five tips to help you unwind

over the years, i have realized i
have a
difficult time prioritizing
self-care. sure, i enjoy
painting my nails (and getting
frequent manicures!),
and i find writing therapeutic. i am
also a skincare junkie,
so i often apply a face mask before
bed. these activities,
in addition to keeping active by
going for walks or
visiting the gym, help minimize stress.
however, simply relaxing at home is

 not something i often do.
between working,
babysitting, striving to keep active,
and of course,
juggling a blog, i rarely have ‘down
there’s always a family trying to squeeze in
a date night or a photo i simply must post to social media.
 i like to stay busy, but
recently, i have made a goal for myself
to occasionally say ‘no’ to social
engagements and 
work-related functions, and instead
take that time for
myself; it hasn’t been easy! 
i recently had the opportunity to attend a
glamorous, yet relaxing ‘blogger pajama party,’
hosted by mattress firm and revolution pr.
i must admit, it was far more relaxing than the
slumber parties i recall from my middle school days —
pizza and french fries, nail painting and staying
up far too late watching the olsen twins —
those were the days.

this pajama party included complimentary facials
and/or hand massages by the estheticians at skoah,
braids galore by the talented stylists at gary manuel,
organic miniature donuts from mighty-o and a
presentation by a local dream interpreter. when preparing
to leave, i felt utterly relaxed and pampered! 

upon arriving, we were given cozy pajamas
to change into. i have a special place in my heart for
fuzzy and/or fleece pajama bottoms (particularly
pajamas with dachshunds). this sweatshirt, courtesy of
big feet pajama co, has quickly become a favorite!
much to our delight, our slumber party adventure was 
complete with tasty treats. we enjoyed miniature donuts and cupcakes 
(provided by trophy cupcakes). my sweet tooth was thrilled!
^^^ getting pampered spoiled ^^^
five tips to help you unwind:
1. before bed, pamper yourself
this is open to interpretation — i enjoy washing my 
face with warm water, applying a face mask (if i start
the night-routine early enough!), and then applying a serum
and lotion to my face, and often, moroccan oil to my hair.
find a ritual or regimen that works best for you!
2. light a candle and/or drink a cup of tea
as you’re winding down
i love valuspa candles, and my favorite 
tea as of late is celestial seasonings’ ‘sleepy time’ herbal
tea. i drink a cup before brushing my teeth and
crawl into bed feeling warm and relaxed.
3. write down your thoughts in a journal
i know i am biased, as i find writing to be 
incredibly therapeutic. i often blog before bed 
(gotta finish that new content sometime, right?!). however,
writing down reflections or thoughts on your day
can be equally beneficial. not
a writer? i sometimes find it helpful to simply
(mentally) look back on my day.
4. stretch!
this may sound silly, but stretching your neck,
shoulders, arms and back can do wonders
for your body. taking a deep breath in, and then
exhaling deeply, can relieve stress that manifests
itself mentally and physically.
5. avoid screen time 30 minutes before bed
i am terrible at this! i constantly scroll through
blogs (and then instagram, pinterest, twitter 
and facebook) before finally saying, ‘what am
i still doing awake?!’ i am working to be better at putting
my phone away before crawling into bed and 
instead taking those last few minutes before sleep to
read and calm my mind (i set this goal a week ago,
so i will let you know how it goes!).
do you have any helpful relaxation tips?
i appreciate any advice! a very special thank you to 
revolution pr for inviting me to this unique and 
incredibly relaxing event!

a look back at ‘diary of this girl’

