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elevated fall favorites with dailylook

diary of this girl megan, dailylook review

disclosure: thank you, dailylook for providing shop credit used to purchase items in today’s post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

with the holidays fast approaching, my calendar is seemingly overflowing with work responsibilities, post-work happy hours, blog projects, and of course, outings with family and friends. while holiday shopping is front-of-mind, shopping for myself—and refreshing my wardrobe—is currently on the back burner. (i’m okay with that, as the holiday season is my favorite time of year.)

dailylook review, fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan

dailylook review, fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan
dailylook review, fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan

subscription boxes—they’re ostensibly everywhere! with several companies promising to “send just what you need,” or “expand your wardrobe from the comfort of your home,” how do you know which subscription style service is right for you? i recently tried dailylook, a premium styling service that selects and sends you up to twelve items.

what is dailylook?

dailylook is defined as a “premium” subscription service, as items are excellent quality and priced a bit higher than others box subscriptions on the market. most items range in price from $50–200. as a budget-friendly shopper, this price point is on the higher end for me, but i know i’m investing in pieces i will have and wear for multiple seasons!

boxes can be delivered bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on your needs and/or preference. additionally, a $40 styling fee (paid when you sign up) is applied to any items you choose to keep! (if you’re interested in trying dailylook, use code “PRIBBLE10” for $10 off your first box.)

dailylook review, fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan

dailylook review, fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan

how do you create a dailylook profile?

upon creating your dailylook profile, you will complete a questionnaire, documenting your individual style preferences—how do you like items to fit? what is your body shape? what colors do you prefer? do you enjoy classic items or trendy pieces? are there any colors and/or prints you typically avoid?

you are also encouraged to connect your social media platforms (specifically, pinterest) to your dailylook profile. this allows your stylist to learn more about you and what you enjoy! and of course, you are matched with a talented stylist who will hand-select items in your box. (my stylist is veronica, and she sent a sweet, personalized note and recommendations on how to wear specific items.)

a week before your box arrives, you can preview items chosen by your stylist. you may swap out up to three items for pieces that better align with your style. (when first viewing my box, i exchanged a sleeveless blouse and dress that were cute, but a bit off-season.) this helps my stylist, veronica, better understand what i’m looking for!

^^ this jacket is my favorite! ^^

what’s inside my dailylook box?

and now, time for the reveal. =)

i received seven items (five of which are featured in today’s post):

  • six crisp days black padded shoulder blazer ($88)
  • double breasted grey plaid blazer ($128)
  • j brand “maria” high-rise skinny jeans ($178)
  • liv l/s smocked peasant blouse ($88)
  • ari purple crew new sweater ($78)
  • double-breasted trench coat ($108—not pictured)
  • jack by bb dakota wide-leg pants ($58—not pictured)

the double-breasted tan trench arrived a bit too wrinkled for photos, and the wide-leg pants were too big. however, i was thoroughly impressed with the other items selected by my stylist. my favorite is the grey plaid blazer! i opted to keep it and the mustard blouse. i’ve been eager to find a boyfriend-style plaid blazer, and the one i received is perfect!

i greatly enjoyed being able to try on the pieces i received at home. this allowed me to mix and match with items currently in my closet. (the mustard blouse, for example, paired perfectly with a pair of high-waisted culottes i recently purchased.)

dailylook review, fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan
dailylook review, fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan
dailylook review, fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan
how do you return your dailylook box?

upon receiving my box, i had five business days to decide what to keep. this gave me ample time to try on and play around with the different styles!

to checkout, i simply logged into my dailylook profile to review my order. i was able to easily select which items to keep and which i’d like to return. i could also provide feedback to my stylist about the fit, style, and price of items she’d selected. (for example, i told veronica the wide-leg pants were too large, as was the black blazer.) a pre-paid return label and bag are included in your box. however, if you happen to misplace the label, you can request an additional label. (you know, these things tend to mysteriously vanish.)

an added bonus—if you keep three or more items, you receive 50% off one item!

