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five holiday traditions i can’t wait to partake in

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list

disclosure: a special thank you to sas shoes for providing the boots worn in today’s post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

and just like that, the holiday season is upon us! i can’t believe how seemingly quickly it arrived. (wasn’t the fourth of july just last week?) despite how hastily november came (and went), i am eager to partake in several fun, festive activities!

my family and i plan to stay local for christmas. (i look forward to visiting with extended family in issaquah and seattle.) this allows more time to participate in the festivities around us! i have several items filling up my calendar—it feels very full—and look forward to experiencing a few new happenings, too.

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list

to complement our holiday spirt, i’ve rounded up my top five traditions—including a holiday outfit—for you:

one (1): enjoy a hot coco date

nothing says “holiday” quite like a hot coco date, right? for my local readers, i love popping into dilletante mocha café to enjoy a tasty treat. you are encouraged to select your cacao percentage from five chocolate varieties. (i love the dark hot chocolate or mocha with 63% cacao.) and what pairs well with hot coco? a homemade brownie or coconut macaroon, of course!

two (2): decorate the christmas tree

at the end of november, my family and i typically visit a local tree farm and look for a noble fir to bring home! (noble firs have ample space for those extra large—and extra long—dachshund ornaments.)  after stringing lights, my mom and i enjoy adorning the tree with festive ornaments and decor. we play christmas music, wear christmas pajamas, and strive to create a beautiful space in which to celebrate the holiday season.

several of our ornaments are from my childhood. we have a few that were made by my brother and me in our preschool and elementary-school years. they’re fun to bring out and reminisce over!

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list, sas shoes

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list, sas shoes
three (3): put together a holiday-inspired outfit

velvet, sequins, sparkle—all styles that embody the holiday season! i enjoy planning outfits for parties and gatherings; i love any excuse to dress up this time of year.

during the month of december, i will attend several parties and events. while i would love to purchase a new outfit for each occasion, (unfortunately) my budget won’t allow this. instead, i plan to mix and match pieces in my closet to create seemingly unique looks. i have a pleated metallic skirt and black velvet dress that will act as my seasonal “staples.” i can add a sequin bag, printed scarf, or lace blouse to elevate my look.

additionally, i plan to style my “simi” ankle boots, courtesy of sas shoes, with several holiday outfits. (i’m wearing the color “mirage wine” in a size 8, and they fit true-to-size.) today, i paired my ankle boots with a vintage floral dress. i think these boots will look equally cute with a velvet dress or a pair of black culottes!

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list, sas shoes

four (4): bake something delicious

who doesn’t love holiday cookies? whether you prefer sugar cookies, pie, or homemade fudge, the seasonally-timed recipes are endless!

my mom and i enjoy browsing pinterest for gluten-free options. she baked a flourless chocolate cheesecake for thanksgiving. i won’t tell you how many pieces i consumed—it was so tasty—i couldn’t help myself. i am itching to bake this triple-chocolate brownie mousse stack and these mississippi mud medallions. (all the chocolate dessert, please!)

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, sas shoes, holiday fun

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, sas shoes, holiday fun
five (5): create a holiday-themed calendar

one of the families i nanny for puts together a holiday calendar for the month of december. each day has a recommended activity. (for example: watch a holiday movie together; build your own hot coco bar (with several toppings); volunteer at a local soup kitchen; go for a walk in your neighborhood to look at lights) i absolutely love this idea! while i don’t think you necessarily need an elaborate—or costly—activity outlined each day, simple gestures and outings can help foster holiday spirit.

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, sas shoes, holiday fun

photos by chelsea macor photography

dress: vintage, jacket: zara (old), boots: c/o sas shoes (exact here), clutch: nordstrom

what are your favorite traditions? do you have a holiday outfit in mind? and coming soon—i want to compile a list of seattle activities you simply can’t miss during the holiday season. happy end-of-november, everyone!

little letters :: thanksgiving edition

**little letters inspired by this post.

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving, everyone! for me, today is about coming together with loved ones to express gratitude for the blessings in my life. i hope the holiday brings you similar happiness, as we celebrate this joyous time of year!

my family and i will head to my aunt and uncle’s house for thanksgiving dinner. (this is after we enjoy a breakfast feast at home—my mom makes the most delicious pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins.) we will be joined by my boyfriend greg, two of my cousins, grandma, and a close family friend. unfortunately, my brother has to work, so we will celebrate with him later this weekend.

