my favorite ways to style a graphic t-shirt

a good graphic t-shirt is a wardrobe staple! whether you prefer a catchy slogan, band paraphernalia, or a scenic image on your tee (a beach, cactus, etc.), the style possibilities are seemingly endless!

seattle fashion blogger, seattle blogger, bomber jacket, graphic t-shirt

over the last few years, i have enjoyed adding new (and gently-used) tees to my collection. i find them online, at local boutiques, and in thrift and consignment shops. i also enjoy picking up a t-shirt when traveling. while graphic tees are traditionally deemed casual attire (i.e. not office appropriate), i challenge you to dress up your favorite tee: tuck it into your skirt or wear it under your blazer—i promise you will look polished and chic!

one of my favorite ways to style a graphic t-shirt is with a jacket + denim. bomber jackets have become my jacket of choice—a fun printed bomber jacket? even better! second to bomber jackets? my leather coat. the t-shirt + leather coat combination transforms your style—goodbye casual and hello edgy.

seattle fashion blogger, graphic t-shirt

diary of this girl megan, graphic t-shirt, casual chic

“quote shirts” are my favorite to collect. a nod to coffee, tacos, or ice cream? yes, please! female empowerment? even better! next on my wish list? a tee that alludes to the importance of naps!

during college and my early post-grad days, i lived in graphic t-shirts. (a tee + sweatshirt + ripped jeans was my uniform.) upon entering the corporate workforce, i purged much of my casual attire—the tees and sweatshirts were worn out. however, i have enjoyed rebuilding my collection and like challenging myself to style casual items in an unexpected way.

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diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, shoe shot

diary of this girl, seattle fashion blogger, fashion bloggermy girl gang tee—worn in today’s photos—is from boho chic boutique, located at the seattle premium outlets. it’s slightly cropped, making it the perfect accompaniment to high-waisted jeans. i picked up this tropical bomber jacket on a recent thrift excursion, and i love how lightweight it is. i can easily throw it on over a summer dress, and i may or may not have worn it with dress pants to the office. #casualchic

seattle fashion blogger, seattle blogger, diary of this girl

photos by sarah wolfe photography

t-shirt: c/o boho chic boutique, jeans: american eagle, bomber jacket: asos (thrifted via seattle goodwill), purse: nordstrom, oxfords: thredup

are you nostalgic about current (or previously owned) t-shirts in your closet? where do you typically shop for them? let me know in the comments!

little letters :: fourth of july edition

**little letters inspired by this post.

diary of this girl, seattle fashion blogger, fourth of july

june, where did you go? hello, july! a group of friends and i are heading to lake chelan this week, and i could not be more excited.

when packing for our trip, i made sure to include festive fourth of july attire. and no, i don’t mean a flag t-shirt—though i may or may not own one. instead, i picked out several red, white, and blue pieces to style! i love this patriotic combination and cannot wait to wear my blue and white romper (with red accessories) on the fourth.

diary of this girl, seattle fashion blogger, fourth of julydiary of this girl, seattle fashion blogger, fourth of julydiary of this girl, seattle fashion blogger, fourth of july

dear zara sale, why oh why must you always taunt me? there are so many dresses, bags, and shoes i need in my closet.

dear fourth of july, you continue to be one of my favorite holidays! any excuse to barbecue, enjoy sunshine, and wear patriotic-themed attire—yes, please!

dear iced coffee, i need you in my life. especially after a long, busy weekend.

diary of this girl, seattle fashion blogger, fourth of july

dear white sandals, i am desperate to get a hold of you. this girl is embracing 70s-inspired fashion, and white sandals are an integral component. if you have any recommendations as to where i can find white sandals for summer, please send them my way!

dear lake chelan, i can’t tell you how excited i am to visit. i look forward to basking in the sun, reading lakeside, and of course, trying out a few of the local wineries. the weather forecast looks great, too!

dear pink sprinkle doughnut (from top pot doughnuts), why oh why must you be so delicious? i miss eating you, and you are the perfect breakfast accompaniment (with coffee, of course) on any and all holidays!