dailylook review, fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan

photos by jenn from hello rigby

overall, i am thoroughly impressed with dailylook’s subscription style service. my next box is scheduled for early december—just in time for holiday parties and events filling my calendar. if you’re interested in trying dailylook, don’t forget to use code, “PRIBBLE10” for $10 off your first box!




your budget-friendly holiday gift guide

“sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways, it can change someone else’s life forever.”–margaret cho

seattle fashion blogger, budget friendly style, holiday gift guide

disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. if you choose to shop items shared in this post, i may earn a small commission. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

can you believe christmas is less than one month away? if you’re anything like me (are you, are you?), you have yet to begin holiday shopping. (cue increased stress levels.) however, fear not—we have just under four weeks to check off everything on our holiday lists.

while i enjoy visiting the mall (on occasion) and like popping into local boutiques, shopping online has become far too appealing. (i typically shop when i should be responding to emails or feel overly stressed. that’s okay though, right?)

seattle fashion blogger, budget friendly style, holiday gift guide

seattle fashion blogger, budget friendly style, holiday gift guide

your budget-friendly holiday gift guide

today, i’ve put together a gift guide with items for anyone and everyone on your shopping list. even better, all items are priced under $50. while giving is a lovely, admirable theme during the holidays, depleting your bank account isn’t necessary.

ready? set? let’s shop!

for the host and hostess:


for the kiddos (0–4):


for the beauty maven:


for pet owners:


your budget-friendly holiday gift guide

your budget-friendly holiday gift guide

photos by karya schanilec photography

blazer: topshop, t-shirt and jeans: zara, mules and purse: forever 21

for the tech guru:


for the fashionista:


have you started your holiday shopping? if so, did you take advantage of black friday and cyber monday sales? i always tell myself, “i’ll start shopping early” and have yet to do so. are there any other gift guides you’d like to see?

in the meantime, i’ll be over here last minute shopping and paying for rush delivery as per usual. #somethingsneverchange

oh, hello there–it’s me, bailey

**inspired by this post.

“everyone thinks they have the best dog. and none of them are wrong.”–w.r. purche

dachshund, a dog's diary, diary of this girl


hello there~ it’s me, bailey. (also called “bean,” “pooch,” “poochie,” and “sweetheart”—these are terms of endearment, you know.) what can i say, my family loves me!

i grew up north of seattle amid a family of four. i am their first—and therefore favorite—dog. and while they may not admit this, i am essentially the star of the show. i mean, if you walk into our house, you won’t believe all the dachshund paraphernalia! from pillows and blankets, to plates and statues, we have it all. i like it that way, too.

dachshund, a dog's diary, diary of this girl

i may be old(er), with white hair to prove it—i turned 16 in august—but i am spry and young at heart. i still enjoy treats, cuddles, and the occasional ear scratch. i also love to sleep. onlookers may consider me “spoiled.” i have an epic dog bed; it’s a really nice bed. it’s plush, warm, and covered in dachshund-printed blankets. my bed is conveniently located in our kitchen. that way, even if i’m resting, i know when my family is cooking or eating. (i like to stay near the food.)

i spend a good chunk of my time resting. after all, my 16 years of life have kept me busy! believe it or not, these short dog legs have traveled—i’ve visited canada, idaho, oregon, and various parts of washington.

diary of this girl, dachshund, dog diary

dachshund, dog diary, diary of this girl megan

and what is up with this weather? i swear, just yesterday my mom and sister (megan) were letting me out on the patio to enjoy naps in the sun.

also, have you seen my stroller? if you ask me, it’s a bit silly, but it allows me to accompany mom and megan on their ridiculous walks. i say “ridiculous” because we live at the bottom of a large hill, and there is absolutely no way you will ever see me walking up that hill.

alas, the cold weather in the pacific northwest has returned. cooler temperatures mean one thing—my family will inevitably dress me up. i have a handful of these fleece sweaters. they’re absurd, i know. how many sweaters does one dog need? while i don’t love wearing them, they keep me warm, especially during my leisurely afternoon naps.