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

and now, a few things i am thankful for this year in the form of little letters!

dear thanksgiving, while you’re often overlooked (or hurried through) in anticipation of christmas, you’re truly a special day. i look forward to spending time with family and friends as we reflect on the numerous blessings in our lives.

dear pumpkin spice creamer, why, oh why must you be so delicious? though i suppose you save me a few calories—compared to a pumpkin-spice latte—so i won’t feel too guilty for my indulgence.

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

dear final days of fall, you’re beautiful. though it sure feels like winter!

dear 80s music station on spotify, we were made for each other. (and thank you to my coworker and dear friend, alexis, for introducing us.) pat benatar, fleetwood mac, orleans, and ac/dc are among my favorites.

dear abercrombie & fitch parka, thank you for keeping me warm this fall and winter. (i bought this down-filled jacket, now on sale for 50% off.)

dear bailey (our dachshund), your 16 years with us have truly been a blessing. we love and thank you for hanging in there. i know your leg and hips bother you, and i hope you’re not in too much pain. extra snuggles (and treats) for you today!

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

dear midi dresses, i can’t stop buying you. you’re perfect for work, a night out, brunch, and seemingly every other occasion i can fathom.

dear family, thank you for your love, kindness, and support this year (and every year). i love you and can’t wait to celebrate the upcoming holiday season!

dear all of you, thank you, thank you for reading and supporting this blog. whether you’re a new or long-time follower, i appreciate you taking time out of your day to enjoy my creative outlet. blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

photos by sarah wolfe photography

dress: wild fox boutique, heels and purse: forever 21, necklace: lace & pearls jewelry

you can read past publications of little letters here and here. thank you again for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!

dachshund clothing and accessories roundup

**inspired by this post

for my fellow dachshund owners, an excerpt from a poem:

“there’s no other dog like a dachshund, walking so close to the ground. they’re stubborn and sly as a fox, and the happiest pet to be found.”–anonymous

seattle fashion blogger, dachshund sweater

disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. if you choose to shop items shared in this post, i may earn a small commission. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

it’s no secret that bailey, my family’s 16-year-old miniature dachshund, is at the center of our world. we brought bailey home when i was a sophomore in high school—and so began our dachshund obsession. (“obsession” may be putting it lightly.) as she’s aged, our love for her—and all things dachshund—has also grown.

i own several dachshund clothing items, and we have a “bailey-themed” bathroom (with photos of her and other dachshund replicas) in our home. what can i say? in our family, when you love your dog, you really love your dog.

diary of this girl, dachshund sweater, seattle blogger

dachshund sweater, seattle blogger, diary of this girl megan

diary of this girl megan, dachshund sweater

^^ i picked up this sweater at loft earlier this month—it’s available in store and online! ^^

family and friends have taken notice of our liking, and they, too recommend dachshund clothing, accessories, and home decor. i thought it would be fun to roundup a few of my favorite dachshund items. (if there are any you know of, please send them my way. after all, you can never own too many dachshund goodies.)

shop clothing:


shop shoes and accessories:


diary of this girl, dachshund sweater

diary of this girl megan, dachshund sweater

photos by jenn from hello rigby

sweater: loft, jeans: american eagle, shoes: vince (thrifted via serendipity consignment), hat: brixton (borrowed from jenn), bag: topshop

happy shopping, everyone!

p.s. if you’d like to see additional photos of our pup, i previously shared this post on caring for a senior dog and this post featuring one of my favorite dachshund blouses.

my favorite ways to style a graphic t-shirt

a good graphic t-shirt is a wardrobe staple! whether you prefer a catchy slogan, band paraphernalia, or a scenic image on your tee (a beach, cactus, etc.), the style possibilities are seemingly endless!

seattle fashion blogger, seattle blogger, bomber jacket, graphic t-shirt

over the last few years, i have enjoyed adding new (and gently-used) tees to my collection. i find them online, at local boutiques, and in thrift and consignment shops. i also enjoy picking up a t-shirt when traveling. while graphic tees are traditionally deemed casual attire (i.e. not office appropriate), i challenge you to dress up your favorite tee: tuck it into your skirt or wear it under your blazer—i promise you will look polished and chic!

one of my favorite ways to style a graphic t-shirt is with a jacket + denim. bomber jackets have become my jacket of choice—a fun printed bomber jacket? even better! second to bomber jackets? my leather coat. the t-shirt + leather coat combination transforms your style—goodbye casual and hello edgy.

