said goodbye to a denim jacket, floral 
raincoat, grey blazer, and other miscellaneous tops, pants and dresses. 
in return, i welcomed a cargo-style jacket, gifted by my aunt, 
maroon blazer, and this adorable bomber jacket to my fall wardrobe! 
not familiar with boohoo? they’re an online global marketplace
with men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories. 
items are both trendy and affordable, with new pieces available daily
and a new collection online each week. additionally, boohoo is committed 
to helping others by supporting a variety of local and nationwide charity programs. 
over the next twelve months, boohoo will donate to ‘teenage cancer trust,’
‘ditch the label’ and ‘world vision.’
with a passion for social justice, i couldn’t wait to collaborate 
with a brand that helps our community at large. 
and selecting a few pieces to style on my blog was easier than ever – 
i wanted so many things! 
jacket: c/o boohoo (exact here), dress: nordstrom rack (similar here). 
boots: c/o boohoo (exact here), choker: urban outfitters (exact here)
socks & purse: urban outfitters, rings: old navy
i decided to keep the rest of my outfit relatively simple and opted 
for a black dress, leather wrap choker, and black socks.
i love how the ankle boots and bomber jacket tie this look together.
as the weather continues to cool off, adding tights and a chambray 
top or flannel will provide warmth, while keeping this outfit stylish.
are you a fan of the bomber jacket trend? how do you style yours?
a special thank you to boohoo for sponsoring this post!
**this is a sponsored post. 
boohoo graciously provided me with the jacket 
and boots pictured in this post. all opinions are my own!

life lately

a few weeks ago, i made a very big life change – i said goodbye
 to my classroom, group of toddlers, and fellow teachers and 
decided to pursue a career in finance. 
‘megan? working in finance? who would have thought?’
after a great deal of reflecting, i decided i needed the change. 
i love working with children and will cherish the four years i spent as a 
montessori teacher, but to be honest, i was just burnt out. 
chasing after nine two-year-olds each day can be exhausting! 
despite the tantrums, snot, and ever-present yelling of the word, ‘no’
i know i’ll miss them greatly.
i have to admit, making this career change, though exciting,
was equally terrifying! teaching is what i know; it’s what is familiar
to me. and although trying at times, it isn’t necessarily difficult.
but finance is very different. and complex. 
i’ve been at my new job for almost four weeks now
and am (**slowly) getting the hang of things! finance 
is completely foreign to me, and i still have a great deal to learn,
but i love the structure that accompanies working in an office –
working in the city is nice, too (aside from the constant temptation to 
shop on my walk to the bus after work). 
the position i took is part of the client information team.
i do a fair amount of data entry and support the other client information
and administrative team members. the group of women i work 
with have been incredibly patient and supportive! i am excited for the 
day when i can get through my work without having to ask 3,000 questions,
but i know that will simply take time.
i love that i feel happy going to work and
that i’m learning more and challenging myself each day.
photos and makeup by elizabeth kathryn photography
dress: zara (less than $30! exact here), crossbody bag: gift
booties: nordstrom rack (similar here),
rings: old navy & forever 21, bracelet: urban outfitters
transitioning to an office environment has meant re-organizing 
my closet. i called my mom after the second or third day and said,
‘mom, i don’t have any pants to wear! all my jeans have holes…’
pencil skirts, trouser pants, blouses? i need more of you!
and ripped jeans, you better believe i’ll be wearing you every weekend.
i picked up this LBD (little black dress) at zara a few months ago,
and love the soft, knit fabric. i am still an avid supporter of the exposed
shoulder trend, as i find it to be very flattering!
i am eager to style this dress with sweaters and tights as the weather
continues to cool off. 
how do you style your LBD? are you a fan of the exposed
shoulder trend? 