^^^ my first (professional) blog header! ^^^
in the five years i have been blogging (more than five-and-a-half,
really!), this little blog has evolved. i, too, have come a long way personally, 
professionally and otherwise! i started blogging as a creative 
outlet upon landing my first “real” job after college. 
i wanted and needed a hobby; i have always been passionate about both fashion
and writing. a fashion and lifestyle blog
felt like the perfect means to channel these interests. 
and in 2012, ‘diary of this girl’ was born!
in the beginning, my photos were taken on various phones
by anyone and everyone willing 
(from family and friends, to coworkers and random passersby). 
my small presence on the internet was a way for me to stay connected with family
and friends who didn’t live in the seattle area;
they would email or text that they enjoyed following along
during my post-college life adventures!
my initial posts included various rants, inspirational quotes 
(often borrowed from the web) and very (very!) poor quality outfit 
pictures. i have to admit, i wish i still had some of the clothing
i wore in the early posts. for example, where are those sneakers 
and that one pair of polka dot shorts!?
^^^ my second blog header ^^^
this blog was and continues to be a great passion of mine.
after five years, i still thoroughly enjoy writing content, putting together 
outfits, and of course, talking about all things fashion.
 i hope you will continue to follow along, too!
 the photos (thankfully) got better over time, and i think my 
decision to work with a professional photographer in late 2015
was the best choice i could have made for my blog. 
my blog looks and feels more polished, and i am grateful for
the handful of photographers i have had the pleasure of working with.
i still enjoy browsing the archives to read what was going on 
in my life at the time (also fun? seeing the
dramatic change in the length and color of my hair!). though 
the quality of my photos were sub-par at the start, they’re a great representation of 
how much i have learned and grown as a blogger. you live; you learn! 
my favorite part of blogging? the supportive
community of bloggers i have met in the seattle area!
i feel fortunate to live here, where fellow bloggers are less
competitive (and more welcoming) than other u.s. cities.
i cannot tell you how much i enjoy attending blog-related events,
or simply catching up with fellow bloggers over a cup of coffee.
you can bet food and outfit photos for social media will be required, too 🙂
and don’t worry, i by no means plan to give up blogging.
rather, i want to reiterate how much i enjoy this unique, creative
process; i hope you will continue visiting here for fashion tips,
inspiration, and to stay in touch with other life events.
i still have an intense shopping addiction, outfit ideas galore,
and some fun collaborations planned for future posts. xoxo.

at home with ‘diary of this girl’

^^^ no, that’s not wine (unfortunately) but my favorite summer beverage – 
grapefruit s.pellegrino sparkling water ^^^

weekend, where did you go? you were far too short and not nearly restful enough.
life (and work and babysitting and a persistent stomach ache) has taken over these past 
several days, so i took an unintentional hiatus from blogging. alas, i am back 
with something new for you today!
i realize this is somewhat different from my usual fashion or lifestyle post –
sometimes you simply cannot take outfit photos outdoors, so you improvise;
hence the kitchen and bathroom pictures!
i thought it would be fun, however, to give you a glimpse inside my life at home
(the girl behind the blog!). and if you’re new to ‘diary of this girl,’
i have a few fun facts about myself to share with you.
where do you live?
i live north of downtown seattle with three (very kind, fun and adorable!) roommates.
what is your zodiac sign?
what is your middle name?
do you have any bad habits?
i am a chronic nail biter. it’s terrible. i have zero self control when it comes
to picking at or biting my nails. i am also addicted to manicures, 
so if i keep polish on my fingers, i’m less likely to bite them.
what’s the last book you read?
‘the silent sister’ by diane chamberlain.
if you like mystery or crime novels, and anything suspenseful, 
this book is perfect for you! it’s a page turner.
do you have any siblings?
i have a younger brother. he is 22 and just moved home from college in the south!
while he may have mixed feelings on this, i am thrilled to have
him back in washington and look forward to hanging out with him this summer.
do you have a guilty pleasure?
dark chocolate (i always have some in the house). cookie dough. frozen yogurt. 
my sweet tooth has been slightly out of control as of late!
what’s your go-to coffee order?
16 ounce americano with cream. i visit the same coffee
stand, located down the street from my house, each morning. 
the girls know my name and order now (is that a good or bad thing?).
how would you define your personal style?
my style is seemingly eclectic. i like bohemian clothing. hippie chic. 
menswear. i also love vintage styles, the current grunge trend, and 
elegant/classic pieces. at home, you’ll typically find me in nike shorts or capris and an 
oversized sweatshirt. for the purpose of these photos, i chose loose curls and a 
printed skirt (i don’t normally look like this when lounging at home, i promise!). 
where is the last place you traveled to?
i recently went to las vegas for a wedding! it was my first time, 
and i was in awe the entire time. ‘is this place real?!’ despite the 110 degree
temperatures, i cannot wait to go back!
do you have any tattoos?
yes, four (which my parents are not thrilled about). i have a feather, an arrow, 
a dandelion, and a semi colon. according to my brother, 
they are the most ridiculous and cliche tattoos you can get, but
they are important and significant to me!
what are some of your favorite blogs to read?
i love creating content for ‘diary of this girl,’ but also
greatly enjoy reading other fashion and lifestyle blogs. a few of my 
favorites include: 
jenn from hello rigby
asa from lace & pearls
julia from style and cheek
katrina from the demure muse
lisa from story of my dress
ana luiza from northwest blonde
alix of alix rose
portia from obsessed by portia
bailey from hot dress hot mess
sydney from sydney loves fashion
lisa & kaitlyn from sisters marie
…this list is by no means comprehensive.
i am always looking for new blogs to read and follow!
photos and makeup by elizabeth kathryn photography
where do you like to shop?
most of you know i’m an avid thrift shopper! 
i love goodwill, value village, crossroads trading company, and 
buffalo exchange. i strive to find the best sales and deals, 
but also enjoy shopping at nordstrom (and nordstrom rack),
zara, asos, target, and urban outfitters.
what blog post(s) are you most proud of?
i have a few favorites! this post, a recap of the westfield 
southcenter #styleboss event, is one i enjoyed writing.
i also love this seattle grunge/streetstyle outfit post.
lastly, this valentine’s post, and collaboration with asa of lace & pearls
was so much fun to create!
what are your top three passions?
1. writing. and subsequently, blogging.
2. fashion. i love putting together outfits, creating
content for my blog, and dreaming about all the items
i wish were currently in my closet. 
3. spending time with my family and friends.
sometimes a seemingly failed photo shoot (seattle rain, you love to make
 things difficult) leads to something creative. and better –
a different kind of blog post and the opportunity to share a bit more about myself. 
if there are any questions i didn’t answer, let me know!