diary of this girl, seattle fashion blogger, fourth of july

diary of this girl, seattle fashion blogger, fourth of july, sandal weatherdiary of this girl, seattle fashion blogger, fourth of july

photos by karya schanilec photography

tank: loft (exact here), gingham shorts: zara, denim jacket: loft, sandals: fred meyer, purse: target

do you have plans for the fourth? how do you typically celebrate? and of course, i have to ask, what do you wear? i packed this tank and short combination for lake chelan, as well as a navy blouse with stars. i hope you have a wonderful holiday!

you can read past little letters here and here.



how to get out of a style rut

unless there’s something new hanging in your closet, how do you get excited about getting dressed? have you ever experienced a style rut? have you opened your closet and thought, ‘i have nothing to wear,’ or seemingly wanted to toss out everything? this girl can relate.

seattle fashion blogger

symptoms of a style rut: standing in front of your closet for more than 15 minute without finding something to wear; trying on five+ outfits, only to toss all five on the floor; and/or feeling underwhelmed upon getting dressed.

a style rut is a struggle (okay, #firstworldproblems), but when i feel stylish, i find it can greatly improve my attitude. there’s something to be said about looking and feeling put together! purchasing a new wardrobe weekly (or seasonally) isn’t realistic. instead, it’s all about re-purposing items already in your closet.

seattle fashion blogger, seattle fashion, members only

seattle fashion blogger, fashion blogger, seattle blogger

seattle fashion blogger, fashion blogger, seattle blogger

pair items you wouldn’t typically wear together. sneakers with a dress? denim on denim? big + small prints? try different combinations. mixing items you haven’t previously worn together can give new life to your outfit.

dress it up. if your outfit feels ‘blah,’ try dressing up your favorite skirt, dress, or accessory. tulle, metallic, and sequins are just a few of my favorites. i love adding a sequin jacket over a little black dress (lbd) or jeans and casual t-shirt. wearing a ‘wow’ item makes you stand out.

swap closets. this may or may not work, depending on your comfort level and overall accessibility, but i enjoy swapping items with girlfriends. of course, there are times i have regretted doing this, but in general, i enjoy sharing. trade jackets, jewelry, and denim—swapping clothes with friends is a great way to extend the life of your wardrobe (and make you feel as though you have more to work with in your closet).

seattle fashion blogger, fashion blogger, seattle fashion, members only

accessorize. nothing can reinvent an old outfit like adding a statement necklace! not a necklace person? incorporate a hat or scarf. don’t be afraid to include one of these fun accessories into your outfit.

find inspiration. browse instagram and pinterest. what are other people wearing? is there a different way to style your cropped denim or blouse? i find it helpful to see what and how other people are wearing spring (or seasonally relevant) items to gain inspiration.

shop second hand. if you decide you need to shop, try finding second-hand pieces. look online for a nearby thrift or consignment shop. this can be a great way to add a few pieces to your wardrobe without depleting your budget. i recently purchased a khaki jacket and yellow wedges at my local goodwill (for less than $20 total). thrift shopping is my favorite!

members only jacket, members only, seattle fashion bloggermembers only, seattle blogger, seattle fashion blogger

photos by karya schanilec photography

jeans and t-shirt: brandy melville (via pacsun), jacket: c/o members only (exact here), rings: free people, shoes: converse, purse: thrifted (via goodwill)

change up your hair and/or makeup. try curling or straightening your hair (different from your typical hairstyle). if you usually wear your hair down, pinterest has helpful braid or half-up hair tutorials. a bold lip always helps make my look feel polished. try a new color to change things up!

how do you get out of a style rut? let me know in the comments, as i fear i am experiencing a major style rut. (why do i always want something new?)




my workday routine made easier

happy thursday, everyone!

i hope you had a great week–the weather has
been seemingly perfect in seattle (70+ degree
temperatures), and i cannot help but want to spend
as much time as possible outdoors.
you may or may not know this, but
blogging is a hobby for me. i have a full-time
job in finance, working in our operations department
(specifically, in client information).
i have been with my current company for
almost two years, and despite my utter lack of
experience in the field, i have come to love
my position. i enjoy the challenge of learning
something new (and learning on the job
is prominent in our industry as we adjust to ever-
evolving regulations). i am proud of how much
i have learned in the past two years,
and i have to admit, i have been blessed
with some pretty amazing (and very patient)

disclosure: a special thank you to panera bread for providing
me with a credit to purchase the food items in this post. (they were
delicious.) as per usual, all opinions are my own!