seattle fashion blogger, graphic t-shirt

diary of this girl megan, graphic t-shirt, casual chic

“quote shirts” are my favorite to collect. a nod to coffee, tacos, or ice cream? yes, please! female empowerment? even better! next on my wish list? a tee that alludes to the importance of naps!

during college and my early post-grad days, i lived in graphic t-shirts. (a tee + sweatshirt + ripped jeans was my uniform.) upon entering the corporate workforce, i purged much of my casual attire—the tees and sweatshirts were worn out. however, i have enjoyed rebuilding my collection and like challenging myself to style casual items in an unexpected way.

fashion blogger, seattle fashion blogger, tote bag

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, shoe shot

diary of this girl, seattle fashion blogger, fashion bloggermy girl gang tee—worn in today’s photos—is from boho chic boutique, located at the seattle premium outlets. it’s slightly cropped, making it the perfect accompaniment to high-waisted jeans. i picked up this tropical bomber jacket on a recent thrift excursion, and i love how lightweight it is. i can easily throw it on over a summer dress, and i may or may not have worn it with dress pants to the office. #casualchic

seattle fashion blogger, seattle blogger, diary of this girl

photos by sarah wolfe photography

t-shirt: c/o boho chic boutique, jeans: american eagle, bomber jacket: asos (thrifted via seattle goodwill), purse: nordstrom, oxfords: thredup

are you nostalgic about current (or previously owned) t-shirts in your closet? where do you typically shop for them? let me know in the comments!

my personal style edit from wantable

wantable style box, seattle blogger, seattle fashion blogger

disclosure: a special thank you to wantable for providing me shop credit in exchange for a post on social media. (a blog post was not part of our collaboration, but i couldn’t help but share these fun photos!) as per usual, all opinions are my own.

subscription box services—they’re seemingly everywhere. whether you prefer beauty products or food delivery, workout attire or daily fashion, there is likely a subscription box service for you! however, how do you decide which box service to try? how often do you receive shipments? can you influence or help choose what is sent? what is the price point on items you receive?

i was recently introduced to wantable, a monthly style edit that sends handpicked items (including clothing, jewelry, and accessories) to your home! to start, take your online style quiz. this helps your stylist assess your needs and select pieces you’ll most enjoy. the quiz asks a variety of questions—how you like items to fit, patterns and prints you enjoy, your ideal price point, etc. (you can also provide links to your pinterest board(s) for additional preferences.) after completing the style quiz, your stylist gets to work!

one week later, the perfectly curated edit arrives at your doorstep. upon opening my first box, i was thrilled to see a note from my stylist with details on the items she chose. (while i love shopping and hand-selecting my clothing, there is something to be said for having clothes and accessories chosen for you.) so, what did my stylist send? i’ll show you!

wantable, polka dot dress, seattle fashion blogger

wantable, seattle fashion, subscription box service

i received seven items in my first style edit: abs collection polka dot dress (pictured here), splendid arco iris stripe shirt (pictured here), bobi knot front tee in white, sanctuary sasha pant in dark cadet, blank nyc vegan leather moto jacket in blush (pictured here), meritage high-waisted crop skinny jean (pictured here), 1. state embroidered strap camisole. prices within my box ranged from $50–150. your $20 styling fee is put towards anything you’d like to keep. receive 20% off your order when you keep five or more items. while this price point is more than i typically spend on clothing, the items and brands included in my box are well known and of good quality!

after the box arrives (usually 6–10 business days after your order is placed), follow these three easy steps: 1. try on the goodies you received. you have five days to decide what you’d like to keep. 2. review your style edit and checkout online or via the wantable app. you can provide feedback to your stylist and recommend pieces you’d like to receive in your next box. (i asked for more prints!) 3. return any unwanted items in your prepaid usps envelope.

as someone with a busy schedule, i can see how a subscription box service, such as wantable would be ideal. additionally, if you have an event or trip on the calendar, let your stylist help!

we love making people happy. we exist to help you discover amazing products and trends we know you can’t live without, and we deliver them straight to your doorstep.”–source

seattle fashion blogger, seattle blogger, wantable subscription boxpolka dot dress, handmade necklace, wantable

upon opening my style edit, i was most excited to try this abs collection polka dot dress. i am wearing a size small (though i sometimes wear a medium in dresses), and the small fits true to size. i absolutely love polka dots, and the wrap style is great for summer! i paired the polka dots with mules, a delicate necklace (handmade by my dear friend, asa, of lace & pearls jewelry), and dusty-rose colored hat. throw on a blue or white denim jacket in the evening!