all the green juice, please!

a few weeks ago, i had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of 
the new jujubeet cafe, located in bellevue. with fellow bloggers, 
i sipped green juice, sampled hummus and waffles and energy bites, 
and enjoyed meeting co-founder, bianca szyperski. it was an enjoyable
(and healthy!) evening. despite having an incredibly full stomach, i told myself, 
‘i have to go back and try everything on the menu!’
‘at jujubeet, we believe in seizing the moment. it only takes a moment to
make a change; it only takes a moment to treat your body right; it only takes
a moment to make a fresh start.’
the only difficult part? deciding what to order!
jujubeet cafe has a diverse menu – from smoothies and juices, 
to delicious coffee, cleanses, crepes, and hot or cold fruit and veggie bowls.
simple, unprocessed food items are prominent; the food is created
with care by knowledgeable staff and promotes a health-conscious, vegetarian, 
and energy-filled lifestyle. 
photos and makeup by elizabeth kathryn photography
i ordered the ‘be green’ smoothie (spinach, green apple, banana, ginger and lemon)
and the creamy carrot hummus veggie plate. at the grand opening, i tried the ‘power green’
smoothie (spinach, kale, banana, pear and lemon), southwest bowl and cinnamon
oat waffle. everything was delicious, to say the least! 
overall, i strive to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle – visiting the gym a few 
times each week, tracking my steps and daily activity with my fitbit, and ingesting
 green smoothies whenever possible! however, a busy schedule, and the 
convenience of eating quick, unhealthy snacks, sometimes takes over;
it’s all about balance, right? and sometimes a girl just can’t say ‘no’ to ice cream.
jujubeet has cafes in bellevue, redmond, seattle and west seattle.
their newest location, on main street in bellevue, is where these photos
were taken (and where the opening took place). 
with local restaurants such as jujubeet cafe, staying on track
and enjoying tasty, yet healthy foods is easier than ever. 
a special thank you to jujubeet cafe for inviting me to their grand opening. 
i cannot wait to come back and sample additional items on the menu! 
have you visited jujubeet cafe? what is your favorite thing to order?