between working full-time, babysitting,
blogging, and staying on top of my freelance projects
(while also completing a certificate program), meal
planning has taken a backseat. well–to be honest–
meal prep has never been a big priority
for me. i’m a grab-and-go kind of girl, which is
not typically healthy or affordable.

working in the heart of downtown, seattle,
is also less than ideal if you’re trying to
conserve money, as the coffee and food options
are seemingly endless! tacos? pizza? soup?
sandwiches? thai food? we have it all and then some.

when i learned panera bread was planning to offer
delivery at select locations, i had to give
it a try! (you can see if a panera near you delivers
here.) i am fortunate to work within their delivery radius,
and i had a salad, soup, chips, and of course, a
chocolate chip cookie, delivered to my office
in 40 minutes. i was then able to fully enjoy my
lunch break while eating outdoors.
my office is located near several amazon-
owned buildings, so navigating nearby restaurants
during the lunch hour can be tricky. many delivery
services charge a ridiculous amount in fees, but
^^^ watch out for that wind ^^^
i ordered the seasonal greens salad and
added chicken for a small up-charge. i must confess,
i ordered from panera bread twice within the
same week, and for my second order, i opted
to try the green passion smoothie. ordering a
smoothie to be delivered may sound risky, but my
smoothie arrived still frozen, and it was
refreshing to enjoy with my salad!
blouse: topshop, pants: zara, clutch: aldo,
shoes: qupid, bracelets: something silver
overall, i was incredibly impressed with panera
bread’s delivery service, and i look forward to placing
future orders. anything to cut down on stress (who has
time for that?!) and provide a convenient,
healthy lunch. thank you again, panera bread!

dressing for spring in the pacific northwest

spring has finally arrived in seattle.
while summer is my favorite season (i love,
love the sunshine), spring is a close second.
the blooming flowers, increasingly long days,
and warming temperatures, i can’t help but feel excited.
i also enjoy seeing fellow seattleites exploring
our city!
the key to surviving spring in the pacific
northwest, however? dressing in layers! keep
that sweater, sweatshirt, and/or rain jacket
close at hand because the weather can (and will)
change quickly. if you’re like me, you may
conveniently forget said sweater or jacket and find
yourself caught in an epic spring storm.
^^^ quick aside–i recently had my eyebrows microbladed,
and these were the first photos taken after my session
with amanda at eastside microblading. i have my touch-up
session later this weekend and cannot wait to see her again! ^^^
one of the ways in which i add versatility to my
wardrobe, while dressing appropriately for spring, is
to throw on a crew-neck sweater over a dress.
don’t get me wrong, a cardigan over a dress or a skirt +
sweater combination is just as fun, but there is something
to be said about a this crew-neck sweater and dress. perhaps
it makes me look (or feel) taller? i have been on a
sweater kick as of late, and this fuzzy cream sweater
is one of my favorites!
i also love pairing my booties with skirts, dresses,
and denim come spring. hello, bare legs.
this pair of dolce vita pointed-toe boots is perfect
in the pacific northwest. whether rain or shine,
my feet are dry and look stylish. i can’t wait to pair
these booties with cropped and/or white denim!
layers are seemingly essential in the
pacific northwest. regardless of the season,
be sure to wear (or pack) layers. i am
almost always cold, so having a sweater
or jacket nearby is very important. in warmer
climates, a light scarf or sweater can also be helpful.
buying neutral colors, such as this sweater
and bag can also extend the wear of your spring
wardrobe. both of these items can be styled
in a variety of ways. i wore this crew-neck
sweater with ripped jeans and converse last weekend.
cream and white are classics for spring, and
they can be dressed up with accessories
or dressed down when unadorned.
light-weight fabrics are your friend.
unlike years past, this spring has felt
particularly humid in seattle. i am chilly
in the morning, yet sweating when racing to
catch my bus after work. fabrics such as
cotton, linen, chiffon, and hemp are
breathable when humidity is high.
dress: lush clothing, sweater: nordstrom rack,
booties: dolce vita, purse: zara, rings: target
how do you dress appropriately for spring?
any tips for dressing in layers? if so, please
send them my way!


