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winter ready with happy goat lucky outerwear

diary of this girl megan, happy goat lucky, down jacket

disclosure: thank you, happy goat lucky for graciously providing the jacket featured in today’s post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

while winter hasn’t **officially** started—it begins friday, december 21— it certainly feels like winter in the pacific northwest. (we aren’t accustomed to temperatures that dip into the 20s pre-december.) many mornings, i wake up to below-freezing temperatures, a frozen car, and an equally chilly office. it sounds delightful, doesn’t it? this girl is ready for a tropical vacation. #agirlcandream

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, happy goat lucky clothing

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, happy goat lucky clothing

until my next trip to hawaii (just kidding) i am determined to dress in warm, comfortable layers. cold-weather accessories are seemingly essential, and my most important piece for winter is a down-filled jacket. while i have a few warm jackets hanging in my closet, this year, i wanted to upgrade my typical black option for something a bit more exciting. happy goat lucky graciously gifted this jacket, and i’ve been wearing it on repeat. it’s ideal for weekday mornings spent commuting and weekend road trips to the mountains!

today, i’m wearing the “miranda” jacket. (it’s sold with a detachable faux-fur trim.) it’s 90% down + 10% feather and is water resistant—this factor is essential living in the pacific northwest where rain is prevalent and often unexpected. (many jackets i find offer to keep you warm or dry, but not necessarily both.)

happy goat lucky, down jacket, diary of this girl megan

the “miranda” is cut slim, so i don’t feel overly bulky when styling my jacket. who wants to look like a walking sleeping bag? no, thank you. i also love that it’s a bit longer—35″ in length—to keep my legs covered and dry. i’m wearing a size small and find this jacket runs true to size. despite being a bit more fitted than other winter styles, i can easily layer seasonal clothing underneath. the “miranda” is also available in black and white.

the price point of happy goat lucky outerwear is mid-range—most styles are $200–500. the quality is top notch and well worth the cost! my family will tell you, when i find a jacket i love, i tend to “live in it.” i wear it to work and when running errands, but you’ll often find me lounging on the couch in said jacket! what can i say, i run cold.

diary of this girl megan, happy goat lucky jacket, winter fashion

diary of this girl megan, happy goat lucky, down jacket

diary of this girl megan, happy goat lucky, down jacket

photos by jenn from hello rigby

jacket: c/o happy goat luck (exact here), sweater: abercrombie & fitch, jeans: american eagle, hat: nordstrom rack, loafers: vince camuto (similar here), purse: fossil (borrowed from jenn)

are you in need of a new winter jacket? i highly recommend visiting happy goat lucky’s website. (i’m lusting after this black belted jacket and this shorter red option.) many of the styles are currently on sale, so you can enjoy a warm, cozy jacket without depleting your holiday-shopping budget!

how i learned to embrace acne-prone, combination skin

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disclosure: a special thank you to proactiv for providing the face wash, retinol cream, and lotion pictured in today’s post. as per usual, all opinions are my own! 

hello, and happy wednesday, everyone!

today, i want to talk about skincare and makeup—who doesn’t love makeup? #skincarefiend

as a teenager, i struggled with the occasional blemish. (they would typically manifest along my hair and jawline.) i also had combination skin—i.e. skin that is both dry and oily. i don’t recall feeling overly annoyed or upset about my skin’s appearance. my peers also suffered from breakouts, and i think this phase was simply the norm.

seattle beauty blogger, skincare routine, acne-prone skin

in my 20s, the breakouts prevailed, but again, i brushed them off—”it’s because i slept in my makeup” (something i never do anymore), “i ate too much sugar,” or “it’s hormonal.” i relied on drugstore products with high concentrations of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. i recall layering these topical treatments on skin, and the end result was dry, irritated patches. fun, right?

upon graduating, my mom recommended i visit a local dermatologist to help treat the underlying cause of my breakouts. i also hoped to gain clarity on what products are most beneficial for dry, oily, and breakout-prone skin. i had a positive interaction with my dermatologist, and she encouraged me to drink more water, utilize gentle skincare products (such as cerave), and take a daily, oral antibiotic to help minimize bacteria that is associated with acne.

i began to notice a change in my skin’s clarity. i no longer caked on my foundation and felt as though my skin could finally breathe! unfortunately, when taking the oral prescription, one caveat is that you must avoid sun exposure. my family and i went on a trip to hawaii, and while i stopped taking the antibiotics prior to our vacation, i hadn’t stopped soon enough—the result was a horrible breakout all over my face and neck. when arriving home, i consulted my dermatologist and opted to stop taking the antibiotic and instead focus on topical products.