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger

shoe shot, diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger

i can’t tell you how much i love my family, but don’t tell them—i don’t want it to go to their heads. however, if there’s anything you should tell them, it’s to give me an extra helping of food and/or treats. bacon is my favorite snack. if not bacon, my peanut butter treats will suffice. my sister calls them “hip medicine,” but i have no idea what she’s talking about.

as a 16-year-old girl, i realize i’m not getting any younger. my back left leg and hips are giving me trouble. i also struggle to see and sometimes have accidents in the house. i know this drives mom and dad crazy (and megan, too), but i promise it’s not on purpose.

photos by jenn from hello rigby

sadly, dogs can’t live forever. when my time comes, i hope my family finds peace in knowing they gave me a truly wonderful life. and in the meantime, i’ll be here resting nicely in my bed and sneaking as many treats as i can (while wearing a chic dog sweater, of course).

p.s. megan wanted to include her outfit details, though we both know my sweater is better. =)

on megan—sweater and dress: zara, purse: thrifted, heels: marc fisher, headband: nordstrom rack

xoxo, bailey.



two simple, yet delicious at-home cocktails

diary of this girl, drink recipes, at-home drink recipe

disclosure: thank you, five farms for providing the irish cream liquor featured in today’s post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

as the weather changes in the pacific northwest, my energy levels seemingly decline. after work, i lack the motivation to do much other than watch an episode of tv and prepare for bed. (daylight savings hasn’t helped either—it’s now dark before 5:00pm.) on weekends, i also crave relaxation. curling up with a cozy blanket and new book in hand—is there anything better?

however, in an effort to welcome the upcoming holiday season—i can’t wait—i thought it would be fun to share two of my favorite cocktail recipes! i have to admit, i’ve also enjoyed putting together my bar cart. i recently picked one up on sale at world market, along with a few other kitchen essentials. bar-cart accessories to accompany delicious drinks? yes, please!

diary of this girl, drink recipes, at-home drink recipe

the recipes i’m sharing are simple, tasty, and require few ingredients. (i love easy-to-follow recipes.) you can throw them together on the fly. these drinks are perfect to serve to guests during—and after—the holidays. a special thank you to five farms irish cream for providing the liquor used in both drink recipes!

diary of this girl, drink recipes, at-home drink recipe

irish chocolate truffle martini:


(prep time 2–3 minutes)

3 ounces five farms irish cream liquor

1 ounce 360 double chocolate flavored vodka


martini shaker and glass


in your martini shaker, add ice, five farms, and 360 double chocolate vodka. shake until chilled. pour into martini glass. (optional: garnish with chocolate shavings.) enjoy!

diary of this girl, drink recipes, at-home drink recipe
irish cream cold brew:


(prep time 2–3 minutes)

3.5 ounces five farms irish cream liquor

7 ounces cold-brew coffee



in tall glass, add your ice, coffee, and five farms irish cream. stir ingredients with spoon until evenly mixed. (optional: add a dollop of whipped cream.) enjoy!

diary of this girl, drink recipes, at-home drink recipe

diary of this girl, drink recipes, at-home drink recipe

photos by jenn from hello rigby

shop my bar cart:


if you’re like me and craving delicious fall food and drinks, i encourage you to try both recipes asap! they’re great to serve during brunch with friends or following dinner. (i would love to try a variation of the irish cream cold brew with hot coffee.) additional quick drink recipes, featuring five farms irish cream, can be found here.

have you tried five farms irish cream? if so, what are some of your favorite recipes? send them my way!

(also pictured, jenn’s adorable shiba inu, rigby)

**please drink responsibly.

fall fashion favorites to add to your closet

“it’s an ‘add to cart’ kind of day.” anyone else? cool, rainy weather means ample of time for online shopping!

winter wardrobe staples, diary of this girl megan

disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. if you choose to shop items shared in this post, i may earn a small commission. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

fall is in full swing in the pacific northwest, and to be honest—when walking to the bus at 6:05am—some mornings, it feels like winter! cold-weather clothing is front of mind, so today, i’ve rounded up my fall/pre-winter wardrobe staples. (all items are priced under $100 for my budget-friendly fashionistas.)