pacific northwest ballet :: emergence

two weeks ago, my boyfriend greg and i had the
pleasure of attending pacific northwest ballet’s
performance, emergence! i haven’t been to the ballet in several
years, and it was an incredible experience–from the beautiful
sets, live orchestra, and awe-inspiring dancing, it
was a performance i will never forget.
disclosure: a special thank you to karya schanilec and
pacific northwest ballet (pnb) for providing greg and i complimentary
tickets to this performance. we had a wonderful time!
as per usual, all opinions are my own.
although i grew up dancing ballet, as an adult,
i have come to appreciate the immense talent required to put
on a performance like emergence. the talent possessed by
those dancers? oh my!
emergence is broken up into three performances:
alejandro cerrudo’s little mortal jump, yuri possokhav’s
raku, and crystal pite’s emergence. the trio is equally
amazing, but my favorite was yuri passokhav’s raku!
based on true events, the story is contemporary
and passionate, yet violent. to see this story choreographed
in a ballet was inspirational (and somewhat
‘the central theme of his score […] is burning.
the burning of desire, of passion, of loyalty; the burn
of suffering, of jealousy; finally the burning of death–
emotions that are so strong that they overcome the
discipline of a zen monk and overcome the loyalties
of a samurai.’
–cheryl a. ossola
i think greg was unsure of what to expect
when i mentioned attending the ballet, but he greatly
enjoyed the performance (his favorite was also raku)!
greg and i went to dinner in seattle before heading
to mccaw hall. once there, we ordered drinks and found
our seats; we were fortunate to sit close to the stage
and popped by to see the orchestra during intermission.
 as an aspiring fashionista, what to wear
to the ballet was an important part of the night 🙂
i opted for a spring dress, patent boots, and a blush pink
crossbody bag. i love any excuse to dress up and the
ballet was no exception!
dress: parker (thrifted via seattle goodwill),
boots: zara, purse: nine west, rings: forever 21
thank you again, karya, for providing us tickets
to the ballet. we had a wonderful time, and i look forward
to attending future pacific northwest ballet (pnb)
you can watch the trailer for emergence here
and see upcoming performances for the 2017-2018
season by pnb here.

‘give a sh!rt’ :: celebrating earth day with value village

‘you cannot get through a single day without
having an impact on the world around you. what you
do makes a difference, and you have to decide
what kind of difference you want to make.’
–jane goodalldid you know? it takes over 700 gallons of water to
make one new t-shirt!

 in celebration of earth day (april 22, 2018),

i have partnered with value village to support and
promote environmental awareness in the greater
seattle community!
value village has more than 330 locations
and is a for-profit, global retailer. they are
dedicated to keeping recyclable goods
(including: clothing, shoes, and household
items) out of our landfills. in 2017, value village
recycled more than 700 million pounds of used
goods. additionally, last year, value
village partnered with 120
charitable organizations nation-wide!
disclosure: a special thank you to value village for providing
me a gift certificate to purchase items featured in today’s post. as per
usual, all opinions are my own!


sadly, many people simply throw away
unwanted clothing and household items
when a large percentage of these items
could be recycled. the average u.s. citizen threw
away 81 pounds of clothing in 2017. this number is
alarming, particularly when you consider the
environmental implications!
to further promote environmental
awareness, value village launched their ‘give a sh!rt
campaign,’ encouraging consumers to recycle unused
items of clothing and purchase ‘new’ items
second hand from value village (instead
of buying new at other retailers). with more than
10,000 items introduced in stores daily, the
selection of goodies (that could be yours) is
rather amazing!

if i had to guess, i would estimate
more than 50 perfect of my clothes, shoes,
and accessories were purchased second hand.
this is partly an effort to spend
conservatively, but also due to environmental
considerations. why purchase new when
i can find the same (or close to the same) recycled
at value village for a fraction of
the cost? when cleaning out my closet, i
enjoy donating items, allowing them to
find a second-hand home!