seattle beauty blogger, skincare routine, acne-prone skin

fast-forward eight years, and the skin saga continues! blemishes continue to take a toll on my self-confidence, and i struggle to treat and cover them. i wash my face twice daily, use quality skincare products, and still battle stress-induced and hormonal breakouts.

over the past several months, i’ve modified my skincare routine and swapped out different products. while it’s not a perfect method, i enjoy caring for my skin. i think my change in attitude (i.e. wanting to love and care for my skin) has helped both my self-confidence and overall feelings toward my skin. in addition to reducing oil and targeting breakouts, i also strive to find beauty and makeup products that target signs of aging.

today, i’d like to share my skincare routine, as well as skin and makeup products i currently use.

morning skincare routine:

i prefer to shower in the morning, and while in the shower, i use my clarisonic cleansing brush and a creamy cleanser. i then pat my face dry and apply witch hazel toner with a cotton pad. lastly, i put on a matte face lotion with spf (to keep oil at bay).

evening skincare routine:

i first use a makeup-removing wipe. (i love these wipes—they’re great for sensitive skin.) i then use a cleansing balm, and it can be applied to wet or dry skin. (the balm removes any residual makeup but doesn’t strip my skin of natural oils and hydration.) i again apply the witch hazel toner and recently also implemented a hydration spray. i then massage my face with an anti-aging serum and night cream. lastly, i apply eye cream and drugstore acne medication to any blemishes.

thrice weekly, i also enjoy applying face masks. whether jar or sheet masks, i find this practice enhances my skin’s clarity and hydration levels immensely! it’s also a therapeutic, end-of-day routine.

seattle beauty blogger, skincare routine, acne-prone skin

shop my skincare favorites:


shop my makeup favorites (great for sensitive skin):


seattle beauty blogger, skincare routine, acne-prone skin

photos by sarah wolfe photography

a few other quick skincare tips? wear sunscreen and drink eight+ ounces of water daily. don’t sleep in your makeup. strive to eat well, as this can greatly support your skin’s health. lastly, care for and cherish your skin. our skin is our largest organ, and as such, it deserves a great deal of love!

do you have any skincare or makeup recommendations? if so, please send them my way!

three black friday sales i can’t wait to shop

“it’s an add-to-cart kind of day.” happy black friday, everyone!

black friday deals, diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger

disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. if you choose to shop items shared in this post, i may earn a small commission. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

’tis the season for gift guides, shopping, and sales galore. in years past, i have stayed up until 11:00pm, midnight, and—dare i admit this—1:00am to fight crowds for black-friday deals! (i once skipped thanksgiving dessert to stand in line at target, eek.) online sales are prevalent, many of which are available before the thanksgiving holiday, so shopping sans crowds and chaos is easier than ever.

today, i’ve rounded up three black friday sales—including items on my wish list—that you won’t want to miss! #shopaholic

abercrombie & fitch:

abercrombie is offering 50% off most items (in-store and online). i recently purchased a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, turtle-neck sweater, and down-filled parka that i wore on repeat during our recent trip to nebraska. below are a few other goodies i am lusting after.

j.crew factory:

j.crew factory has 50% off select styles. you can also shop clearance (some items are 80% off) with code “add2cart” at checkout. they have some darling dresses, sweaters, and cold-weather accessories on serious sale!



enjoy 50% off your purchase in-store and online. don’t forget to use code “friyay” at checkout. (this promotion is only valid on black friday.)


old navy, american eagle, urban outfitters, and asos also offer incredible black friday savings—you won’t deplete your budget. i plan to pop into zara on friday during my lunch break. (yes, i have to work friday—insert crying emoji.)

what are your favorite black friday sales? do you have any black-friday shopping horror stories?

little letters :: thanksgiving edition

**little letters inspired by this post.

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving, everyone! for me, today is about coming together with loved ones to express gratitude for the blessings in my life. i hope the holiday brings you similar happiness, as we celebrate this joyous time of year!

my family and i will head to my aunt and uncle’s house for thanksgiving dinner. (this is after we enjoy a breakfast feast at home—my mom makes the most delicious pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins.) we will be joined by my boyfriend greg, two of my cousins, grandma, and a close family friend. unfortunately, my brother has to work, so we will celebrate with him later this weekend.