sweaters, sweatshirts, scarves, jackets, and boots are at the top of my list. is there anything else i missed? my favorite retailers to shop affordable styles include nordstrom rack, old navy, j.crew factory, and asos. (of course, i also love to visit my local goodwill for second-hand goodies.) you can shop items on my wish list below!

shop tops/sweaters:
shop vests/jackets:
shop hats/accessories:


shop boots/shoes:


diary of this girl megan, winter wardrobe

diary of this girl megan, winter wardrobe, shopping list

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion, winter wardrobe

photos by karya schanilec photography

t-shirt: j.crew (exact here), sweatshirt: c/o evy’s tree, jeans: zara

when getting dressed—both during the week and on weekends—i crave practicality. i look for options that are warm and on trend. some days, it can feel like a (near impossible) balancing act. however, i am determined to shop my closet and style my sweaters and other cold-weather accessories in new ways!

looking for additional outfit inspiration? i recently shared four ways to style a graphic t-shirt and three outfits to wear to the pumpkin patch. while i am a summer girl at heart, i have **slightly** warmed up to incorporating hats, sweaters, and boots into my daily looks. and, happy shopping!


three outfits i’d love to wear to the pumpkin patch

“most psychiatrists agree that sitting in a pumpkin patch is excellent therapy for a troubled mind.”–linus

diary of this girl megan, seattle blogger, pumpkin farmpumpkin patch, thomasson farm

seattle blogger, pumpkin farm, diary of this girl

^^ how darling is ana luiza’s baby bump? ^^

**warning: photo-heavy post**

it’s that time! mid-october means autumn is in full swing—the leaves have changed colors, bakeries are stocked with pumpkin bread, and bloggers have flocked to the nearest pumpkin patch. of course, the girls and i had to follow suit.

thomasson farm, pumpkin patch

we greatly enjoy planning seasonally-timed road trips, and this month, we visited thomasson family farm. located in enumclaw, washington, thomasson offers you-pick pumpkins, a corn maze, wagon ride, petting farm, playground, cafe, and more! last year, we visited a pumpkin farm in snohomish county; this year, in an effort to try something different—and avoid crowds—we ventured south of the city. thomasson family farm is quaint, with ample parking and a variety of fun, festive activities. while it was a bit muddy (sorry, shoes), it provided the perfect backdrop for pumpkin-themed photos!

jenn, from hello rigby, and ana luiza, from northwest blonde, and i packed our bags and hit the road on a sunny sunday afternoon. we had three outfits (each) in tow and couldn’t wait to arrive! (if you’re planning to visit a pumpkin farm—or simply want to take a day trip in your city—i put previously shared this post on how to plan and what to pack.) thomasson family farm is approximately one hour outside of seattle, and the drive provided ample time for us girls to relax and catch up!

pumpkin farm, style tips, seattle fashion blogger

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan, pumpkin farm

when planning our pumpkin farm adventure, the first thought that popped into my head? “what am i going to wear?” these six simple words are forever at the front of my mind. #neverenoughclothes

have you visited the pumpkin patch this year? if not, i’ve rounded up three potential outfits below!

1. the statement jacket

while i could have scavenged my closet for something to wear, i took the opportunity to browse the recent asos sale! i was in search of a fun, fall jacket—asos to the rescue! i purchased my orange wool coat for $35 +$8 for two-day shipping. it arrived just in time, and i couldn’t be happier with how it fit. i look forward to wearing this cozy jacket throughout the fall and winter months.

diary of this girl, seattle fashion, fashion blogger

2. the lbd

who said the little black dress (lbd) isn’t versatile?

i styled my jacket with a printed dress, opaque tights, black booties, and a tan beret. i picked both my dress and beret up at nordstrom rack earlier this season. while i may have looked a bit “extra” for the pumpkin patch, i love how the outfit came together! (jenn and ana luiza looked darling, too—they weren’t afraid to also dress up for photos at a muddy farm.)

had i not worn my dress and jacket combination, i likely would have worn something comparable to what ana luiza is wearing! i love her plaid jacket, lbd, and brown leather boots. an lbd is a wardrobe staple in any season. while pairing black and brown may feel like a fashion faux pas, i find it looks classy and chic! i also love jenn’s printed jacket. the faux fur on the collar and sleeves add an extra “pop”—and don’t worry, the faux fur feels just as soft as it looks.

