new year; new goals!

happy 2018, everyone!
in past years, i have greatly enjoyed
making (seemingly lavish) NYE plans, dressing
up, and ringing in the new year in high style.
this year, however, an oversized sweatshirt,
netflix, and gluten free pizza sounded far
more appealing. perhaps this is due to my
age? or a busy holiday season?
regardless, i skipped the fuss and kindly said,
‘no, thank you,’ to a few holiday party
invites. while i didn’t indulge in pizza,
i was seated on my couch at 12:00am and
could not have been happier!
how did you spend your NYE? i shall
live vicariously through you.

2017 was a busy, yet productive year:

i experienced a change (or two) in positions
at work, moved north of the city, visited
lake chelan and las vegas, enrolled in a certificate
program at the university of washington,
and spent a great deal of time with family and friends.
i also enjoyed sharing outfits, style tips,
and my daily adventures with you (here!).
in 2018, i look forward to continued
career development, completing
the aforementioned certificate program, pursuing
a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle,
and, of course, devoting a large chunk of my free
time to creating new blog content. in fact, this blog is
currently ‘under construction’ (re a new domain
and overall design). i am eager to share the

details very soon!

additionally, i hope to continue

experimenting with new (and old) fashion
trends; 70s inspired fashion, i am looking at you!
a coworker and dear friend of mine
has sworn off purchasing new items in 2018.
i find this is an admirable endeavor, though
i am not sure i possess enough self-discipline.
however, i will continue to purchase
clothing, shoes, and accessories second-hand,
as i have done in the past.
these boots were a thrifted find, and
i have been wearing them on repeat!
top and skirt: zara, purse: forever 21,
booties: paul green (thrifted via seattle goodwill),
earrings: something silver
cheers to a new year!
do you typically set new goals or
outline new year’s resolutions? i prefer goal-setting
and purchased a beautiful notebook to document these goals
(and to hold myself accountable).

bring your instagram photos to life

this probably doesn’t surprise you, but i am an instagram fiend.
i love scrolling through my feed to gain fashion inspiration, make connections,
 and to share my outfits and everyday adventures. perhaps it’s the blogger in me, 
but i often find myself looking back through photos
thinking, ‘oh that cookie was delicious!’ or ‘i need to wear that dress again!’ 
or the dreaded, ‘that outfit needs to go!’ 
sticky9, based in london, is a fun and simple way to commemorate your
 instagram photos in the form of magnets!
simply login and connect your profile, select your nine images, and 
place your sticky9 order! i opted for a few of my favorite outfits,
the most delicious chocolate chip cookie from pike place market, and of course, 
photos with my family and girlfriends. sticky9 not only offers magnets, 
but customized phone cases and ipad covers. you can bring your pictures to life and
 relive your instagram feed in a creative manner! 
i couldn’t wait to hang my adorable magnets on the refrigerator. 
there are several more recent photos that i look forward to ordering, too!
to create your own customizable magnets and gifts, visit sticky9 here.
and be sure to follow ‘diary of this girl‘ on instagram for 
additional outfits, style inspiration, and the occasional chocolate chip cookie!
**this is a sponsored post. sticky9 graciously provided me with these 
magnets. all opinions are my own! 


happy friday, everyone! TGIF, too.
this week has been a long one! perhaps it’s due to daylight savings, 
or teething toddlers, or exhausted teachers (like myself), but 
this weekend could not come soon enough. 
it helps that i am eager (and honored!) to attend stylish in seattle, a spring style 
summit for local, seattle fashion bloggers! 
does it get any better!? 
i began blogging four-and-a-half years ago, and this blog is, and has been,
my creative outlet. here, i can share outfits, style advice, inspiration, 
and my day-to-day adventures (and mishaps!).

original posts 1 // 2 // 3

while i greatly enjoy being a preschool teacher, i am immensely passionate about 
writing, and subsequently, blogging. 
i think what makes blogging particularly enjoyable, especially in seattle, 
is the supportive blogging community. 
i’ve met some incredible women, both in person and simply online.
we encourage one another and share our successes (and obstacles 
we’ve encountered, too); it’s been a special journey!
i cannot wait for the style summit! if you’re attending, 
let me know in the comments and be sure to introduce yourself on saturday!
and now the biggest dilemma (!!!): what to wear!?