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

and now, a few things i am thankful for this year in the form of little letters!

dear thanksgiving, while you’re often overlooked (or hurried through) in anticipation of christmas, you’re truly a special day. i look forward to spending time with family and friends as we reflect on the numerous blessings in our lives.

dear pumpkin spice creamer, why, oh why must you be so delicious? though i suppose you save me a few calories—compared to a pumpkin-spice latte—so i won’t feel too guilty for my indulgence.

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

dear final days of fall, you’re beautiful. though it sure feels like winter!

dear 80s music station on spotify, we were made for each other. (and thank you to my coworker and dear friend, alexis, for introducing us.) pat benatar, fleetwood mac, orleans, and ac/dc are among my favorites.

dear abercrombie & fitch parka, thank you for keeping me warm this fall and winter. (i bought this down-filled jacket, now on sale for 50% off.)

dear bailey (our dachshund), your 16 years with us have truly been a blessing. we love and thank you for hanging in there. i know your leg and hips bother you, and i hope you’re not in too much pain. extra snuggles (and treats) for you today!

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

dear midi dresses, i can’t stop buying you. you’re perfect for work, a night out, brunch, and seemingly every other occasion i can fathom.

dear family, thank you for your love, kindness, and support this year (and every year). i love you and can’t wait to celebrate the upcoming holiday season!

dear all of you, thank you, thank you for reading and supporting this blog. whether you’re a new or long-time follower, i appreciate you taking time out of your day to enjoy my creative outlet. blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

photos by sarah wolfe photography

dress: wild fox boutique, heels and purse: forever 21, necklace: lace & pearls jewelry

you can read past publications of little letters here and here. thank you again for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!

stationery for any occasion with basic invite!

basic invite, greeting cards

disclosure: thank you, basic invite for sponsoring this blog post and providing shop credit in my account. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

“if you don’t say ‘thank you,’ the gifts and kind gestures will no longer be shared.” i can almost hear my mom’s voice as i type this—from a young age, she taught my brother and me the importance of gratitude. following birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, we promptly mailed thank you cards to friends and family who provided us gifts or joined in our celebration. it wasn’t an optional practice and quickly became habitual.

as an adult, i’ve come to realize this lesson was not widespread among my peers. it’s disheartening to give a gift and never be thanked. this simple—and relatively quick—gesture is meaningful for both parties. i am grateful my mom taught this to me at a young age!

basic invite, greeting cards

in a predominantly digital age, the likelihood of receiving greeting and thank you cards—or other forms of snail mail—is almost nonexistent. it’s far easier to message friends on social media or send lackadaisical texts and emails than to mail a personalized note. in fact, in the past ten years, the number of first-class mail items sent by the u.s. postal service has decreased by 50% (source). (holiday cards are one of the few types of snail mail that continue to be sent.)

while most forms of communication take place online, writing a card—whether a birthday, anniversary, or thank you note—is a welcome respite from typing. it enhances our language and creativity and is sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient. let’s make a pact: this year, we will send more snail mail. =)

basic invite, stationery

looking to update your stationery collection? basic invite has something for every occasion! whether you’re hosting a party, newly married (hello, copious thank you notes), or simply want to say “hello” to a faraway friend, basic invite offers adorable, customized cards.

diary of this girl, basic invite

diary of this girl, basic invite

^^ walking to the post office to drop cards in the mail ^^

new and noteworthy with basic invite:

basic invite allows you to order samples of cards for a small cost, prior to placing your full order. if you’d like to match colors, or wish to see how a font looks when printed, you can choose to first  purchase a sample!

you may order cards in almost any color, with an instant preview online. your card is sure to be unique with the wide variety of color and text options at your fingertips! envelopes are also available in more than 40 colors.

speaking of customization, foil cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold. foil can be raised or flat on any of basic invite’s foil designs.

not sure of grandma’s address? basic invite offers a discrete address-capturing service that allows customers to send a private link on social media in which grandma may confirm her address. the address information can be stored in basic invite’s database for future use.

unlike many other personalized stationery sets, basic invite is affordable. designs are versatile, vibrant, and printed on high-quality card stock!

need help placing your order? basic invite offers a live chat feature with knowledgeable staff.