3. plaid meets denim

alternatively, i love the look of plaid and denim. call me cliché, but a plaid button-down top is the perfect complement to any fall outfit—whether tucked into a skirt for a dressier look, or worn with denim and a sweater or wool coat. if you’re in the market for a plaid top, i love this blouse and this tunic from nordstrom. (i wore a casual jacket and denim to the pumpkin farm last year.)

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, pumpkin farm

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan, pupkin farmdiary of this girl megan, pumpkin farm, fashion blogger

photos by jenn from hello rigby

jacket: asos, dress and beret: nordstrom rack, tights: fred meyer, booties: lucky brand

the girls and i had a wonderful time visiting thomasson family farm. while we missed popping into the cafe, we plan to include food (such as corn-on-the-cob, kettle corn, and pumpkin donuts) in next year’s adventure. have you visited a pumpkin farm this season? where is your favorite place to go?






the perfect DIY halloween costume (circa 1996)

diary of this girl megan, harriet the spy costume, halloween

halloween is exactly two weeks away—may the costume shopping (or costume making) commence!

i have to admit, my costume plans are somewhat lacking this year. i typically spend a few days scavenging pinterest for inspiration before visiting my local thrift or consignment shop. once there, i browse both the costume and vintage sections before pulling together a look. (this year, i may or may not be most excited for the halloween treats!)

diary of this girl megan, halloween costume, harriet the spy

diary of this girl, halloween costume, harriet the spy

while babysitting earlier this month, my three-year-old friend informed me that “time is running out.” thus, my costume perusing began! i did a quick google search for “easy halloween costume” + “diy at-home costume.” my searches didn’t yield great results, but i felt my creative juices start flowing.

i popped over to pinterest (send help) and found 219,376 new images to pin (just kidding), but still wasn’t certain about a costume. suddenly, a movie character from my childhood came to mind—harriet the spy, a film based on the novel by louise fitzhugh. it seemed perfect! if you haven’t seen the 1996 movie, starring michelle trachtenberg, here’s a quick refresher: quirky tween living on manhattan’s upper east side with socialite parents; has a live-in nanny; carries a notebook (labeled “private”) everywhere in which she writes her deepest thoughts; determined to be a spy when she’s older; takes on the world one spy mission at a time!

“i want to learn everything i can, and write down everything i see. golly [harriet’s nanny] says if i want to be a writer someday, i better start now, and that is why i am a spy.”–harriet m. welsch (source)

the movie, featuring a young, fun female protagonist, is one i often watched at elementary school sleepovers! i recall being drawn to harriet’s engaging personality, elaborate “spy missions,” and iconic yellow trench coat.

diary of this girl megan, halloween costume, harriet the spy

diary of this girl megan, halloween costume,
diary of this girl megan, halloween costume, harriet the spy
costume preparation:

planning my look-alike costume was easier than i imagined. in fact, you can also dress up as harriet the spy with these simple steps:

first, locate your most comfortable (i.e. baggiest) jeans. during spy missions, it is essential harriet possesses freedom of movement—she can’t be constrained by dresses and/or skinny jeans! #aintgottimeforthat

next, pick up a black and white composition notebook at your local office supply or drugstore. adhere a large, capitalized note to the front, reading “private.”

third, dig out your favorite yellow raincoat. harriet the spy is often depicted on book and movie covers in her yellow trench. don’t have a yellow option in your closet? this adorable trench is less than $30!

last, round up your spy essentials, including (but not limited to) binoculars, a flashlight, practical sneakers, and of course, snacks to enjoy on-the-go!

diary of this girl megan, halloween costume, harriet the spy

photos by karya schanilec photography

sweatshirt: nordstrom (old), jacket: hunter x target, jeans: zara, sneakers: vans

“life is a struggle, and a good spy goes in there and fights.”–harriet m. welsch (source)

when putting together my harriet the spy costume, the only item i needed to purchase was a pair of red sneakers. to be honest, i could have worn something i already own, but i was desperate for an excuse to bring home red vans.