mad for plaid

vest: nordstrom rack, chambray: nordstrom (old), 
leggings: american apparel (exact here), boots: thrifted, hat: target, 
ring: old navy
i picked up this plaid vest from my local nordstrom rack 
a few weeks ago. i envisioned wearing it with dark denim and
a white top. however, it’s much too chilly in seattle for that look now.
 i pulled the vest out of my closet this past weekend, but was unsure on 
how to style it. what better way to gain inspiration than by looking
at fashion blogs!? 
i remembered that my favorite sister bloggers, from
the blog, sisters marie, recently styled a similar plaid vest here.
i swapped out kaitlyn’s jeans for my favorite leggings,
and replaced her adorable ankle boots with my vintage 
(and very worn!) cowboy boots. 
i love to see how fellow bloggers style different trends – 
it provides me with ideas and inspiration as to how i can 
style pieces already in my closet. i wouldn’t have thought to
put a chambray blouse under the plaid tunic, but i like how this look
turned out – thank you, kaitlyn!
where do you look for outfit inspiration?

this blogging thing

sweater & pants: old navy (pants similar here), t-shirt: nordstrom rack,
shoes: vans (exact here)
this blogging thing. it can be rough.
i have been blogging at ‘diary of this girl’ for four years now;
where has the time gone?! (you can read my very first post here!)
now, don’t worry, i’m not going anywhere. 
blogging is an immense passion of mine. 
as is fashion. and writing. thrifting. shopping. and pretty much 
anything and everything i share on my little corner of the internet. 
since starting my blog, i have always compared my writing,
the photos i post, and the outfits i wear to fellow fashion and lifestyle 
bloggers. i always aspire to do better. to be better. 
to create something unique and genuine, but to do so in 
a superior way –
perhaps that isn’t fair as those bloggers have been 
doin’ their thing for longer. they have more experience, 
more time to dedicate, and more knowledge of the blogging process.
yet i envy them.
‘if only i had that camera’; ‘if only i had that outfit’;
‘if only i could look better’ are thoughts that often run through 
my head when reading other blogs.
i hope this blog continues to grow, 
but more importantly, i want it to continue to be a creative outlet for me.
if it doesn’t grow, i hope my passion for writing 
(and sharing my appreciation for fashion) never dwindles. 
and to those of you who read this blog, thank you! 

checking in + some positive thoughts

hello! the past few days have been rough, which 
feels like a major understatement! i managed to catch a terrible
stomach virus from the kids at school and have been at my parents’ house
recovering since saturday morning. it was pretty yucky,
and today is the first day i’m finally out of bed and eating real food (but bland food).
i thought i would share a few of my favorite
pins (i’m a sucker for inspiring quotes) as of late, to motivate
us and to cheer me up! 
in addition, i would like to announce the winner of my giveaway
with leia beila jewelry! congratulations, crystal, and thank you for entering!
i am truly grateful for everyone who entered, 
for those of you who follow this little blog, and for aimee,
owner and creator of leia beila jewelry, for this amazing collaboration;
thank you!
happy tuesday, friends, and stay healthy out there!

summer inspiration

the rain and severe wind that has been prevalent this weekend in 
seattle has been quite the reality check – fall is just around the corner!
i don’t know about you, but i am not ready to say goodbye
to summer weather and sunshine! 
i think i am truly a warm-weather girl at heart;
i am simply happier when the sun is out.
above are a few inspiring // summer photos to keep the 
sunshine spirit alive! 
will and i planned a little trip to california this week to 
celebrate a year of dating! can you believe it?! 
the time sure has gone by quickly.
i cannot tell you how excited i am for our trip, and to simply get away.
now if only those sandals
in the photo above could magically appear in my suitcase..

a little inspiration

images via
my parents have always told me, ‘we just want you to be happy.’
sometimes i need a little inspiration,
or something (or someone) to remind me that 
things are okay; i am okay; i am blessed.
hope these images put a smile on your face!
happy sunday!

on my mind (apartment style)

as many of you know, will and i recently took the plunge –
we moved in together.
our parents may or may not be thrilled (thankfully they 
have not yet disowned us),
but the stress of moving and lack of space have caused a bit of
tension – to put it mildly.
combining two households into one studio apartment is tricky, let me tell you!
it proves even more difficult if you are a shopaholic, like myself.
i have resorted to using kitchen cabinets (why are there so many?
yet the actual closet is miniscule!?) as shoe storage.
hey, it works!
the boxes are slowly getting unpacked,
the goodwill pile has grown, and will has not yet kicked me out.
fingers crossed i get the last few things put away before the weekend!
above are a few ‘inspiration photos’ – aka what i dream of 
someday creating; not going to happen anytime soon.
wish me luck!

summer lovin’

with the warm seattle temperatures, 
this girl is dreaming of summer! 
sunshine, sand between my toes, floral print dresses, 
swimming in the lake, and sandals birkenstocks everyday – 
it sounds like a dream.
now sunshine, if you could please return, 
i would be incredibly grateful.
i’m sure my fellow seattle-friends would be, too.

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