basic invite, affordable stationery

photos by karya schanilec photography

when writing this post, i ordered five sample cards via basic invite. (my order included two personalized thank you cards, a brunch invitation, a birthday party invitation, and holiday card.) the samples arrived quickly, and i am thrilled with how the designs turned out! the colors and fonts are fun, yet easy to read, and the cards felt like something i would purchase in-store.

have you ordered cards from basic invite? they are graciously offering diary of this girl’s readers 15% off your order with code “15FF51” at checkout! you can also find basic invite on facebook, instagram, and pinterest!

where to shop, eat, and explore in tacoma, washington

“traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”–ibn battuta

travel tacoma, travel blogger, diary of this girl

disclosure: a special thank you to travel tacoma for sponsoring this post—they provided a complimentary boat ride, lunch, museum pass, and gift card to use during our visit. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

a few months ago, greg and i had the pleasure of visiting and spending the day in tacoma, washington! tacoma is approximately 30 miles south of seattle. (unfortunately, heavy traffic often makes it feel much farther.) we arrived mid-morning and enjoyed eating breakfast and lunch + cocktails, shopping, sightseeing, and popping into the chihuly musem of glass. despite living within driving distance of tacoma, i have to admit, i haven’t spent much time in the city!

travel tacoma hosted a one-day event during which influencers and media could explore tacoma. after scouring instagram for tips—colorful walls, tasty coffee houses, and vintage shopping destinations—i couldn’t wait to do and see as much as possible!

diary of this girl, travel blogger, downtown tacoma 

where to shop:

if you know me, you know shopping is at the top of my to-do list when visiting a new destination! (this may or may not drive greg crazy.) tacoma is home to a variety of boutiques, vintage and consignment shops, and home-decor stores.

anagram press–located off north proctor street, anagram press is a darling brand of stationery, paper goods, fine art books, stamps, and more! looking to update your greeting card collection? pop in here!

bleach–modern (and affordable) clothing for men, women, and children, as well as accessories and skateboardsyes, please! located on pacific avenue, featured brands include 47 brand, paper diamonds company, stance, wildlife, and more!

satori–looking for a boutique shopping experience? stop in at satori, also located on pacific avenue. (satori was voted “best boutique of 2018” by south sound magazine.) satori carries numerous brands of clothing, shoes, and accessories. prices are reasonable, and pieces are of great quality! i purchased a striped blazer, graphic tee, and sweatshirt during my visit.

stocklist goods–situated on pacific avenue, stocklist goods sells tacoma-themed goodies, rifle paper company notebooks and cards, local jewelry designs, home decor, and more! travel tacoma graciously provided me a gift card to stocklist goods, and i had a wonderful time picking out items to bring home!

urbanxchange–a darling vintage shop? just where i belong! after lunch, greg and i met up with my friend and her boyfriend (fellow blogger, jenn from hello rigby). while the boys grabbed drinks, we shopped at “uxc.” jenn and i had a great time trying on vintage jackets, dresses, and shoes. if you live near or visit downtown tacoma, i highly recommend stopping in!

diary of this girl megan

where to eat:

this list is by no means exhaustive! we were limited to one day in tacoma. (one can only eat so much within an eight-hour span, but we were determined to stretch our waistlines.) i hope to come back and try additional restaurants in the near future!

7 seas brewing–7 seas brewing opened their newest location in tacomaa 10,000 square-foot taproomin august 2016. they have several beers on tap, a handful of seasonal flavors, and a “taproom reserve series.” (i sampled the local cider!) in addition to beer, 7 seas brewing is home to jamiekay & jason jones, providing sandwiches, salads, charcuterie, and artisan cheeses. guests are also invited to bring in food from home.

hello cupcake–located on pacific avenue, hello cupcake serves freshly-baked cupcakes, topped with delicious buttercream frosting! caramel apple is october’s featured flavor. hello cupcake is darling (both inside and out), and my outfit photos, featuring the bicycle, were taken here!

honey coffee + kitchen–upon arriving in tacoma, first on my to-do list? coffee! honey coffee + kitchen, also referred to as “alma mater tacoma” has delicious breakfast and lunch offerings. i enjoyed a cappuccino, cocotte eggs (baked eggs in brandy cream with ham), and a gluten-free muffin.

pacific grill–although we didn’t have the opportunity to dine here, pacific grill has stellar reviews online! their seafood cakes and scallops are on my “must try” list.