do you have plans for halloween? this is the first year i don’t have anything lined up, but i think i’ll debut my harriet the spy costume at my office (along with an extra large bag of chocolate). happy halloween!

p.s. i couldn’t help but dig through diary of this girl’s archives. here is last year’s costume. i also found this gem and this festive event recap—oh my!

stationery for any occasion with basic invite!

basic invite, greeting cards

disclosure: thank you, basic invite for sponsoring this blog post and providing shop credit in my account. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

“if you don’t say ‘thank you,’ the gifts and kind gestures will no longer be shared.” i can almost hear my mom’s voice as i type this—from a young age, she taught my brother and me the importance of gratitude. following birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, we promptly mailed thank you cards to friends and family who provided us gifts or joined in our celebration. it wasn’t an optional practice and quickly became habitual.

as an adult, i’ve come to realize this lesson was not widespread among my peers. it’s disheartening to give a gift and never be thanked. this simple—and relatively quick—gesture is meaningful for both parties. i am grateful my mom taught this to me at a young age!

basic invite, greeting cards

in a predominantly digital age, the likelihood of receiving greeting and thank you cards—or other forms of snail mail—is almost nonexistent. it’s far easier to message friends on social media or send lackadaisical texts and emails than to mail a personalized note. in fact, in the past ten years, the number of first-class mail items sent by the u.s. postal service has decreased by 50% (source). (holiday cards are one of the few types of snail mail that continue to be sent.)

while most forms of communication take place online, writing a card—whether a birthday, anniversary, or thank you note—is a welcome respite from typing. it enhances our language and creativity and is sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient. let’s make a pact: this year, we will send more snail mail. =)

basic invite, stationery

looking to update your stationery collection? basic invite has something for every occasion! whether you’re hosting a party, newly married (hello, copious thank you notes), or simply want to say “hello” to a faraway friend, basic invite offers adorable, customized cards.

diary of this girl, basic invite

diary of this girl, basic invite

^^ walking to the post office to drop cards in the mail ^^

new and noteworthy with basic invite:

basic invite allows you to order samples of cards for a small cost, prior to placing your full order. if you’d like to match colors, or wish to see how a font looks when printed, you can choose to first  purchase a sample!

you may order cards in almost any color, with an instant preview online. your card is sure to be unique with the wide variety of color and text options at your fingertips! envelopes are also available in more than 40 colors.

speaking of customization, foil cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold. foil can be raised or flat on any of basic invite’s foil designs.

not sure of grandma’s address? basic invite offers a discrete address-capturing service that allows customers to send a private link on social media in which grandma may confirm her address. the address information can be stored in basic invite’s database for future use.

unlike many other personalized stationery sets, basic invite is affordable. designs are versatile, vibrant, and printed on high-quality card stock!

need help placing your order? basic invite offers a live chat feature with knowledgeable staff.

basic invite, affordable stationery

photos by karya schanilec photography

when writing this post, i ordered five sample cards via basic invite. (my order included two personalized thank you cards, a brunch invitation, a birthday party invitation, and holiday card.) the samples arrived quickly, and i am thrilled with how the designs turned out! the colors and fonts are fun, yet easy to read, and the cards felt like something i would purchase in-store.

have you ordered cards from basic invite? they are graciously offering diary of this girl’s readers 15% off your order with code “15FF51” at checkout! you can also find basic invite on facebook, instagram, and pinterest!

post-work bites with caviar

diary of this girl, caviar food delivery

disclosure: thank you, caviar for providing shop credit in my account. (credits were given in exchange for an instagram post, but i loved my food and these photos so much, i opted to create a full blog post.) as per usual, all opinions are my own!

why is it that i always feel seemingly famished after work? i eat both breakfast and lunch during work hours and enjoy (moderately) healthy snacks in-between. without fail, however, when 5:00pm strikes, i am ravenous for dinner!

caviar to the rescue! caviar is my favorite food-delivery service, providing an array of food options at my fingertips. (warning: do not “casually” browse caviar’s list of restaurant partners when famished. the variety of offerings—including dessert—will leave you drooling.)