pink jacket, wantable, style box service

the next item i couldn’t wait to try? the blank nyc vegan leather moto jacket. this blush jacket is everything i need for spring and summer in the pacific northwest! i know i will wear it again and again—pairing it with dresses, skirts, and denim. this jacket is priced at $128, and although it is on the higher end of my budget, i purchased a black blank nyc moto jacket last fall and wore it countless times; i know the pink version will be a wardrobe staple!

wantable, raw hem jeans, seattle fashion bloggerwantable, splendid top, subscription box service

high-waisted denim—there’s nothing better! prior to receiving my box, i was unfamiliar with meritage. these jeans are soft, stretchy, and incredibly comfortable. the cropped style and raw hem are great for spring, allowing you to show off your favorite sandals. i paired the jeans with the splendid blouse i received, and i love how well the colors complement one another. while these jeans fit fairly well (they’re a bit snug), i would prefer to go up a size. the blouse is fun, too, but i already have a few short-sleeve collared blouses in my closet.

short sleeve blouse, wantable, subscription box service

photos by jenn from hello rigby

overall, i was impressed with my wantable style edit. the items in my box are colorful, versatile, and fit well. i kept the blank nyc jacket, but (sadly) returned the other pieces. i will receive another box later this summer and look forward to seeing what my stylist picks! have you tried a subscription box service? what was your experience? let me know in the comments!

and you can sign up to receive your own edit from wantable here!

how to get out of a style rut

unless there’s something new hanging in your closet, how do you get excited about getting dressed? have you ever experienced a style rut? have you opened your closet and thought, ‘i have nothing to wear,’ or seemingly wanted to toss out everything? this girl can relate.

seattle fashion blogger

symptoms of a style rut: standing in front of your closet for more than 15 minute without finding something to wear; trying on five+ outfits, only to toss all five on the floor; and/or feeling underwhelmed upon getting dressed.

a style rut is a struggle (okay, #firstworldproblems), but when i feel stylish, i find it can greatly improve my attitude. there’s something to be said about looking and feeling put together! purchasing a new wardrobe weekly (or seasonally) isn’t realistic. instead, it’s all about re-purposing items already in your closet.

seattle fashion blogger, seattle fashion, members only

seattle fashion blogger, fashion blogger, seattle blogger

seattle fashion blogger, fashion blogger, seattle blogger

pair items you wouldn’t typically wear together. sneakers with a dress? denim on denim? big + small prints? try different combinations. mixing items you haven’t previously worn together can give new life to your outfit.

dress it up. if your outfit feels ‘blah,’ try dressing up your favorite skirt, dress, or accessory. tulle, metallic, and sequins are just a few of my favorites. i love adding a sequin jacket over a little black dress (lbd) or jeans and casual t-shirt. wearing a ‘wow’ item makes you stand out.

swap closets. this may or may not work, depending on your comfort level and overall accessibility, but i enjoy swapping items with girlfriends. of course, there are times i have regretted doing this, but in general, i enjoy sharing. trade jackets, jewelry, and denim—swapping clothes with friends is a great way to extend the life of your wardrobe (and make you feel as though you have more to work with in your closet).

seattle fashion blogger, fashion blogger, seattle fashion, members only

accessorize. nothing can reinvent an old outfit like adding a statement necklace! not a necklace person? incorporate a hat or scarf. don’t be afraid to include one of these fun accessories into your outfit.

find inspiration. browse instagram and pinterest. what are other people wearing? is there a different way to style your cropped denim or blouse? i find it helpful to see what and how other people are wearing spring (or seasonally relevant) items to gain inspiration.

shop second hand. if you decide you need to shop, try finding second-hand pieces. look online for a nearby thrift or consignment shop. this can be a great way to add a few pieces to your wardrobe without depleting your budget. i recently purchased a khaki jacket and yellow wedges at my local goodwill (for less than $20 total). thrift shopping is my favorite!