rhein haus–rhein haus now has locations in both seattle and tacoma. pop in for a pretzel, beer, and quick game of bocce!

waffle stop–”the waffle has suffered a great injustice. trapped in the world of breakfast food, this delicious and dynamic treat has not had the chance to […] soar to the culinary heights for which it was truly made.” (source)  although we didn’t have a chance to visit waffle stop, their menu is expansivethey serve both sweet and savory waffle options!

diary of this girl, travel tacoma

where to explore:

browns point lighthouse park–looking for the perfect picnic spot? browns point lighthouse park has you covered. enjoy gorgeous waterfront views, fishing, a sandy beach, and more!

museum of glass–visiting the iconic chihuly museum? before heading inside, take a stroll around the museumthe bridge and surrounding area showcase his work! once indoors, you can enjoy more of chihuly’s work and that of visiting artists.

point defiance park–when planning our visit, one of the places i was most excited to see was point defiance park. the park is expansive and home to numerous gardens, trails, ponds, a zoo and aquarium, and the fort nisqually living history museum. we spent two hours exploring, and i feel like we hardly scratched the surface in terms of what the park has to offer. i look forward to visiting again! (if you’re on the hunt for beautiful backdrops for instagram photos, don’t miss the rose garden.)

ruston way–ruston way waterfront park offers a two-mile walk with sweeping views of tacoma. enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, rollerblading, and more! sandwiched between the lobster shop and duke’s chowder house, enjoy a tasty meal post walk.

w.w. seymour botanical conservatory–with its’ exotic plants, seasonal flowers, and iconic twelve-sided dome, the botanical conservatory is a must-see when visiting tacoma! in addition to the gorgeous botanical garden, the conservatory also offers a childrens’ story hour, poetry readings, and small concerts.

diary of this girl megan, travel blogger

diary of this girl megan, outfit details

photos by jenn from hello rigby

dress: zara, purse: forever 21, sandals: franco sarto, necklace: lace & pearls jewelry

other must-see places? the tacoma farmers market, metronome coffee, and evolve home.

have you visited tacoma? we greatly enjoyed our time, and i cannot wait to explore again soon. a special thank you to travel tacoma for helping coordinate many of the activities during our trip!

europe travel essentials :: what to pack

diary of this girl travel

disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. if you choose to shop items shared in this post, i may earn a small commission. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

and just like that, we’re home! greg and i recently returned from a wedding in barcelona, spain. a childhood friend celebrated his wedding in spain, and we were fortunate to attend (while adding on a week+ of travel). we visited amsterdam, paris, marseille, barcelona, and london. i can’t decide which city was my favorite—each place was incredible!

we began planning our trip ages ago (or so it felt). i think we **officially** began planning and purchasing tickets in march, and our diligent preparation paid off. i can’t wait to share details (and photos) from our adventures, but today, i thought i would round up a few of our travel essentials!

when planning a transcontinental trip, packing light, while packing thoroughly, is critical. i am notorious for overpacking, and it was my goal to limit my luggage (to a somewhat reasonable amount) while on our trip. i had good intentions, but still managed to pack too much. i seemingly forgot several important items—changes in weather? what? #packlayers

when packing, we had a few things in mind: comfort, efficiency, and safety. i wore my nike running shoes (linked below) for the bulk of our trip, and key items like wrinkle-release spray, a compact umbrella, and our neck/body pouches for bank cards proved critical while on-the-go.

below are many of the travel-related items we brought on our trip to europe! (you can shop items listed in this post by hovering over and clicking on the image.) several of these essentials were recommended by our parents, friends, or during a planning session held at rick steves’ europe travel center.

have you travelled to europe? what did you bring with you? is there anything you forgot? i know i just got home, but i’m already eager to plan my next adventure! #agirlcandream


boutique love :: rollick

happy thursday, everyone! august seemingly flew by, and i am racing around—getting organized after a work trip to vancouver, washington—knocking items off my end-of-summer to do list. before i resume working on my chore list, i wanted to share one of my favorite local boutiques, rollick!

diary of this girl megan, fashion blogger, seattle bloggerdiary of this girl, seattle fashion bloggerdiary of this girl megan, seattle blogger, rollick^^^ suit yourself wide leg jumpsuit (currently sold out) ^^^

i enjoy shopping in big department stores just as much as the next girl—the perfectly steamed clothes, colorful handbags and accessories, pristine dressing rooms (well, most of the time). it can be a positively fabulous shopping experience, until it isn’t. or until you’re wearing the same outfit as every other girl on the street. a handful of my clothes, shoes, and accessories were purchased in a department store, but my favorite and most loved pieces were likely purchased elsewhere.