during one of my recent “hangry,” post-work moments, i craved tacos. is there anything better than tacos, chips, and an extra-large side of guacamole? i don’t think so.

diary of this girl, chips and salsa

diary of this girl megan, try caviar, food delivery

diary of this girl, barrio chopped salad, caviar

barrio mexican kitchen and bar is one of caviar’s featured partners. i’ve visited their restaurant location in seattle in the past and fondly remembered the braised-pork taquitos! mexican food craving + prompt food delivery, all from my phone? it was settled. like i said, caviar to the rescue!

while caviar is not yet available everywhere, they are expanding—find them in select cities, including: seattle, brooklyn, manhattan, boston, chicago, philadelphia, los angeles, sacramento, and a handful of others. (if caviar is not yet servicing your city, my apologies; if it is, keep reading for a rundown of the delivery process.)

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, try caviar

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, caviar

upon logging in on your phone, peruse to your heart’s content. browse by category, such as “delivery in less than 30 minutes,” “only available on caviar,” or by a particular food genre. caviar has something for seemingly everyone (and something to satisfy every craving).

after choosing your restaurant, add one of each item to your online cart. oh, wait. select the items you’d like delivered, and upon completion, confirm your phone number and delivery address. (you can also save personal information in your profile, allowing for a more efficient checkout.) you will receive updates on your phone when your food is done being prepared, when it’s out for delivery, and when it arrives at the desired location.

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl megan

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, seattle blogger

i’ve ordered food via caviar 15+ times, and i’ve had to modify my order (after hitting “confirm”) twice. whoops! caviar’s customer service is outstanding. i was able to quickly update my delivery location with customer service and still receive my order in a timely manner.

during my taco feast, i enjoyed barrio’s infamous chopped salad, braised pork taquitos, chips and pineapple salsa, and of course, a jarritos mandarin soda. after confirming my order, my food arrived at my office in less than 30 minutes. #foodcravingsolved

diary of this girl megan, caviar, barrio restaurant

photos by sarah wolfe photography

top: abercrombie, jeans: 7 for all mankind, mules: target, backpack: asos, necklace: lace & pearls jewelry

have you visited barrio mexican kitchen and bar? i highly recommend both the chopped salad and taquitos! have you utilized caviar’s food-delivery service? if you’re new to caviar, use code “MEGAN10” for $10 off your first order!

where to shop, eat, and explore in tacoma, washington

“traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”–ibn battuta

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disclosure: a special thank you to travel tacoma for sponsoring this post—they provided a complimentary boat ride, lunch, museum pass, and gift card to use during our visit. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

a few months ago, greg and i had the pleasure of visiting and spending the day in tacoma, washington! tacoma is approximately 30 miles south of seattle. (unfortunately, heavy traffic often makes it feel much farther.) we arrived mid-morning and enjoyed eating breakfast and lunch + cocktails, shopping, sightseeing, and popping into the chihuly musem of glass. despite living within driving distance of tacoma, i have to admit, i haven’t spent much time in the city!

travel tacoma hosted a one-day event during which influencers and media could explore tacoma. after scouring instagram for tips—colorful walls, tasty coffee houses, and vintage shopping destinations—i couldn’t wait to do and see as much as possible!

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where to shop:

if you know me, you know shopping is at the top of my to-do list when visiting a new destination! (this may or may not drive greg crazy.) tacoma is home to a variety of boutiques, vintage and consignment shops, and home-decor stores.

anagram press–located off north proctor street, anagram press is a darling brand of stationery, paper goods, fine art books, stamps, and more! looking to update your greeting card collection? pop in here!

bleach–modern (and affordable) clothing for men, women, and children, as well as accessories and skateboardsyes, please! located on pacific avenue, featured brands include 47 brand, paper diamonds company, stance, wildlife, and more!

satori–looking for a boutique shopping experience? stop in at satori, also located on pacific avenue. (satori was voted “best boutique of 2018” by south sound magazine.) satori carries numerous brands of clothing, shoes, and accessories. prices are reasonable, and pieces are of great quality! i purchased a striped blazer, graphic tee, and sweatshirt during my visit.