life lately

…according to my iPhone (and will’s iPhone, too)
kisses from lulu! // walks to the market // tickets to the fashion first fashion show & auction
the most delicious tacos // source // sunday morning mimosas 
hello, fall shopping! // fashion first fashion show // new year, new school, & my new classroom
how is it already almost the end of september?
the past few weeks have simply flown by; a trip to california, 
the start of a new (and very loved!) job, and as per usual, 
too many delicious treats and not enough time with friends!
end of summer, where have you gone?! 
i am striving to embrace fall weather, while adjusting to my new 
(and quite busy) work schedule. between working late, 
going to the gym, babysitting, blogging + events, and spending time with one another,
our little apartment is a wreck. after much persuasion, 
i think i have convinced will that we need (aka i really, really want
a cleaning lady. it sounds selfish, and perhaps a bit silly, 
but we simply don’t have the time. or we do, but we would rather spend it 
doing things other than dusting and scrubbing our little apartment.
i hate coming home to a messy home,
and when i do make it home, the last thing i want to do is 
clean the oven. or wipe off the bathroom counters. we are testing out 
a cleaning service this week, and i think it will add a bit 
of relief to our busy lives. i’ll keep you posted 😉
this weekend, we visited our dear friends’, maggie and jake’s,
new home. they’ve moved out of the city and into an 
adorable house down south. we had a blast celebrating
this new endeavor with them – sadly, i miss them already. 
how was your weekend? 

on my mind (apartment style)

as many of you know, will and i recently took the plunge –
we moved in together.
our parents may or may not be thrilled (thankfully they 
have not yet disowned us),
but the stress of moving and lack of space have caused a bit of
tension – to put it mildly.
combining two households into one studio apartment is tricky, let me tell you!
it proves even more difficult if you are a shopaholic, like myself.
i have resorted to using kitchen cabinets (why are there so many?
yet the actual closet is miniscule!?) as shoe storage.
hey, it works!
the boxes are slowly getting unpacked,
the goodwill pile has grown, and will has not yet kicked me out.
fingers crossed i get the last few things put away before the weekend!
above are a few ‘inspiration photos’ – aka what i dream of 
someday creating; not going to happen anytime soon.
wish me luck!

the struggle is real

top: zara, shorts: thrifted, sandals: target, hat: moorea seal
the struggle is real, everyone!
combining households is wild; how do people do it?
going from a one bedroom apartment, 
to an already full/furnished studio (with will’s belongings)
is not happening. or so it seems.
our house looks like it belongs on the new season of hoarders! 
i had to step over 123890 bags, several boxes of shoes, and a hammer
to get out of bed this morning.
i think you know where i’ll be for the next several days weeks. 
hopefully everything will be cute, organized and 
unpacked before the end of summer! 🙂

life lately

…according to my iPhone 
#selfie (wearing my newest dress from stitch fix!) // friday means donuts! // BFF
a sleepy pup // seattle sunsets // bright dress, bright toes, bright yogurt
my love // caprese salad is my favorite // ‘am i too big for this thing?’
things have been a bit busy around here as of late;
life, work, school (and copious amounts of homework), friends and family – 
sure makes for a busy girl.
it may or may not help that i am also addicted to the show, ‘the killing,’
available on netflix.
set in seattle, ‘the killing’ is my new favorite crime show.
if you’re a fan of serial killers, drama among detectives, 
and plot twists galore, ‘the killing’ is the show for you!
and now, three cheers for it being one day closer to friday.
the weekend is oh so very close, i can feel it.
happy almost friday, everyone! 

the time has come

flannel: old navy, ‘celfie’ t-shirt: target, jeans: seven for all mankind,
flats: thrifted, hair pin: france luxe 
the time has come – 
the ‘oh-so-dreaded’ and ‘i have to move’ time.
my lease is up in june, 
and it is time to say goodbye to (what has become) 
my storage unit of an apartment 
and move on to better things!
translation: willie and i are officially moving in together.
while he may be less than thrilled
to acquire all my belongings (clothes galore, accessories, books, shoes, etc),
i sure am looking forward to this new beginning. 
i wore this casual outfit while apartment hunting
in the seattle area.
we are hoping to stay relatively close to downtown,
so please keep your fingers crossed for us. 
happy wednesday, everyone!

life lately…

…according to my iPhone (and willie’s phone, too)
^^^ pool time, disney land (!!!) and of course, 
the beach! ^^^
^^^ toes in the sand (and an adorable message from willie’s cousin!),
brunch at the beach, including these tasty beignets ^^^
above are a few photos from our trip thus far. 
i cannot get enough of the warm temperatures, sunshine,
and the feeling of the sand between my toes. 
i think i am a california girl at heart.

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