i greatly enjoy finding local boutiques to support. (this tee and this outfit shared on my blog are two examples.) boutiques are hidden gems. whether you find them online, via social media, or when exploring a new neighborhood, the potential? oh my! one of the boutiques i discovered—and immediately fell in love with—is rollick.

diary of this girl megan, seattle blogger, rollick

diary of this girl megan, seattle blogger, rollickdiary of this girl megan, seattle blogger, rollick^^^ i like big buttons wide-leg jumpsuit; in the neck of time blush neckerchief (on sale) ^^^

rollick’s store founder and owner, kelly, is an absolute doll. she is hard-working, kind, (sassy), and has an acute eye for fashion! kelly opened rollick as a form of self-expression and means for connecting with her female peers. rollick, defined as, a way “to move or behave in a carefree, joyous manner,” offers fashions for women of all ages and aesthetics. (casual basics, layering pieces, and vibrant prints can be found online, and items are very reasonably priced.) kelly shops for and manages rollick in addition to working a full-time job. can you say #girlboss?

diary of this girl, rollick, seattle fashion bloggerdiary of this girl, rollick, seattle bloggerdiary of this girl, seattle blogger, rollickdiary of this girl, seattle blogger, rollickdiary of this girl, rollick, seattle blogger^^^ change your tunic button-up blouse; in the jeans distressed skinnies ^^^

a few weekends ago, i had the pleasure of modeling rollick’s summer pieces. (we took photos with karya schanilec on a rooftop in pioneer square—it was such a fun and unique shoot location, and i look forward to visiting again!) kelly carries a wide variety of styles, and—confession—i wanted to bring everything home with me! i especially loved both jumpsuits and the blue and white striped tunic. rollick’s denim is incredibly soft, stretchy, and comfortable. if you’re looking to add a pair of jeans to your fall wardrobe, i highly recommend shopping online at rollick. if you’re on a budget (i am, i am), these darling jeans won’t break the bank!

diary of this girl, seattle blogger, rollichdiary of this girl, seattle blogger, rollick^^^ i can’t get enough of tops with little ties! they’re fun to style with denim and high-waisted pants ^^^

diary of this girl, rollick, seattle blogger

diary of this girl, seattle blogger, rollick^^^ chic got real tie waist top; white in the jeans distressed skinnies ^^^

photos by karya schanilec photography

if you’re looking to stock up on summer essentials and/or fall pieces, be sure to pop over to rollick’s website. many items are on sale, and new pieces are added bi-weekly. i am lusting after several tops, sweaters, and denim!

thank you, kelly, for inviting me to be a part of rollick’s recent shoot! you may or may not see these photos on rollick’s website and social media. =)

my favorite summer sandals

naot footwear, diary of this girl, summer fashion

disclosure: a special thank you to naot footwear for providing the sandals worn in today’s post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

summertime in the pacific northwest—is there anything better? i’m a summertime girl at heart, and as such, i greatly enjoy summer fashions, including colorful pieces, vibrant prints, and flowy dresses.

sandals are an integral part of my summer wardrobe. whether slides, wedges, or gladiator style, i love pairing sandals with skirts, shorts, and dresses. unfortunately, i often struggle to find sandals in-store or online—many open-toed styles rub uncomfortably or cause blisters. i don’t often have luck ordering sandals online, as i need to be sure they fit well. (do you size up? i find going up a half size in most sandal styles works well.)

diary of this girl, naot footwear, summer sandalsnaot footwear, diary of this girl megan

naot footwear graciously reached out to me earlier this summer, asking whether i would like to feature a pair of sandals on instagram. i immediately said, “yes,” as they carry a variety of styles and are known for producing comfortable footwear.

