little letters :: thanksgiving edition

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diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving, everyone! for me, today is about coming together with loved ones to express gratitude for the blessings in my life. i hope the holiday brings you similar happiness, as we celebrate this joyous time of year!

my family and i will head to my aunt and uncle’s house for thanksgiving dinner. (this is after we enjoy a breakfast feast at home—my mom makes the most delicious pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins.) we will be joined by my boyfriend greg, two of my cousins, grandma, and a close family friend. unfortunately, my brother has to work, so we will celebrate with him later this weekend.

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

and now, a few things i am thankful for this year in the form of little letters!

dear thanksgiving, while you’re often overlooked (or hurried through) in anticipation of christmas, you’re truly a special day. i look forward to spending time with family and friends as we reflect on the numerous blessings in our lives.

dear pumpkin spice creamer, why, oh why must you be so delicious? though i suppose you save me a few calories—compared to a pumpkin-spice latte—so i won’t feel too guilty for my indulgence.

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

dear final days of fall, you’re beautiful. though it sure feels like winter!

dear 80s music station on spotify, we were made for each other. (and thank you to my coworker and dear friend, alexis, for introducing us.) pat benatar, fleetwood mac, orleans, and ac/dc are among my favorites.

dear abercrombie & fitch parka, thank you for keeping me warm this fall and winter. (i bought this down-filled jacket, now on sale for 50% off.)

dear bailey (our dachshund), your 16 years with us have truly been a blessing. we love and thank you for hanging in there. i know your leg and hips bother you, and i hope you’re not in too much pain. extra snuggles (and treats) for you today!

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

dear midi dresses, i can’t stop buying you. you’re perfect for work, a night out, brunch, and seemingly every other occasion i can fathom.

dear family, thank you for your love, kindness, and support this year (and every year). i love you and can’t wait to celebrate the upcoming holiday season!

dear all of you, thank you, thank you for reading and supporting this blog. whether you’re a new or long-time follower, i appreciate you taking time out of your day to enjoy my creative outlet. blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

seattle fashion blogger, thanksgiving, diary of this girl megan

photos by sarah wolfe photography

dress: wild fox boutique, heels and purse: forever 21, necklace: lace & pearls jewelry

you can read past publications of little letters here and here. thank you again for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!

thankful, very thankful

^^^ i love this one! ^^^
i know thanksgiving was last week, but in the spirit of the holidays, 
i wanted to take a break from the outfits, the gift guides,
and my usual posting, to thank this guy! 
he tolerates my complaining, messy habits, shopping trips, 
perpetual need for blog photos, and occasional (okay, frequent) toddler-like behavior.
i know we hear this all the time, but i truly cannot
imagine my life without him!
willie // will // babe // louis,
i love you. i cannot wait to spend another holiday season
together – get ready for some christmas-inspired dates!
p.s. will’s jacket is from banana republic, mine is stitchfix
and booties are off broadway shoes (similar here)

that thing we probably shouldn’t post about…

…on the day we cherish and give thanks for the people and things in our life…
black friday black friday black friday
are you braving the crowds tomorrow? or tonight?
i experienced my first true black friday last year – 
it was epic, to say the least.
i only made it to kohl’s, but saw the line for target nearby. 
after witnessing the lines, crowds, ridiculous sales, and people trying to cut,
i swore i would never do it again. 
not to mention i got home at 4am. seriously?
but i might just have to make an exception this year…
what if i promise to focus on finding christmas gifts?
no shopping for myself.
although i do need a new dress for my bff’s birthday… 

giving thanks

giving thanks for this little pup today.
seriously, i love her.
thank you to my friends and family, too;
i am so grateful to have you in my life. 
now it is time to bathe and prepare for the epic food coma that will ensue shortly 🙂
happy thanksgiving everyone!

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