members only jacket, members only, seattle fashion bloggermembers only, seattle blogger, seattle fashion blogger

photos by karya schanilec photography

jeans and t-shirt: brandy melville (via pacsun), jacket: c/o members only (exact here), rings: free people, shoes: converse, purse: thrifted (via goodwill)

change up your hair and/or makeup. try curling or straightening your hair (different from your typical hairstyle). if you usually wear your hair down, pinterest has helpful braid or half-up hair tutorials. a bold lip always helps make my look feel polished. try a new color to change things up!

how do you get out of a style rut? let me know in the comments, as i fear i am experiencing a major style rut. (why do i always want something new?)




planning a trip to the tulip festival

the skagit valley tulip festival is an iconic, annual springtime event. it runs throughout the month of april, and if you are active on social media, you will know “tulip season” has arrived; tulip-field photos are prevalent! for non-locals, skagit valley is located approximately two hours north of downtown seattle, near mount vernon, washington. there are several tulip farms, and the most well-known is roozengaarde.

i grew up visiting the tulip festival, but until last year, it had been several years since my last visit. last april, three friends (fellow bloggers) and i packed our bags for a day trip to skagit valley and the surrounding area. we were fortunate to visit on a cloudy day, so crowds were less of an issue. after taking photos at roozengaarde, we visited la connor for lunch and in true blogger fashion, more photos!

disclosure: a special thank you to boho chic boutique for providing me the t-shirt and jeans worn in this post! as per usual, all opinions are my own.

this year, we packed slightly less and were able to enjoy another full-day trip. instead of standing in line at roozengaarde, however, we opted to visit a much smaller (but equally beautiful) farm, tulip town.

when preparing for our trip, we had a few ideas in mind—things learned from the prior year’s outing.

transportation: who is driving? how large is the vehicle? is the gas tank full? last year, the four of us packed ourselves (and our numerous bags) into a prius. we were fairly comfortable, but changing from outfit to outfit was tricky in the somewhat confined space. this year, my mom graciously lent us her suv (with tinted windows), and driving, changing, and storing bags was a breeze!

meal planning: bring water, coffee, and snacks. this may be unique to me, but after driving for over an hour, taking photos, and standing in line to get into the field, i was hungry and thirsty. upon finishing our photos, we had to drive to our next destination before eating. (we also experienced a lengthy wait time at our restaurant of choice.) this year, however, we packed water bottles, fruit, and granola bars to snack on in between destinations. this helped greatly!

outfit planning: this may or may not be applicable to you—if you’re shooting family photos (with more than one outfit) or senior/graduation pictures, then you know, outfit prep is critical. plan outfit changes as a whole. did you remember a top and bottom, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories? thinking of the outfit from top to bottom has saved me on more than one occasion from forgetting important items!

your shoe choice is also something to consider. the fields can be incredibly muddy. rain boots are a great and seemingly practical option! last year, i somewhat naively wore wedges—whoops.

logistics: traffic to and from skagit valley can prove difficult. google maps or other traffic and navigation apps, such as waze, can be a helpful way to save time. unfortunately, roads leading to the tulip farms are limited, and when the farms get crowded, you’re stuck.

after the fields: turn your tulip trip into a day or overnight adventure! there is plenty to do when you’re north of seattle. mount vernon, home to roozengaarde and tulip town, offers a variety of activities. enjoy a scenic hike at little mountain park, or pop by valley shine distillery for cocktails, biscuits, poached eggs, and more! alternatively, la conner is a short drive from the fields—visit the iconic rainbow bridge, local boutiques, museums, and antique stores. there are several coffee and ice cream shops, and of course, a large number of delicious restaurants. the girls and i stopped for brunch (and pastries) at calico cupboard on both trips. fortunately, there are locations in both mount vernon and la conner, and i highly recommend ordering the cinnamon roll. you won’t regret it!

if you’re in the mood for a shopping adventure, the seattle premium outlets is the perfect mid-way stop on your drive home. (my ‘le weekend’ t-shirt and jeans are from boho chic boutqiue, located at the outlet mall.) refuel with an iced tea, followed by shopping.

photos by jenn from hello rigby

t-shirt and jeans: c/o boho chic boutique, jacket: hunter for target collection, rain boots: hunter (borrowed from northwest blonde), heart-shaped sunglasses: american eagle (old), purse: thrifted via seattle goodwill

we had a wonderful time visiting tulip town in april, and i have another spring outfit to share from our trip! have you visited the skagit valley tulip festival? if so, how did you plan your time, and where did you visit?





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