“naot,” translating to “oasis,” had humble beginnings—they started in a one-room workshop. the first factory, located in israel, made simple work shoes and sandals. in the last 50 years, however, they have expanded greatly and are now sold all over the world both in-store and online. each pair of shoes is handmade—talk about high quality! the footbeds, covered in suede, are made from cork and latex; this provides great support to the ball of your foot!

naot footwear, diary of this girl, seattle fashion bloggerdiary of this girl megan

today, i am styling naot’s pixie sandal, and i love the fit, style, and overall level of support they provide. while i spend much of my day seated (at a desk, #worklife), i walk a quarter of a mile to and from my office and strive to go for a walk on my lunch break. comfort, therefore, dictates my shoe choice during the workweek. i have worn my pixie sandals to the office several times, and they’ve been fun to style with my work wardrobe!

my boyfriend, greg, and i have an upcoming trip abroad. it will likely be hot in two of our destinations, and i think my closet will benefit (greatly) from another pair of walking sandals! i am lusting after this camel-colored pair and these black slides.

diary of this girl, naot footweardiary of this girl megan

photos by jenn from hello rigby

jumpsuit: nordstrom rack, sunnies: nordstrom, sandals: c/o naot footwear (exact here)

as fall approaches, it will be time to transition out my summer pieces and welcome flats and booties. naot footwear has darling boots in stock, and i am eager to get my hands on a pair (or two)! do you have a go-to summer shoe? let me know in the comments!


saving money while adding new styles to your closet

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as an aspiring fashion blogger, having new outfits (and subsequently, new content) can be costly. i simply can’t afford to purchase a new #ootd to share on my blog and social media. re-wearing outfits, however, isn’t fun either—you can only wear that floral midi dress so many times before you’re deemed a “repeat offender.”

while i enjoy shopping (zara, nordstrom, and urban outfitters are a few of my favorite retailers), thrift and consignment shopping has allowed me to expand my wardrobe without depleting my bank account. a large portion of my closet was purchased secondhand, and i love the thrill-of-the-thrift! (speaking of thrifting, today is national thrift shop day.) thrifting requires patience and time, so when you have a last-minute event or are seemingly desperate for something to wear to the office, thrift shopping may not be the answer.

a few weeks ago, my dear friend and fellow blogger, jenn from hello rigby told me a secret: her dress was rented. (insert: jaw-dropping expression.) jenn recently began utilizing gwynnie bee’s rental subscription box service!


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services start at $49 per month, but if you’d like to “try it before you buy it,” you are invited to sign up for gwynnie bee’s 30-day free trial. i am at the tail end of my trial and plan to sign up come september. with my current membership, i receive two items per shipment and find i can open, wear, and return items within one week.

new and noteworthy about this subscription rental service:

items are sent via usps®, and each package includes a free return label. if you wear and “return notify” via the gwynnie bee app, your next package will be sent within three–four business days. talk about cost savings!

i am notorious for purchasing an entirely new outfit to wear to parties, events, etc. despite the monthly fee, the subscription cost is far less than a new weekly outfit. gwynnie bee offers several membership packages at varying prices. (if you’d prefer to rent three, four, or five items, you can!) they carry seasonally relevant (and darling) fashions in sizes 0–32, and their mission is “to create an exciting new service that helps women discover, experience, and enjoy great clothing without limitations.”–source 

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fall in love with a rental item? no problem! you can purchase the top, dress, or pants at a discounted rate. your first purchase includes a $20-off coupon, too! alternatively, if you dislike an item, you can return (via your prepaid envelope) to gwynnie bee, and a new item will be shipped.

another great feature? no need to dry clean or wash items prior to returning. gwynnie bee takes care of laundering for you! #aintgottimeforthat

when creating your profile, gwynnie bee will save your size information (from different brands, as sizing may vary) and style preferences. for example, do you strongly dislike animal print? or do you prefer tops or pants to fit a particular way? your shipment will take these preferences into account. additionally, you can “closet” items you love! the closet options are seemingly endless, and you are encouraged to save 10+ items in your virtual closet. this ensures you will receive items you genuinely like.

now, you can also prioritize items in your closet. you are guaranteed to receive one priority item per shipment. if you have an event on your calendar and find that perfect little black dress (lbd), prioritize the dress—this membership is ideal for wedding season!

photos by jenn from hello rigby

dress: tolani (via gwynnie bee), purse: thrifted (via seattle goodwill), heels: c/o justfab

in my first gwynnie bee box, i received this darling tolani off-the-shoulder dress. it fit well and was perfect for summertime fun at the local carnival. since beginning my free 30-day trial, i have also received a striped lucky brand blouse, navy floral dress, and red midi dress. i was able to wear these “new” items to work and various events, without depleting my shopping budget!

are you familiar with gwynnie bee? if you’d like to try this subscription rental service, take the style quiz here!



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