stocklist goods–situated on pacific avenue, stocklist goods sells tacoma-themed goodies, rifle paper company notebooks and cards, local jewelry designs, home decor, and more! travel tacoma graciously provided me a gift card to stocklist goods, and i had a wonderful time picking out items to bring home!

urbanxchange–a darling vintage shop? just where i belong! after lunch, greg and i met up with my friend and her boyfriend (fellow blogger, jenn from hello rigby). while the boys grabbed drinks, we shopped at “uxc.” jenn and i had a great time trying on vintage jackets, dresses, and shoes. if you live near or visit downtown tacoma, i highly recommend stopping in!

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where to eat:

this list is by no means exhaustive! we were limited to one day in tacoma. (one can only eat so much within an eight-hour span, but we were determined to stretch our waistlines.) i hope to come back and try additional restaurants in the near future!

7 seas brewing–7 seas brewing opened their newest location in tacomaa 10,000 square-foot taproomin august 2016. they have several beers on tap, a handful of seasonal flavors, and a “taproom reserve series.” (i sampled the local cider!) in addition to beer, 7 seas brewing is home to jamiekay & jason jones, providing sandwiches, salads, charcuterie, and artisan cheeses. guests are also invited to bring in food from home.

hello cupcake–located on pacific avenue, hello cupcake serves freshly-baked cupcakes, topped with delicious buttercream frosting! caramel apple is october’s featured flavor. hello cupcake is darling (both inside and out), and my outfit photos, featuring the bicycle, were taken here!

honey coffee + kitchen–upon arriving in tacoma, first on my to-do list? coffee! honey coffee + kitchen, also referred to as “alma mater tacoma” has delicious breakfast and lunch offerings. i enjoyed a cappuccino, cocotte eggs (baked eggs in brandy cream with ham), and a gluten-free muffin.

pacific grill–although we didn’t have the opportunity to dine here, pacific grill has stellar reviews online! their seafood cakes and scallops are on my “must try” list.

rhein haus–rhein haus now has locations in both seattle and tacoma. pop in for a pretzel, beer, and quick game of bocce!

waffle stop–”the waffle has suffered a great injustice. trapped in the world of breakfast food, this delicious and dynamic treat has not had the chance to […] soar to the culinary heights for which it was truly made.” (source)  although we didn’t have a chance to visit waffle stop, their menu is expansivethey serve both sweet and savory waffle options!

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where to explore:

browns point lighthouse park–looking for the perfect picnic spot? browns point lighthouse park has you covered. enjoy gorgeous waterfront views, fishing, a sandy beach, and more!

museum of glass–visiting the iconic chihuly museum? before heading inside, take a stroll around the museumthe bridge and surrounding area showcase his work! once indoors, you can enjoy more of chihuly’s work and that of visiting artists.

point defiance park–when planning our visit, one of the places i was most excited to see was point defiance park. the park is expansive and home to numerous gardens, trails, ponds, a zoo and aquarium, and the fort nisqually living history museum. we spent two hours exploring, and i feel like we hardly scratched the surface in terms of what the park has to offer. i look forward to visiting again! (if you’re on the hunt for beautiful backdrops for instagram photos, don’t miss the rose garden.)

ruston way–ruston way waterfront park offers a two-mile walk with sweeping views of tacoma. enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, rollerblading, and more! sandwiched between the lobster shop and duke’s chowder house, enjoy a tasty meal post walk.

w.w. seymour botanical conservatory–with its’ exotic plants, seasonal flowers, and iconic twelve-sided dome, the botanical conservatory is a must-see when visiting tacoma! in addition to the gorgeous botanical garden, the conservatory also offers a childrens’ story hour, poetry readings, and small concerts.

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photos by jenn from hello rigby

dress: zara, purse: forever 21, sandals: franco sarto, necklace: lace & pearls jewelry

other must-see places? the tacoma farmers market, metronome coffee, and evolve home.

have you visited tacoma? we greatly enjoyed our time, and i cannot wait to explore again soon. a special thank you to travel tacoma for helping coordinate many of the activities during our trip!

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