i purchased this ann taylor dress,
bb dakota faux leather jacket, and target
cross-body bag all for less than 40 dollars–
talk about savings!

dress: ann taylor (c/o value village),
jacket: bb dakota (c/o value village),
purse: target (c/o value village), necklace: topshop,
shoes: franco sarto
 how do you celebrate earth day?
are you a thrift shopper, and where do
you typically donate unused items?
i may have to celebrate earth day with a shopping
trip to value village 🙂



30 years strong :: setting new health and wellness goals

happy monday, everyone!
my ‘out-of-office’ reply is on, and
i am officially on vacation. i write to you
from kona, hawaii, where i am relaxing in
paradise–with family–for the next
week. however, i couldn’t stay away from blogging
and wanted to share a few health and
wellness goals i have been working toward
over the past several weeks.
disclosure: a special thank you to brooks running for providing me
the jacket, top, sports bra, running tights, and shoes pictured in this post.
i am grateful for the opportunity to be a brand partner of brooks running.
as per usual, all opinions are my own!
i celebrated my thirtieth birthday
in march, and over the past year (or two), i have
noticed significant changes in my body.
no longer can eat french fries and pizza and
chocolate chip cookies without 1. getting
a terrible stomach ache (gluten and dairy products
are not my friend), and 2. adding quick
weight to my arms, thighs, and stomach.
additionally, i have prominent laugh lines–which
i am 100% okay with–but
that furrow on my brow–eh, i could
live without it.
staying up late, not drinking enough
water, a few too many glasses of
wine at happy hour? sheesh! my 20-something
self would laugh and seemingly be horrified at how
poorly i tolerate these! in an effort to feel great, both
physically and emotionally, during my thirtieth
year, i have made a conscious effort to practice better
self-care. this includes finding activities that
support my overall health and wellness.

i should preface this by stating that
i am happy, healthy, and eager to see what
this new decade (hello, 30!) has to offer.
i simply want to document the personal
goals i have set as a means of holding myself
accountable 🙂

1. exercise, exercise, exercise.
(and no, not extra fries, unfortunately.)
whether going for a walk, visiting the gym,
or running stairs, i am determined to
exercise five days a week. getting in 30
minutes of cardio is one of my favorite
ways to alleviate stress. while i don’t mind
going to the gym (i belong to a local
la fitness), i prefer to be active outdoors!

believe it or not, i greatly enjoy running
the stairs. seattle has several scenic staircases
worth visiting; my favorites include the
howe street stairs (capitol hill), thornton
creek water channel stairs (northgate, seattle),
the staircase over western avenue
leading into pike place market (downtown
seattle), and of course, the stairs featured
in today’s post on upper queen anne!

^^^ i cannot get enough of these shoes!
i’m wearing the purecadence 7 road running shoe,
and the purple is my absolute favorite. ^^^
2. breathe. stretch.
you may or may not believe this, but
i have never practiced yoga. stretching
has never been a strong suit of mine, but
with increased stress and back pain (again,
hello, 30), i think it may be time to make
stretching a priority. i think the best way
to do this is by attending a yoga class so i can
learn the introductory-level poses!
my gym offers complimentary classes
as part of my membership, but if you’re
local to seattle and have a studio you love,
please send recommendations my way.
3. prioritize my skincare routine and
accompanying products.
i have always been diligent about
washing my face (i never sleep in my makeup),
but until recently, i would skimp on skincare
products. affordable and easily
accessible washes and moisturizers were
my go-to products, but i have realized that
i am not only skimping on cost, but
also on the quality of the ingredients. in
the past few months, i have been
better about reading labels and ingredient
lists in order to know what it is i
am applying to my face.
and unlike my teenage self, apply
spf and eye cream daily!
ghost short sleeve top: c/o brooks (exact here),
uprise crossback sports bra: c/o brooks (exact here),
canopy jacket: c/o brooks (exact here),
ghost high-waist mesh crop tights: c/o brooks (exact here),
purecadence 7 road running shoes: c/o brooks (exact here)
**these pieces are part of brooks running‘s spring
collection. items run true to size, and i love how supportive
the sports bra and running shoes are, whether i’m exercising
outdoors or at the gym.
a few others goals i recently set?
read! instead of scrolling through instagram
or watching tv before bed, i choose, instead, to read.
dedicate time to family. cherish time spent with
friends. and lastly, be happy! this last goal
may seem silly, but at times, i can be a ‘glass half
empty’ kind of gal. i am working to be more
positive and have a better outlook on things, especially
when i feel stressed.
do you enjoy setting goals for yourself?
how do you like to document these goals?
and most importantly, how do you
hold yourself accountable?