mad for plaid

vest: nordstrom rack, chambray: nordstrom (old), 
leggings: american apparel (exact here), boots: thrifted, hat: target, 
ring: old navy
i picked up this plaid vest from my local nordstrom rack 
a few weeks ago. i envisioned wearing it with dark denim and
a white top. however, it’s much too chilly in seattle for that look now.
 i pulled the vest out of my closet this past weekend, but was unsure on 
how to style it. what better way to gain inspiration than by looking
at fashion blogs!? 
i remembered that my favorite sister bloggers, from
the blog, sisters marie, recently styled a similar plaid vest here.
i swapped out kaitlyn’s jeans for my favorite leggings,
and replaced her adorable ankle boots with my vintage 
(and very worn!) cowboy boots. 
i love to see how fellow bloggers style different trends – 
it provides me with ideas and inspiration as to how i can 
style pieces already in my closet. i wouldn’t have thought to
put a chambray blouse under the plaid tunic, but i like how this look
turned out – thank you, kaitlyn!
where do you look for outfit inspiration?

my favorite for fall

^^^ these leggings are my absolute favorite!
i wear them with anything and everything ^^^
whether dressing them up or down (as styled in the above images), 
my black american apparel leggings are a wardrobe staple!
i probably have three (or five?!) pairs of them now –
i wear them constantly! 
i have purchased and tried so many other black leggings 
(from target, nordstrom, american eagle, etc.)
and none compare to the shiny nylon leggings from american apparel. 
they are high-waisted, which i truly appreciate;
i don’t find myself yanking the leggings up each time i bend down,
sit, or move throughout the day. rather, they stay in place.
the nylon fabric is both stretchy and comfortable. i believe
the sheen allows these leggings to be dressed up or down. i wear
them with dresses or with an oversized sweatshirt when i 
am lounging at home – either way, you cannot go wrong! 
do you have a wardrobe staple? or have you found
a pair of black leggings i should try? let me know
in the comments below! 

how we wore it // darker fall tones

happy wednesday, everyone!
today i am collaborating with a few incredible (and very talented!) 
bloggers as we style darker tones for fall.
^^^ our inspiration photo via stylelovely –
can i have her top? and shoes? and bag, please?! ^^^
when i first saw this photo, i thought, ‘oh i don’t have a gingham top like that.
and i desperately want distressed black jeans. and maybe
i can buy a new pair of shoes, too?’
but that sort of defeats the entire purpose of this collaboration; 
together, we are digging through our closets to find pieces 
that resemble this look. 
when i took a moment to consider what i have in my 
closet, items that are comparable to this photo, i realized i didn’t need to go 
shopping at all (darn!!). 
blouse: nordstrom, bag: urban outfitters (old), booties: dsw,
bangles: nordstrom rack, jeans: american eagle (exact here)
what stood out to me in the inspiration photo, 
was the distressed denim, blouse-like top, sunnies, and black bag.
after a bit of playing around with my blouse, 
i am pleased with how similar my photos look – yet they
are still representative of my personal style.
i prefer flats or boots to heels, and i opted for a brighter, 
more vibrant lip color. 
i had a great time creating this look, so thank you, 
brooke for hosting. brooke’s blog, silver lining,
is pretty adorable (as is her daughter), so be sure to check it out!
also participating in today’s ‘how we wore it’:
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the name of the game is ‘plaid’

flannel: target (men’s section!), t-shirt: j.crew, jeans: urban outfitters,
flats: nordstrom, belt and bracelet: forever 21
phew! the past week has been an absolute blur! 
i spent most of last week in bed with the flu. unfortunately
i managed to get the flu before getting my flu shot this season.
if you haven’t already, get your flu shot! this flu was terrible. 
i spent two days in bed with a fever, body aches, and the worst
stomach pain. it was horrendous! 
this past weekend went by far too quickly 
with lots of babysitting, a conference, and then more babysitting.
i also had dinner and a sleepover with my mom;
you’re never too old for a sleepover with your mom (!!!), am i right?
i did a bit of thrifting, too and am excited 
to share the newly thrifted items on my blog. i feel a major 
closet purge coming soon as well. it feels good to get rid 
of things i no longer like or wear often.
this plaid? i love it! i purchased it in the men’s section of target
last fall or winter and have worn it countless times.
this particlar plaid flannel, as well as a similar blue version, 
are on repeat in my wardrobe. swap out the denim for leggings 
(or sweatpants) and you are ready for some relaxation! 
happy tuesday, everyone! 
i hope you’ve had a great start to your week.

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