little letters :: ready for spring edition

** inspired by this blog post **
dear spring, please bring the sun (and warmer
temperatures) around soon.
dear white boots, while somewhat impractical, i can’t
help but love you. you’ll be on major repeat this spring.
dear midi dresses, i can’t stop buying you. you’re
perfect for work, brunch, a night out, and seemingly
any (and every) other event i can imagine.
^^^ aforementioned white boots–see what i mean?! ^^^
dear clear umbrella, how did i survive
six years of blogging (and subsequent rainy day
outfit photos) without you?
dear iced coffee, it’s been a while! welcome
back, and please be ready to be consumed (by me)
on the regular.
dear easter weekend, i can almost taste
the brunch, copious amounts of chocolate,
and homemade chicken dinner that will be consumed
in the presence of family. i can’t wait!
dear zara, when is your next end-of-season
sale? i’m in desperate need of shoes. and jeans.
and perhaps a few new dresses.
dear gym membership, oh how i’ve neglected you.
and what great timing with spring in full swing
(minus the sunshine) and a beach vacation right around
the corner. let’s get reacquainted!
dear eyelash extensions, how i love you!
and the amount of time you save me each morning.
but you’ve depleted my bank account.
dress: zara, faux fur: forever 21,
boots: franco sarto (similar here), ring: charming charlie,
clear umbrella: target (exact here)
you can read my last ‘little letters’ post
(fall edition) here.
happy wednesday, everyone!


shop local :: handmade jewelry from exquistry

 jewelry is the perfect way to transform
any outfit–add a necklace, bracelet,
earrings, broach, and/or rings to elevate the look of
your clothing. incorporate a statement necklace
and you instantly change your look.
jewelry is a wonderful way to re-style
items in your closet and express your personality
by adding a unique ‘pop.’
while i own a decent amount of
jewelry, the majority is inexpensive, costume-
like jewelry that i could take or leave.
i have a few sentimental items and several
gifted pieces that i wear daily (including
a necklace passed down from my grandma,
charm bracelets from my mom, and a new
friendship ring from one of my girlfriends).
over the past few years, i have enjoyed finding
local designers that craft quality, handmade
jewelry that i can mix and match with
other pieces in my closet.
disclosure: a special thank you to amisha, owner of exquistry jewelry for
providing me with the beautiful, handmade necklace in today’s post.
i recently met amisha, designer and creator
of exquistry jewelry, online. amisha is
based in seattle, washington, and her sweet and
genuine personality radiate via email 🙂 i hope
to someday meet amisha in person!
amisha is incredibly artistic and was
born into a family of creatives. she learned
to sew at a young age and began making jewelry in 2011.
 amisha feels most inspired by her indian heritage
(she was born in and spent most of her
childhood in india) and vibrant colors.
she strives to combine fashion with color
and art, and i think this is prevalent within all
of her hand-crafted pieces.
 today i am styling exquistry’s peach rose gold
swarovski pendant necklace. this bohemian-inspired
necklace has hand-sewn beads and a light-weight clasp
for ease of wear (i often struggle with getting
clasped necklaces on and off–this clasp is great!).
because of amisha’s passion for color,
i was inspired to pair my necklace with one
of my most colorful dresses. i think the two
work well together!
photos by jenn from hello rigby
dress: j.crew, jacket and heels: thrifted (via value village),
purse: halogen (thrifted via seattle goodwill), bracelet: nordstrom,
necklace: c/o exquistry jewelry (exact here)
happy friday, everyone!
if you’re looking to update your jewelry,
i highly recommend visiting amisha’s website.
she has several other necklaces and bracelets
that i am lusting after.

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